The Power of Creation – Chapter 219

Since I know a certain subset of my readers are apparently manbabies whose small erections shrivel at the sheer suggestion of conflict, let alone NTR, I’ll ease your distraught little minds. I’m getting sick and tired of hearing “NTR?” bs. It’s not in the tags. I’m 200+ chapters fucking in of a blatant wish-fulfillment story, and I’m not some Japanese pervert who enjoys NTR myself. Why do you guys seem to constantly think this novel is going to turn into something it is not? This won’t have NTR in it. Are we good?

Probably not, because I also need to inform you that upcoming parts of this novel are going to have some NTR fakeout scenes. At no point will any of your current harem cheat on you or be taken from you, which you will be reminded of continuously in the plot. But since I know you don’t so much read the story as imagine it and then complain when what I actually wrote doesn’t meet your fantastical expectations, and some of you have the insecurity of a pornstar with diarrhea who has to work a dp scene on a heavy-flow day, I’ll have to remind you of this fact regularly before you go off and cry in your penis-shaped pillow.

Once again, I’m only talking about some of you… you know who you are. Maybe you should just take a break for the next twenty chapters until all the “bad scenes” go away, and spare me the twenty comments saying:

“NTR… OMG… I’m gonna so quit reading if it keeps going in this direction. I’m so disappointed in you. As someone who never comments nor supports your writing in any way, I expected better.”

Just spare me…

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“Aaaaaarrrrriiieeeeel!” Megara skips over, looking the other girl up and down mischievously while Ariel is busy making a shrine with your picture, a wadded up klenex with your dried spooge in it, and a cut out piece of sheet with the blood from when she lost her virginity.

Wait! What is Ariel doing!? You decide to ignore that for your mental health, pretending you see nothing.

“Eh? Ah! Megara! Do you need something? Do you like my display? It will help tide me over until hero returns!”

Megara looks ill for a second when she sees the Yandere grade behavior but quickly shakes it off. “Actually, I came to talk to you about something veeeery important!”

“Hm? Is about hero?” Clearly the only thing that would be important to Ariel would involve you.

Megara nods excitedly. “Thaaaat’s right! I was just thinking about it, and I think Ariel should marry my childhood friend? Wouldn’t that be great?”

“Not interested!” Ariel responds happily, turning back to her shrine.

“Instantly rejected!” Megara reals back.

Even you’re a little put off by Ariel’s cruel rejection. You have never thought of marrying your harem girls, but if the little piece of paper makes them feel good, why not? You make the rules, so you can marry any or every one of them. If you are going to marry any first, it probably would be Ariel anyway. So, her sudden rejection makes you feel slightly hurt.

“Wh-why not?” Megara finally recovers from the unexpected twist.

“Ah? Isn’t that a given?” Ariel is acting like this should be the simplest thing in the world. “Mom says it’s known that once you get married the sex life decreases? Since I want to continue to have lots of sex with hero, marriage is out of the question!”

Both you and Megara nearly spit blood at the Ariel’s answer. However, a grin forms on your face after, suddenly giving Ariel an extra thumbs up. Perhaps you’ll have to make a visit to the mansion before this trip is over and give Ariel some of that sex she’s craving. At the very least, it’ll stop her from working more on her questionable arts and crafts activities.

“Eh… bu… but…” Megara is lost on how to respond, whatever plan she is trying to concoct clearly broken by Ariel’s infallible logic.

Ariel lifts her finger to her lips thoughtfully. “Although… if anyone should marry hero, shouldn’t it be Megara?”

“!!” The statement clearly surprises both you and Megara, although it is Megara who starts blushing and looking sheepish. “Ah… well… we are childhood friends and he did promise to marry me when we were young. I suppose, it’s only suiting that I be his wife!”

Ariel nods excitedly. “Yes! Then, I’ll be hero’s mistress! We can have lots and lots of sex behind your back, while you maintain a cold dignity while ignoring hero’s various transgressions from a distance as per your wifely duties!”

