The Power of Creation – Chapter 224

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As you storm down the hallways, servants who catch a glimpse of you instantly turn the other way. Your collar alarm does not go off. As for Merida, she’s currently in a dojo-like room the mansion has where she is practicing with Snow White. She certainly doesn’t look like she had just been fucking another man, and nothing with your collar seemed to suggest as much either. What the fuck is going on?

You kick open the doors with a bang, just as Snow White and Merida are starting to square off. Mushu and Kida are all there as well, while Rapunzel must be off with other responsibilities. Everyone is surprised by your sudden entrance, and four pairs of eyes are on you.

“Merida!” You shout angrily, unable to control the rage bubbling in your voice.

“Eh? Daddy?” Merida gives you a questioning look.

“Tell me honestly. Is it true? Did you go have sex with a nobleman?”

There are four sudden gasps. Even Snow White looks at you with shock, completely surprised by this question. Meanwhile, Merida’s eyes open wide in shock. Her hand goes to her mouth. Then her eyes narrow. Her hands turn to fists. Her face turns from pink, to red, to purple and then back. Her entire body starts trembling. Within five seconds, the entire room drops several degrees in temperature. The rage on your face seems to be nothing compared to the sudden rage emanating from her. Her bloodlust had reach palpable levels. Snow White even takes a step away from her, eyeing her nervously.

“Who?” Merida asks, her breath practically blowing out steam. “Who dares spread these rumors?”

“So, you’re saying it’s not you?” You confirm.

Upon seeing your wooden face, Merida’s eyes relax and she runs up to you, instantly hugging you tearfully. “N-never! I would never! E-even if my queen ordered it, I would tell her no! I swear it.”

You finally begin to calm down. Of course, you knew it wasn’t her, but you just needed to hear the words. Seeing her react emotionally to this accusation is already making you feel better. However, that means that somebody is screwing with you. They put a shred of doubt into your heart, and that makes you incredibly angry.

“A-and the rest of you?”

Snow White snorts with her arms crossed. “Does the warrior think I’d find any other man worthy of this great queen?”

“There is no other man for me…” Kida responds shyly.

“Mate with someone who isn’t my sister? What do you take me for!” Mushu gives a disgusted look.

“Well…” you push forward, still feeling a little unease in your heart. “The nobles here all seem to like swapping wives. What if I told you to go sleep with another man for me. Would you-“


You are blinded by a silver flash. Suddenly, you notice two blades at your neck. One blade is drawn from Merida, who was on your right, and the other from Snow White, who is on your left. Of course, you could have caught and deflected the blades, but you had instinctively known they weren’t going to cut you. Still, the chilliness from ten female eyes staring at you make you shiver against the cold steel.

“Would daddy treat the mother of his child with so little respect?” Merida’s voice sounds completely cold and devoid of emotion.

“Do you think this Queen an animal to be shared?” Snow White adds, her voice furious.

Afraid to gulp less they cut your throat, you mutter. “O-of course not! I was just making a joke! It was a bad joke!”

Two blades are withdrawn, and the cold atmosphere dissipates fast enough to give you whiplash. Merida is looking up at you with doey eyes and a big smile like I the previous moment didn’t happen at all. She presses her chest against your arm affectionately and looking up at you with starry eyes. However, as she grabs hold of you, she suddenly starts getting rather handsy. You’re rather anxious and uncertain at the moment, showing the four girls in front of you a completely different side. It’s rare you’ve ever shown and emotional vulnerability.

However, your in a room with a bunch of hunters and predators. These are the roughest women in your harem, and when they see weakness, naturally their predatory instincts can help but make them pounce. Snow White puts her sword up and gives you a smack on the bottom, squeezing once while looking appreciate.

“This vulnerable side of warrior I like as well. Mm… your butt is firm. I approve!” Snow White nods while shamelessly feeling you up.

Kida’s eyes brighten. “We do have him alone in this dojo… Perhaps we need some team practice?”

The sudden turn of events is making you dizzy. Even the other girls are looking at you while licking their lips. Had the suddenness of today’s news not caught you so off guard and made you emotionally vulnerable, this kind of situation wouldn’t have arisen. While you look on teary eyed, four gladiators are starting to eye you hungrily like a fat rabbit served in their dish. You regrettably have walked right into a pen with feral beasts.

Surrounded by wolves, somehow, the situation becomes reversed from the typical norm. You are pushed down roughly by four very strong warriors who began to rip off your clothing and have their way with you while you are emotionally vulnerable and unable to resist. They take every advantage, and soon you are smothered in sweaty muscular women.

“Aaahhhhn… Mmmm… Aiii…. C-c-c-cummmming!” That is you saying that, but it won’t be the last time that night, the girls won’t allow it!

The last thought as you’re buried alive in woman flesh, So… they do know teamwork after all…

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