The Power of Creation – Chapter 212

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“Mm… ah… hah. Hah… hah… ahhhhhhh!” Daisy orgasms powerfully, while Dinah next to her shutters violently.

“Eh? I didn’t even push the head in yet?” You respond wryly, sitting on your knees between Daisy’s legs with the head of your cock pushed up against her clit.

Her moist juices from days of unfulfilled sexual stimulation are flowing freely, and as soon as her panties came off there is a blast of hot humid mist rising from her crotch, nearly red with blood swollen by sexual desperation. Suffice it to say, she is incredibly sensitive, and the second the conditions of your spell are met, ie, your penis touches her clit, she explodes into a fountain of sex. Simultaneous, Dinah orgasms as well. Back in your mansion, Sylvia and Minnie collapse to the floor suddenly wetting the carpet like naughty dogs.

“Mmmmm… nnnsk!” Daisy is no longer coherent as she continues to orgasm out days of the unfulfilled lust of four women.

Dinah looks on longfully, only gaining the second-hand sensation, a little regretful that this giant dick head isn’t pushing up against her crotch. Yes, you’re at the 13-inch mass, but the women have long passed a point where this could shock them for more than a moment. You’ve brutalized them with your coke-can cock before, and this time they will gladly take on the pain in order to gain the sexual relief they needed, even if it tears them up a little.

As to Daisy here, her hips are flailing wildly as she kicks with her legs, your cock running up and down her slit haphazardly as she cums again and again. She’s using the tip of your cock to relief herself, but still is not bold enough to let the massive thing tear into her pussy. You hold no such reservations, harshly grabbing her hips and stabilizing them, you shove your massive beast deep into her in a single thrust.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Gghhhhhaaaaaa……..” Daisy let’s out a loud incomprehensible cry, her eyes rolling in her head and her mouth gaping with her tongue sticking.

She is orgasming nonstop, while at the same time her pussy is being ripped open my your 13-inch monster cock. It tore into her harshly. She was so wet that it slid in easy, but that didn’t mean her pussy had the room. In the end, it had no choice but to tear open as your cock forced its way inside her. She could feel her own organs forcefully being displaced to accommodate something larger than she could take, but as her broken pussy painfully climaxed around the cock, she didn’t even care.

Next, to her, Dinah was also crying out. “Owwwwww… owwww…. Aaaaa… aaaa… nnnn…”

She wore a pained expression on her face, but even as she shuddered in pain, her pussy squirted out lewd juices. Similarly, the maids at home continued to squirt all over the floors, unable to move with the amount of pain and pleasure shooting through them. Lewd smells filled the respective hallways the maids had found themselves in, and had any of the harem girls walked within a ten-meter distance, they would have clearly smelled the lewd dirty maids making a mess on the floor tearfully.

However, their constant cumming also eluded to their own masochistic tendencies. After having been punished by Sebastian so many times and sexually punished by you, often included the use of your monster cock, spanking, whips, and rough anal… the girl’s minds had truly been broken beyond repair. They are all connected, and they all could feel their poor sister being torn apart by your cock. The only thought in their minds are ‘more, do me more!”. They want it to rip more. They want to bleed, and cum, and hurt. They are total masochists.

Even the poor Daisy with her yellow hair and pouty lips, at ground zero and receiving the end of all the personal damage could only beg for more.

“More…” Daisy moans. “Nnnn…aaaaaahhh… more! All of it, all of it!”

You had only shoved ten inches into her, and already you could see blood and honey leaking from her pussy, but still, she wanted the rest. Even you aren’t sure she’ll be okay after. However, you’ll never turn your girl’s request for sex, so with your hands squeezing tightly on her hips, you plunge the rest of the way into her, your cock visibly poke form within her stomach nearly up to her sternum.

Daisy’s eyes widen and her mouth is stuck open as she drools unrestrained like an animal. “Gghhehheeeehhahhahaaaaaaaaaaaa….”

Daisy cums again and again. You haven’t even started rocking your hips yet, but you’ve already lost count of how many times she came, her pussy wildly clamping on your cock. Of course, your cock is so wide and large, that you had ripped open the muscles going in. Her contractions are weak, unable to clamp down, already being stretched to the limit by your cock.

Next, to her, Dinah continues to shutter, squeezing her erect nipples harshly until they were red and swollen, clearly causing herself and her sister’s pain, but not caring in her own sexual lust. All four sisters had become that way. They were pulling, squeezing, fingering, and spanking themselves, inducing equal amounts of pain and pleasure. They had ceased caring whether their own bodies could handle the burden. They will continue to enhance their own sexual pleasure, even if it breaks them.

You start moving your hips, but you don’t have any build up. You don’t start slow and move faster to ease her into it. Instead, you put Daisy’s ankles on your shoulder, get up on top of Daisy so you’re pushing her down, and then start thrusting harshly down into her, penetrating with the maximum force unrelentessly, even as her innards are pushed past the breaking point.

