The Power of Creation – Chapter 228

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You start rewinding time. As to your conversation with Ariel, you decide to leave it, allowing her to remember it. Somehow, you feel like this particular piece of vulnerability your lovely Ariel witnesses isn’t something you should take away from her. Everything else though, everything else needs to go. The fiery crater that was once the city turns back into the capital. The soldiers come back to life and leave the room. The king walks away.

Ariel’e eyes open, the fearful woman who no longer looks the slightest like your own Ariel in your eyes rises back to life. How did you ever think the two were similar? They are nothing alike. It’d be like confusing Ariel with Kida. They are simply two different women, and this one happens to be a hateful bitch who needs to be punished. The sky returns to blue, and the shaking ceases.

The nobles came back to life, and you feel like you don’t even need to turn away as they fuck fake Ariel in reverse. This is just some skank getting wrecked by some small-dicked men. What is there to bother the likes of you? So, you watch the scene dissinterestedly, but still keep rewinding. The nobles have openly come a few minutes before you were invited to meet her. Clearly, this bitch wanted you to catch her this way. As to why, you still don’t have the answer, but it is only a matter of time.

You keep casting until the nobles are fully dressed. They walk out of the room backwards and head off in separate directions. Ariel is now in the room alone, having not been violated by two nobles yet. You walk out her door and close it, finally starting the timeline anew. You didn’t rewind to before she had sex to do something like protect her purity. You suspect that this skank has long ago lost any semblance of that. Instead, you merely rewind things to make it a little funner for yourself.

“Eh? You’re the Outland’s lord? What are you doing in front of Princess Ariel’s…” One of the nobles comes down the hallway and sees you.

“She invited me to have sex with her… you too?” you respond directly.

“Ah! She really did something like that?”

“You guys too?” Another noble walks up. “Oh man, to think the supposed innocent princess would really invite three men to her room at the same time.”

“Well… she is quite beautiful. If you men are willing, I don’t think I’d be able to get this chance again in some time. My wife died a few years ago, and she always made sure to hire ugly maids, so the thought of a beauty like the princess certainly excites me.”

The other guy is already nodding thoughtfully, apparently not being too bother by being tricked into a foursome. As long as the girl is pretty enough, you guess some guys will do anything for sex. Well… not anything. There does seem to be one universal limit that always sends certain guys like these running away.

“Actually, I came a little early.” You say mischievously. “As it turns out, our good princess Ariel is so horny because she’s been visited by her Aunt.”

“Her… aunt you say?” The men gives you a confused look.

“Yes… Aunt Flow… as it were… I mean to say she’s on her period. Apparently, it’s quite heavy. I had to leave the room for a bit because the smell was so thick. However, I’m sure you guys are okay with a little… okay… a lot of blood, right?”

“H-her period!” One man mumbles in shock.

“B-blood?” The other shakes his head. “Sorry, I get nauseous with blood. You’re on your own, guys.”

The man turns around and almost flees away as quickly as he came.

“A-actually, I just remembered I promised my wife some alone time!” The other man turns and also leaves in a flash.

You let out a chuckle as you suddenly find yourself as the only man in the hallway. You wave your hand, sending a magical undetectable curse on the pseudo-Ariel. It is a curse not unlike the one you had used on the maids and is still functioning on Nala. It’d prevent this Ariel from gaining any sexual pleasure on her own. It also is a man repellent. Men wouldn’t be repulsed by her, per say, but they would always find reasons to keep their distance. Basically, with the wave of a hand, Ariel is turned into a helpless Pariah unable to get any from anyone.

“Let the games begin…” you mutter as you walk away from the room, leaving an unsuspecting victim behind.


“I’ll be needing to borrow this.” Ariel say, swiping something from the kitchen.

“Okay?” Jasmine could only make a surprised comment as Ariel walks in and then immediately out. “What did Ariel need with that?”

A moment later, Ariel bursts into Mulan’s room.

“A-ariel! Please… no! I can’t… If you ever loved me! I mean… oh, thank Pun you’re not wearing a strapon!” Mulan immediately relaxes seeing that Ariel isn’t “armed”.

“Mulan! I need you to become a dragon and take me somewhere!”

“Haaaah?” Mulan gives an incredulous look. “I’m only Master’s! Do you think this great dragon is just here to run errands for master’s bitches?”

“No… but it’s really important!” Ariel declares, but when Mulan seems unmoved she puts on a sadistic grin. “Plus… if Mulan doesn’t give this bitch a ride, I’ll tell Mushu that you like it when –“

The last part is whispered in Mulan’s ears until she gasps with her eyes widened. “No! You mustn’t tell her that! If Mushu knew, my chastity would be destroyed… even more!”

“Then, I need to get to the Capital as soon as possible!” Ariel declares.

Mulan sighs. “The Capital? What’s in the Capital? It’ll take me nearly two weeks to fly over there, I’m not as fast as that Airship that can fly 24/7.”

“There is an imposter bitch who needs to be taken care of.” Ariel shrugs.

“An imposter and a bitch?” Mulan muses.

“No… I’m the bitch… this one is just an imposter. There can only be one bitch, and she’s right here!”

“…” Mulan shakes her head speechlessly. “What are you planning to do?”

“Ah… just what hero can’t. It’s not his place to kill her… because that’s my job!” Ariel’s eyes flash as she pulls out the kitchen knife she had taken earlier.

Soon, the pair of them take off from the mansion, with Ariel riding on Mulan’s back. Mulan shivers at the scary look in Ariel’s eye as she sharpens her kitchen knife. She feels like she is becoming an accomplice to a crime. As if reading her mind, Ariel gives a dark smile.

“We make a good duo! Righting the wrongs of the world, wiping out one netorare skank at a time, we need a name…” Ariel says thoughtfully. “Ooo… I got it. From now on, let’s be called Bitch Princess and Loli Red!

“You’ve already named us!? And who’s a loli!” The dragon roars as the two fly off into the sunset.


Will Ariel and Mulan make it to the Capital in time? Will Mulan ever receive the respect she deserves? Is Ariel going to cut a bitch? Ahem… I mean impostor bitch, please put the knife down Ariel. Is this side story even going to go anywhere? Find out next week on the Adventures of Bitch Princess and Loli Red! Same ero website, same ero time!

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