The Power of Creation – Chapter 229

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A week has gone by and the second tournament completed without a hitch. Similarly, all five of your gladiators won their matches with ease, and they are now past the first phase. Next week will be the semi-finals, followed by the finals. As to the situation with the impostor girl, she came up to you the next day pouty that you didn’t stop by her room. In truth, she is  more upset that no one at all had stopped by her room. This confuses her greatly.

“Not interested!” You declare, turning your head away from her.

“EH?” the fake seems genuinely shocked, as if being turned down is something that never happened to her before.

You give the woman a cold shoulder and leave her. This further enrages her. Shortly after, there is a spree of fake Ariel attempting to sleep with other men. It isn’t just Ariel, but rumors about your gladiators trying to sleep around with men spread through the mansion too. Their reputations are damaged, which irritates you, but the women themselves don’t seem to mind all that much and take it in stride. One advantage of all the women on this team being strong, independent types is they don’t succumb to pressure.

Well, all of them except Tiana. Tiana isn’t necessarily strong, and the hateful rumors that she is unfaithful make her quite sad. However, Tiana has experience with being ridiculed and mocked by nobles, so she has built an incredible resistance. She only cries at night, which started to irritate you, so you decide to sleep with her every night. However, after spending a week in each other’s arms, Tiana starts looking at you strangely with hearts in her eyes and this also irritates you, so there is no winning with this woman.

As to the identity of the woman impostor, you are certain that all of these clones are one person. As to that person’s true identity, you already could guess who they are. This doesn’t come from any sort of magic spell, if anything, their ability to copy others could be considered perfect. Even the memories of the person are emulated to a certain extent. Ariel’s memories are emulated up until just before you met her, and then continue on as if you’d never come. You can only see her past up to that extent, but fortunately she’s still a maiden from this body’s point of view. You hadn’t run into her while she was copying other women, but you suspect magic would be similarly useless if you tried with any of them.

As to using some kind of spell, and delving into her past, you also get nothing. It is as if this body only exists as Ariel from the point of the divergence. This body does not exist, seemingly, before the memories start diverging. You also try spy magic on her, to see her changing into her other forms. It seems like when she turns into her other form, the spy magic just stops. It is as if the body that is Ariel disappears, and a new body forms. It makes magic completely ineffective.

So… are we clear? Magic doesn’t work? Anyone else want to come up with some random way YOU would have used the magic so I can shoot that shit down? Anymore contrived plot holes you’ve decided exist because you understand this word’s magic better than the freaking author? I mean, I thought by saying magic didn’t work, you’d accept magic didn’t work, but apparently I have to individually explain every way magic doesn’t work now. So are you happy? Can we move on with this sex story?

Anyway, if you still haven’t figured out who the person is… let’s blue’s clues this bullshit.

  • Grimhilde is familiar with them.
  • Their name starts with ‘C’.
  • They’re somewhat vengeful and cruel, one might even call them wrathful.
  • They’re trying to screw with humans.
  • Their physical appearance in intangible.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Yeah… I’m sure you figured it out. Anyway, you’re now enjoying lunch with the rest of the nobles shortly before the third tournament starts. You’ve calmed down a bit since you wiped out the city. And while you’ve turned down numerous offers from married sluts wanting the ‘D’, you’re not angry anymore either.

“Actually, my wife and I have an announcement!” Reginald suddenly declares. “We just came back from a cleric and confirmed it. We’re pregnant!”

A lot of the nobles clap, but you frown as Selena is giving you a subtle look out of the corner of her eye as the men congratulate her husband.

“Well, since you announced it, I suppose I should speak up too. I also found out today that my wife Britney is pregnant!”

“Oh! Congratulations!” Reginald responds.

“I’m pregnant too!” Keri suddenly announces loudly with a blush.

“Ah, wife, you are? Well, this is wonderful! Clearly my seed is strong!” Her husband looks estatic and cheers.

“Hahaha! Love must truly be in the air of our mansion!” Reginald gives a toast.

As the three new fathers all celebrate by cracking open a bottle of wine, you can’t help but notice the three women keep shooting your looks with subtle smiles. Did Britney just wink at you?

“I wonder if I’m pregnant…” Hilary mutters, touching her stomach. “I am a little late…”

What? Why are your harem girls shooting you cold looks? This is purely a coincidence. It’s a coincidence, you say!

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