The Power of Creation – Chapter 223

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“Hu-hu-husband!” Keri let’s out a shout of surprise.

You’re on top of Keri still. Her legs are spread and bend on either side. Your cock is deep inside her, and after just cumming, white stuff is leaking from the cracks between your cock and her pussy. As you pull your lips away, there is even a strand of saliva connecting your mouths. Your hands are on her tits. Hers are grabbing your sides. You’re both butt naked. Basically, there is no chance you can claim to have slipped or fell on her. No hint of ambiguity between what the pair of you are doing.

“I’m sorry! You’re still going!” Keri’s husband suddenly apologies while scratching the back of his head awkwardly. “Well, you are a young man, I suppose you have a stamina that lasts a little longer than mine. Oh, don’t mind me, please finish up.”

The pair of us stare at him in confusion. The man himself doesn’t seem even the least bit perturbed to find his wife in the middle of sex on their bed. In fact, he almost seems apologetic for interrupting. Naturally, this confuses you greatly. You’d have thought you were being pranked if his wife didn’t appear to have the same confusion herself.

“A-actually, we’re just finishing up.” You respond hesitantly, pulling out of Keri.

“Good lord, man… that thing is gigantic!” The man points at your dick. “Keri, my wife, you seriously had that in you? Are you alright?”

For a moment, the man seems worried, clearly taken aback by the size of that thing. He looks anxiously at his wife’s pussy as the cock-shaped hole made by your dick gapes open hungrily. Her stretched out pussy is only just starting to close back up, gushing out cum lewdly as it does. He walks up to Keri in bed, looking down at her sternly.

“Ah… it hurt husband… it’s nothing like yours…” Keri lies, sitting up and giving her husband a tearful hug, while shooting an apologetic look over his shoulders at you.

“What’s going on?” Her mouth words out soundlessly.

“I don’t know!” You respond with a shrug, just as silently.

Keri finally let’s go of her husband, who gives a laugh. “Well, it’s not like I don’t understand. No wonder you can entice someone as well and doubt as Merida. With a cock your size, suddenly all your lady friends make sense! However, most women who aren’t savages from the Outlands don’t appreciate a cock so pick it hurts! My wife likes it just the right size, my size, right honey?”

“O-of course dear…” Keri responds, rolling her eyes and making a face that he doesn’t turn back to see.

“I might have to leave this as a onetime thing. I don’t want my wife getting all stretched out and desensitized, you understand?”

“Ah… yes…” You agree, even though you have no clue what it going on, but decide to keep him talking until you figure it out. “So, you like Merida then?”

The noble gave a smirk as if he was waiting for that question. “Absolutely! Her boobs are so soft and round. They’re like perfect pillows. Oh! And her pussy is delicious to the taste! She blushed when I stuck it in, but boy was she a wild one in the sack!”

“I’m sorry, what?” All humor left your eyes as you ask in a deadpan voice.

The noble didn’t seem to hear, still talking while chuckling. “I’d have gotten upset that you came inside my wife, but I have to tell you, with Merida I just couldn’t hold back, I blew my load inside her twice! Afterwards, she even put my thing in her mouth and cleaned it up. Even Keri here won’t do that for me! Eh… you might not want to kiss her for a day or two.”

He gave Keri a nudge, but the humor on her face was also lost. This seemed to be the first time she is hearing of this arrangement too. In her mind, her husband is just openly admitting he cheated on her. However, considering he just caught her cheating on him, it made the look on her face complicated. She didn’t know if she should be angry that he so casually slept with another woman, or relieved that he’s not holding her own infidelity against her.

“What the hell are you talking about?” you demand, anger tinging your voice.

The noble finally realized the mood was a little odd, but he could only look on with confusion. “What do you mean? Us swapping women? I have to admit, I was surprised when you sent Merida to my door saying she’d have me while you enjoyed my wife, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the exchange!”


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