“Ah. AH AH AH AH AH AH… cum… cumming… cumm…. Don’t stop… harder… break me… break me!” Daisy cries out, struggling to breath with her organs displaced and crushing her lungs.

Even Dinah becomes lost in the euphoria, sucking harshly on Daisy’s nipple while wildly humping her hips and rubbing her crotch desperately on the back of your hand, which was holding Daisy’s ass. Your piston movements go faster and faster, and loud squish noises emerge as the liquids expelled from her pussy became juicier and juicier. Lewd, red, transparent liquid flows down her ass crack freely, and it should come as no surprise that the sheets underneath are stained beyond repair.

Daisy’s sexual parts are starting to become numb, the nerves having long been damaged by your cock. Furthermore, she is becoming delirious, the damage of your cock building up until she is ready to pass out.

“Please, me! Fuck me! Do me now!” Dinah begs, encouraging you to abandon Daisy’s broken body so that all four girls could enjoy being broken again.

Daisy even gives a weak, tired but encouraging nod. Even she understands her body is giving out and can no longer handle any more penetration. However, her lust is to the point where it doesn’t matter. She wants to be broken all over again. The only way to do that is to sacrifice her sister Dinah. She could feel herself being broken open and her pussy and insides wrecked all over again! She only wished her sisters were here so that she could get it four times!

As you pull out of Daisy, your cock popping out of her pussy with a woosh sound that showed how tight she was, Dinah eagerly got into doggie, wagging her butt at you eagerly while her juices leaked down her legs and stomach. She was already soaked in lewdness, having cum innumerable times, but she still wanted to be broken by you. You immediately line your cock up accordingly.

“Wait, boss, that’s the wrong ho—a aaahaahahahsdgssssss…. Aaaaahah…. Ghhhh… nnnaaaaaaa.” Your dick penetrates Dinah’s colon just as harshly as Daisy’s womb.

Daisy let’s out a scream as she pulls on her nipples, clearly not expecting her sister to be violated in the ass. The feeling of her colon being pierced painfully and her tight butthole being ripped apart was enough to drive every single one of them crazy. Dinah was already cumming as the dick tore open her butthole, which stretched bloodily around your massive cock.

Dinah didn’t care that it was in her ass, as soon as she felt the penis inside her, that became all that matters to her. She reaches back, spreading her ass cheeks painfully, trying to open her hole as much as she can to accommodate your meat. You immediately start to jackhammer her ass without giving her any time to adjust. Dinah is already extremely wet. She had cum innumerable times while you fucked Daisy, and all of that cum leaked down her butt crack and helped moisten her ass. On top of that, your own dick had been lubed aggressively by Daisy’s broken pussy. Therefore, while her ass wasn’t as receptive as Daisy’s pussy, you still managed to force yourself inside her.

Her warm butt, tight sphincter, and shuttering body as she orgasmed over and over again in absolute agony led you to reach your limit as well. Of course, the maids were just your fucktoys, unlike the rest of the harem, you didn’t need to give them such pleasantries as letting them know when you planned to cum. Thus, your swollen balls immediately pushed gobs and gobs of cum out, and in a second you blasted Dinah deep in the ass.

All four women felt hot sticky fluid being squirted deep inside their asses, causing them to cum one… make that four last times. Dinah’s pussy squirted down on the bed like she was taking a piss. Daisy’s pussy, the muscles already shattered, wasn’t capable of contracting hard enough to squirt, so gobs of liquid just bubbled out of her broken pussy like a broken faucet.

You kept cumming, filling Dinah’s colon full of hot seed. It flooded her body so drastically that some of it backed up into her stomach even. She ended up cough cum out of her throat before swallowing the salty liquid back down with her bile. When you finally pulled out. White cum spurted out of her ass along with all the gas you had pushed up in there with your cock. It shot out in loud ‘pfft’ sound squirting a stream of white from her ass like a second cumshot. Meanwhile, her pussy squirted transparent liquid from the other end.

Taping your man meat on her ass cheek, and shaking the rest of cum on her ass crack. You finally finish up, turning around and leaving the two women without another word. One of them had a broken pussy, and the other had a broken asshole. You left the room, but naturally, you made sure a spell was in place that would gradually heal them. Truth be told, neither girl would be able to stand for a week, only lying in bed painfully while still feeling the euphoric contractions of post-coitus, their pussies so overextended that it’d be hours before the aftershocks wore off.

Meanwhile, Sylvia and Minnie had made respective messes all over the Mansion hallway floor. While still feeling the pain of both their sister’s broken ass and broken pussy, the two had to crawl away and get the cleaning supplies to clean up all the mess they had left all over the soiled floor. However, after scrubbing for two hours, they still couldn’t get out the stain or remove the smell. They finally fell into their beds, worried about how they would be punished when Sebastian found out they had ruined the carpets. The only solution was to replace them, and even then they had soaked through to the floorboards underneath. Those respective hallways would never stop smelling like the maid’s lewd pussies. However, deep underneath it all, they hoped the one punishing them when you got home would be you yourself. There are still two more girls to break.

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