The Power of Creation – Chapter 217

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“And now, the preliminary match between the country of Ryuk’s Shaft the Destroyer versus Riun’s Rapunzel.”

The crowd cheers as an impressively large man with rippling muscles comes out on stage. Those cheers and shouts grow awkward as a cute little demihuman girl scampers up. It is truly a match of Goliath against a mouse. People can’t even laugh at how ridiculous the sight looks. They are worried that the adorable little slave will be injured. She is far too beautiful to be used in this way, it is a travesty.

You end up receiving many hateful stares from others in the audience, angry that you would waste your slave women in such a way. Rapunzel’s collar did make her look like a slave, especially when compared to the pretty chokers you have given some of the other women. Thus, everyone assumes she is there to die, as a throw away point, perhaps for some long term strategy you planned out or some backdoor deal you made.

“Are we ready to do this?” Rapunzel asks politely once the announcer finishes.

“Ah, after the bell, dear.” Even the announcer is affected by this cute little demi-human.

“Hey, sweetie!” The voice came from Shaft, who is eying Rapunzel lewdly. “Don’t think just because you’re a pretty face, I’ll go easy! You’re about to get the shaft, and it’ll destroy you!”

“Eh!” Rapunzel becomes flustered and gives a cute squeak, her act is so flawless even you worry she’s an innocent lamb being sent to slaughter. “Ah… th-th-is is my first time. Please be gentle.”

Rapunzel gives a polite bow, suddenly causing the entire audience to boo and throw things at Shaft, who is too flustered to even respond. Her words are spoken like a true virgin. No, perhaps because she truly is a virgin, it gives those suggestive words more power. You find your brow twitching as you start to regret not deflowering this little vixen when you had the chance.

“Ah-ah… ah! Let’s begin!” Even the referee is too flustered by her cuteness, only now waving for the bell to ding before the crowd becomes even more violent over their love of Rapunzel.


“So, are you truly confidant this Rapunzel can win?” Reginald asks nervously.

I turn to him. “Actually, Rapunzel says that she’s very-“


“M-m-match over!”

“Eh?” The pair of you turn back to the ring.

Shaft is in an unconscious pile on the floor in the middle of the ring, while Rapunzel is using him as a seat, while casually doing her nails as if nothing in the world is wrong. There is a stretch of silence, and then everyone burst into cheers.

“I-it seems I caused you to miss the match.” Reginald says wryly. “My apologies.”

“Hey you.” you tap someone in front of you. “What happened?”

The person looks back and shrugs. “I watched the whole thing and I’m not even sure what happened. The bell went ding, there was a blur, and then this scene. Sorry…”

You frown, sighing that you missed whatever it was that happened. It appeared to be too fast for this guy’s eyes, but your eyes probably would have catched it. At the very least, Rapunzel is powerful for this world. Well, you could just look at the stats between the two of them to know who would win, but status is a made up system you created with magic, and no one else in this world knew of such things. Still, if you just compared numbers, Rapunzel beat this guy by about 10 to 1. That’s why you didn’t have any concern earlier sending her out.

You politely watch a couple of other matches. This is just the preliminary, so if you aren’t betting, there isn’t much excitement. It seems like the big countries have fighters on a completely different tier than the shitty countries. This discrepancy isn’t abnormal for the prelims. Many fights are decided in a single exchange. Therefore, although Rapunzel’s match is surprising, especially since it is against what would be considered a mid-tier fighter, it isn’t worth too much talk and quickly is forgotten against the myriad of matches.

Each of the girls are forced to go once, but at least Merida, Snow White, and Kida have fighter physiques that don’t acquire as much resentment. They aren’t the only women that fought today, but they are the most beautiful. Merida’s fight, as someone who gives respect to their opponent, lasts a little longer before she defeats him, working to not embarrass him too much. Kida’s attacks are just as brutal as those she uses to weed our Rookies. That is to say she beserks on the poor guy until he flees from the ring in terror. This elicits a lot of laughs from the nobles, and the small country who houses the guy can only look on in embarrassment. Snow White’s match is also ended quickly, with her kicking the guy by the ass out of the match before shouting.

“Who will provide me a challenge?”

This resulted in ‘boos’ from the audience, whom she then flips off with both fingers raised. Kida has to come up and force the Goblin Queen off the stage. We had the point for her win deducted for unsportsman-like conduct. It takes all four girls to keep Snow White from going up and attacking the referee who made that call, which would have likely expelled us from the match.

“Your fighters sure are interesting…” Reginald says with a polite smile, just making small talk.

He has become infinitely friendlier, even treating you as an equal, since you had swapped women. He clearly enjoyed the sex doll immensely, and his wife likely filled his head with flattery. That’s to say, she told him her time with me was good, but not as good as Reginal. You understand that need at least. No one would return to her husband talking about how big a dick the man she last enjoyed had.

“The preliminary match is coming to an end. For those of you who have score 3 or more points, we will meet again in one week!” An announcer came out and spoke.

“One week!” Your eyes pop out of your heads. “These tournaments last one week?”

Reginald looks over and shrugs. “No, they last a month, my friend. It’s not easy for people to make there way here, naturally, we want to stretch out the experience. Plus, it’s not fair to have the gladiators compete without any chance to rest. They’ll quickly grow tired. There are four rounds, each taking a week.”

You collapse with a sigh. You’re going to be stuck in the capitol city for a month. You’ve already been gone a week. You steel yourself mentally. If you thought these married sluts are thirsty, how ravenous is your harem going to be after a month! You’re not even sure you can handle that much! Your bitches will eat you alive!

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