The Power of Creation – Chapter 235

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The finals finish. The crowd watches on, staring in shock. In the center of the stage stands your five gladiators, five impossibly beautiful women of every size and shape. Each one of them bears the marks of battle. There is a scratch here, a piece of torn armor there. The women are tattered and beaten, but they still stand tall. Not a single scratch takes away from their beauty. If anything, it enhances these warrior women to heights beyond comparison. Not a single man in the audience doesn’t look on longingly at these beauties, even the puppet King who should have no mind to think of.

There are various holes in the ground, smoke still rising out of them. Signs of the epic fight that had just been concluded still exist all around. Burn marks on the walls, crumbled masonry, and there is Tyrannosaurus Rex collapsed in the side of the arena, breathing out his last breath. Good luck guessing how that one got there. Still, the fight is concluded, even though the top warriors of the human realm were a lot more powerful than anyone would have predicted, your girls still managed to triumph.

“Wow… that was the most incredible fight I’ve ever seen. I will be telling my grandchildren about this day.” One man spoke.

“I’m going to write about it and then sell my book to impressionable children. It’ll be better than Narut-“

“No, better than Dragon B-“ Another interrupts.

“Guys, can we all just agree that this was the most epic action scene ever put on paper, the likes of which will never ever be repeated in any literature and/or future form of media?”

The crowds start to roar as people discuss the match they just witnessed.

“I’d have to agree. To think about all the things we witnessed, it’d take at least a complete billion dollar epic blockbuster to describe it.”

“Like in that middle part, where we found out that he was actually her identical twin, but then she had to defeat him anyway?”

“Oh man, no, I liked that part where she said ‘Get Wrecked’, and then meteorite struck him, exploding as she looked the other way.”

“How about the part with the dragon ate-“

“No, when she exploded his head with her boobs-“

“When she made him choke on his own di-“

“Oh, and then that part where the giant mech robot came in and started fighting Godzilla!”

“To think, all five of those girls could transform into a mechalord…”

“Wasn’t that just a lesbian gangbang?”

“Whatever man, either way, this guy approves!”

“Ahem… spectators… audience…” The King speaks up, causing the crowds to start quieting down. “It appears like the Outlands have taken first place!”

“Rapunzel, I have grown a whole new respect for you,” Snow White pats Rapunzel, “I wouldn’t have survived without you.”

“It’s okay, Snow, you have truly shown me what friendship really means.” Rapunzel smiles back, taking Snow White’s hand into hers.

“I for one…” Mushu says with a blush, staring off thoughtfully. “Would gladly fuck any of you as if you were my own sister!”

“That’s very sweet, Mushu.” Merida responds with a smile, hugging the other girl. “I’d also sleep with any of you… as long as daddy is present.”

“Oh, of course, he’d have to be there.”

“That’s a given!”

“What do you take me for, another Ariel?”

“Girls, let’s pin him tonight and make him pleasure all of us!”

“Yes, I would love to!”

“I’ll use his penis until it breaks!”

Although you don’t hear this conversation, you shiver as you suddenly get a dark feeling up your spine. Before you can investigate the source, the King starts speaking again as the crowds finally reaches silence.

“Regrettably, as to recognizing the Outlands as the new border… I cannot do so.”

The crowds burst out angrily, especially Reginald, who has started to consider you close to a friend. What kind of trickery is this? Over the course of the match, a lot of people have come to really like the Outlands. Besides the beautiful and exotic female warriors, your exports are unique and useful. Plus, by blocking off the demon realm, it means the inner countries can develop without being afraid of constant war. Quite a few merchants plan to head over there as soon as the tournament ends to establish profitable trade routes. If anything, it is a win/win for everyone if the Great Empire aids the Outlands and recognizes their right to soveriegn.

“What is this travesty?” It is Reginald’s voice that peals out of the crowd hardest. “How dare you deny them acceptance as a nation!”

The Queen standing next to the King raises her eyes in surprised as she sees him of all men standing up. She may have loved him once, but she saw Reginald as a coward. He had always preferred to drink and fuck his sorrows away. Not once had he ever stood up to the King no matter how unfair his treatment. What would cause him to suddenly speak out now? When did he get the balls?

“You…” the King responds darkly. “You dare speak against the King?”

“Brother, I have never questioned your choices… even when… even when you desired those that mean the most to me…”

The Queen’s eyes look away for a moment, and awkward and hesitant expression forming on her face, while the wife sitting by his side looks a bit hurt.

“However…” Reginald continued. “I can’t understand why you’d make this choice. This competition was backed your word! If the word of a King means nothing, than that King means nothing!”

“Those are big words from some punk brother who goes around banging anything with a pussy!” The King shouts back.

At this point, everyone else is only a spectator as the two men argue on, one standing up on the podium, while the other has moved his way to the side of the stands.

“Brother, all I ask for is a reason!”

“Reason? Reason!” King Gaston bellows. “Kill this man! A selection from my treasury for the first person who puts a knife in this fool! Unless… You’d like to beg?”

“You go too far!” At this point, Reginald pulls the sword from his sheath. “I will not stand for this any longer!”

Reginald leaps down on to the stage, his sword drawn as he walks towards Gaston. It should show how much good faith Gaston lost in that the guards don’t rush to bring down Reginald. It seems like everyone is holding their breath to see where this long running rivalry that spelled the fate of the human realm went.

“You… stay away from me!” The King bellows. “Reginald!”

“No! Reginald is a fake name you gave me. Just as you gave me a fake mansion. Fake money… a fake wife! Call me by my real name. I am Prince Eric, second in line for the throne, and I will not stand for your treachery any longer!”

“Reginald!” Selena calls, climbing down onto the stage clumsily and running toward him. “What do you mean by fake wife? I don’t understand?”

Reginald, or should he be called Eric, spun, holding his sword up to the woman he called wife. “You don’t think I don’t know? He selected you. Of course, you could never love me. I wanted you so bad, but any moment you could stab me in the back for the king… just like Esmeralda did.”

Esmeralda looks for a second like she was punched, but a moment later her lips tightened as she stared down angrily.

“It’s not true… I love you.” She tries to take a step forward, but he gestures with the sword threateningly. “I can’t trust you! I can’t trust anyone!”

“No!” Selena’s face turns into pure rage and she leaps at Eric.

For a brief second, he thought of bringing the sword up, to cutting down the woman who had been his wife and the future mother of his child. However, at that moment, he realizes that no matter what Selena was to him, he loved her and couldn’t do it. When did he start to care for this woman? He didn’t know, but it was to late to do anything but act with instinct, and his instincts wouldn’t allow him to attack her. He lets his sword to the side, letting this assassin break through his protective defenses. She grabs onto his neck, and then spins him around.

The pair turn 180 degrees, exchanging places with her on his other side. She looks up at him, and he realizes for the first time that there is nothing in her eyes but love. Her expression glimmers sweetly, and then blood starts to leak out of her mouth. Stunned, Eric takes a few steps back, and can see the tip of a blade emerged from between her breasts. Selena collapses to her knees, and then the floor. Right behind her is another woman standing there.

“Oops.” Fake Ariel gives a mischievous smile, “My bad…”

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