The Power of Creation – Chapter 233

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Who is it that Esmeralda reminds you of? A snooty, commanding woman with her nose stuck up in the air. Well, that would be Tiana, wouldn’t it be? Except where Tiana is a willowy elf who is only pretending to be demanding, Esmeralda is truly a queen used to power and looking down on others. When she looks her nose down on you, she has the confidence to back it up in a way that Tiana never could.

So, why did this extremely confidant woman suddenly pop up at your door? She could have any man she wants, and while she’s hot enough to pursue, you aren’t exactly going out of your way to have her. You don’t know the king a single bit, and have no animosity with him at the moment.

“Come on, don’t stand in that door all day like a milkhead, your bed, it better be clean.” The queen didn’t show any affection as she pushes by you, practically forcing herself into your room.

She walks swiftly to the bed, and after looking at it with a sniff, turns to you, lifts her giant dress, and then drops back, spreading her legs in the first unqueenly action you’ve seen. Even with her dress up, which actually juts out stiffly from her body a bit like an umbrella, there still isn’t’ much to see. Under her dress is a pair of frilly britches that needed to be removed.  She probably expects you to do that part too. Muttering to yourself, you walk up to her and pull off her pants.

“Be careful, I’m the queen, not the horses you usually mount.”

“I don’t ride horses.” You admit wryly.

“I was talking about your women.” Esmeralda replies, her voice dripping with condescention, “Now hurry up, I haven’t got all day.”

Your eyebrow twitches as you look down at Esmeralda, or should you say the bottom of her dress. Frankly, her entire upper portion is hidden beyond her skirt. Thus, all that is exposed is a butt, a pair of pale white legs, and a pink pussy. It’s the perfect privacy curtain blocking off all parts not directly related to reproduction. Ah well, it’s fine, you’ll just enjoy her  bottom half for the moment. You pull out your cock and push it up against her snatch, then with a pop, you push it inside her.

“Ahhh! What are you doing?” The voice from beyond the skirt chastises.

“I’m sticking my dick in you?” You respond trustfully.

“Your dick? It feels like you’re trying to stick your fist in there? Do you have no respect for the queen?”

“You…” You come around to the side, flashing your penis.

Rather than looking excited or shocked, she merely frowns and mutters. “Whatever, just get this over with.”

You return to your place under her dress and slide your dick back into her. Her pussy is a little bit wet now, and it’s a pleasant feeling pussy. However, there is no romance to it at all.

“NNaaaa….. hurry up and get thrusting!” Esmeralda’s voice sounds pained and a bit annoyed, therefore, you start moving your hips, fucking her pussy.

Without kissing her or being offered any of her body to touch, it truly does feel like work. You simply pump your hips into her pussy, thrusting you cock deeply into her. She makes occasional moans and pained noises. Given her attitude, you can’t help but feel a little happy that your big cock hurts her a bit. As a result, you really work your hips hard. Since she doesn’t want to show any affection, that means you might as well use her as a cum dumpster. Therefore, you grab her hips and hump away, using the Queen’s pussy as your own personal toy.

“Ahh… ahhh…” Even the queenly Esmeralda can’t help but make noises as you take her pussy aggressively.

Finally, you cum, and just to spite the woman, you create a bit more cum than usual. By the time your done, you sprayed her lower body with cum. It’s leaking out her pussy in droves, but also its on her legs and all up in her pubic hair. It’s a complete mess, and one she won’t be able to see or deal with until she takes off her dress. You even help the good queen by putting her underwear and pants back on, instantly soiling them in seed.

“It feels all sticky and gross.” Esmerelda complains as she stands back up and can feel the mess between her legs, even if she can’t see how much of a mess you left her lower portions in. “Never mind, it’s not really important.

Esmeralda looked out the window, noticing that the sun is setting, and gives a sigh heading for the door. Is that really it? This queen is truly too much. This was quick pump and dump. However, instead of leaving through the front door as you expected, she suddenly locks the door and turns back around, staring at you as you lay comfortably on the bed, your dick still out but soft now.

“What’s up?” You ask in confusion as she stands there like she has something to say.

“I’m sorry.” Esmeralda finally speaks, looking somewhat remorseful for the first time.

What was with this sudden change in attitude? Esmeralda genuinely looks regretful. The sex isn’t that bad. You mean, she is irritating, but she’s not that irritating. Sex with a queen is still sex, and it’s not like you have any expectations. You only really fucked her just to say you’ve done it.

“The sex was okay, I guess.” You shrug, not sure what to say.

“The sex?” Esmeralda gives you a look like you’re stupid. “Yes… I suppose. I suppose a part of me has sex so you can have some amount of happiness before the end. However, mostly, it’s because its attracted to those I’ve marked. It’s the only way I can constrain it, letting it choose its target.”

“The end? It?” What?” You raise your other eyebrow as the Queen stares down at you with pity.

“I’d have rather wished it didn’t end up this way. However, the curse waits for no one, and you’re just some outland lord. No one will miss you.”

“I.. I think you should leave.” You start to stand up, about done with this weird woman.

“Ahhh!” Esmeralda crouches like she has just been hit in the gut, “No matter, it’s too late now. It’s best if you don’t resist it. It’ll be faster that way.”

“Resist wha-“ You stop as magic starts to explode from her body.

Her hair starts to change color from purple to silver. Her eyes change into red. Her fingernails grow out until they are practically claws, and her teeth grows into monstrously sharp fangs. A moment later, a completely different looking woman is standing in front of you. She’s just as beautiful, but in a dangerous sort of way.

“Hissss!” The girl standing before you howls, her eyes staring at your hungrily.

“A vampire?” You mutter in surprise. Did you need to start vetting the women you fucked?

The creature leaps at you, claws out and fangs bared. A second later the woman formerly known as Esmeralda is on top of you, pinning you to the bed. She immediately bites down, attacking your neck. A moment later, your mana starts to flow out of you. This vampire begins to consume your very essence!

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