“You’ve already decided to be my homewrecker!” Megara shouts.

“Pfft!” You couldn’t help but giggle as Megara’s face starts to turn ill.

“What’s so funny?” Reginald asks.

You pull back on the image, returning to the present location. The Ariel you know and love is still safely in the mansion, being just as Ariel as she has ever been. Since that is the case, who the hell is this woman? Your magic cannot distinguish her from your Ariel. Had your Ariel not had a collar on her neck, you might have even been confused about which was which.

That wasn’t entirely true, there is one distinct difference between the two Ariels. Her body is different. This Ariel doesn’t have the physical alterations of your Ariel. You have grown your Ariel to have bigger boobs and bigger hips. This Ariel looks closer to the Ariel you met when you first came to this world. Her boobs are size D, although in the last few months they might have reached E , and her hips are smaller and less curvy. She is still a very beautiful woman who captivates every eye here, but she doesn’t have the ass and tits that would drive a man crazy.

That’s not to say she wouldn’t grow those things in a year or two. Her mother certainly has that body. For Ariel, who had only really accelerated her growth, combining her own youth with the maturity of her mother. Likewise, you hadn’t changed her mother, instead only slightly restoring her youthfullness. The twenty year gap in age between the two women only looked like a five year gap now.

You had done the same thing for the married woman you’d enjoyed. It wasn’t enough to be too noticeable, but you had lifted their boobs, took care of a few wrinkles and stretch marks, and otherwise dropped about five years off of every woman you fucked. They wouldn’t realize it instantly though, and would never figure out it was a result of your own magic.

Of course, you underestimate the tenacity of a married woman to be concerned with her own aging appearance. At that very moment, rumors are already spreading that not only did you have a whale penis that could bring any woman to extreme sexual heights, but your penis also has anti-aging properties, making the women who fuck you more youthful and invigorated.

However, while this is spreading around in the background, you’re now concerned about the strange woman masquerading as Ariel. It has to be that, doesn’t it? The alternative would be too terrifying. The alternative is that Ariel isn’t the true princess. Maybe instead of transporting her you accidentally cloned her? In the beginning there, before you got a grip on your powers, much of what you thought just turned into a reality. A single thought that you wish Ariel could reconcile with her father and you could have ended up creating a duplicate Ariel by accident.

Of course, since you’ve regained your powers, you’ve checked closely on your harem and made sure there are no unexpected uses of your magic, like influencing their personalities or turning their minds in ways close to mind-control. As far as you know, the Ariel that you know and love became the sex-crazed maniac she is based on her interactions with you, and not a result of some loose wish that you wanted her to be sex-crazed. The same could be said about Aurora, Mulan, Merida, and even Grimhilde.

As to Grimhilde, you had actually removed her addiction to cum around the same time Maleficant joined the group. Her addiction now is purely mental. After having swallowed so much cum, she’s grown accustomed to the taste and even came to cherish it. However, part of the reason you feel comfortable leaving her without your seed for so long is exactly because the addiction is only in her head. That, and she actually did do what she told you she’d do, and had partitioned off vials of your cum, which she kept in a hidden drawer. Twice a day, she would come into her room, lie on the bed, and drink down a vial of cold spooge, wearing a relaxed calming face as she worked the pleasant taste around her tongue and swallowed, her expression like someone getting a cigarette after a hard day. If she knew at this point that the calming effect was all a placebo she had built up in her own head, she’d likely go ballistic.

Of course, you are thinking about Grimhilde rather than Ariel because you don’t know what to make of the girl. As the preliminaries came to an end and you start heading back to the mansion, you realize you’ll need to discuss this development carefully with your girls. Tiana, who is Ariel’s closest friend among the haremettes, would be a good candidate to send over to Ariel to check on her. Reginald is hosting this king and by extension Ariel, so you have every intention of getting to the bottom of this!

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