The Power of Creation – Chapter 238

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“So, where do we go from here?” Prince Eric asks, looking lost over the messy situation, the culprit he wanted to blame now gone.

“I suppose there is me to still deal with…” Esmerelda responds wryly, her lips tight. “It’s true, I have been controlling the king for all these years. It was the only way I could manage my curse. I’ve done impossible evil over the years. I know this. I will accept my beheading.”

“Oh, that probably won’t be necessary…” You let out a chuckle, “I mean, it was a curse enacted by a demon lord. You can’t really blame yourself for the actions of a vampire.”

“Even so… I am still cursed.” Esmerelda drops her head shamefully.

“Actually… you “were” cursed… the correct tense is ‘were’.” You clarify.

“What do you mean? I-“ Esmerelda stops talking as another woman walks out right next to you.

The woman looks much like Esmerelda, except she had red eyes, white hair, pale skin, and pointy teeth.

“Two Esmereldas?” Prince Eric calls in disbelief.

“Ah… actually, I took the vampire curse out of Esmerelda last night. It was easier just to split you in two. You can consider this one your evil half.”

“My evil… what do you plan to do with it?” Esmerelda demands, shooting her evil half a dangerous glare. “She doesn’t seem as… feral… as I expected.”

“Sovereign has given this Queen a taste of him. This Queen can no longer stomach anything else!” vampire Esmeralda responds, hiding behind you. “Only his lifeforce can fill this Queen!”

“In truth, she’s a bit like a child right now, feral and full of baser instincts. I’ll take her and keep watch over her. I’ve already collared her, you can see.” You point at a red and black midnight choker on her neck.

“Ah… perhaps that will be best then.” the real Esmeralda let’s out a breathe. “As for me, you may feel that I am not at all responsible, but I have done many things I regret to hide that evil from the world. I am no longer fit to be Queen.”

“That’s true… about the only thing you’d be fit for is a concubine.” You respond.

“Lord of Riun!” Eric starts but then lowers his head, unable to really dispute what I said.

Esmerelda herself winces, and then nods sadly, “It is as you say. I’m nothing but a whore now.”

You sniff. “I didn’t say, whore, I said concubine. Hey, King Eric, don’t you need some of those?”

“Eh? What did you say? K-k-king?” Eric responds in a fluster.

“Yeah… you’re next in line, right? No one disputed it, and the King’s dead. Long live King Eric.”

“Long Live King Eric!” Shouts came from the stands as people started to stand and clap.

“Ah… but if you’re a King… I guess you’ll need a Queen, so…” you wave your hand.

“Haaaaa!” Selena’s head raises up as she lets out a long breath.

“Selena! My love!” Eric runs over and kneels down next to Selena, immediately kissing her.

When their kiss parts, Selena shakes her head. “Wh-what happened?”

“I’m not 100% sure, but I think I’m the King now.” Eric scratches the back of his neck, still barely able to keep up. “Selena… will you be my Queen?”

Selena’s expression grows more and more excited as realization dawns on her and she finally throws her arms around him and they kiss a new. When they finally part while the crowd watches in awkward silence, Selena sees Esmerelda standing on the podium.

“What is she still doing here?” Selena’s expression darkens.

“Ah… well… honey, about that… as it turns out, she’s going to be… um…”

“I’m his concubine, mistress.” Esmeralda gives a perfect curtsy, smirking as she speaks, “It’ll be my job to satisfy the master when you’re busy.”

“You…” Selena glares up at her angrily before sniffing and climbing up on the podium. “As his wife, you’ll have to do anything I say! So, don’t think it’ll be easy winning my good graces!”

“Eh… of course, mistress.” Esmeralda puts on a wry expression, but still seems happy.

After all, she had truly loved Eric, and now that she was able to be with him and curse free, that could be said to be the thing she had always wanted.

“Now… lick my feet!” Selena demands, sitting in the seat the former King had fallen out of of.

“Eh?” Esmeralda makes a noise in surprise.

“Oh, hoh… so you’re already going to defy your mistress. I guess this cock of my husbands will never be yours! If you want to satisfy the master, you’ll have to make the mistress happy. That’s the way it is! I’m the Queen, yes?”

“Eh! Don’t… Y-yes, my Queen!” To the shock of everyone there, Esmeralda immediately drops to her knees and starts licking Selena’s feet, which were in sandals.

“Hahaha!” Selena laughs evilly and turns to Eric. “I bet if I ask her to lick my cunny she’ll do that too?”

Eric looks on dizzily, thinking much the same thing as everyone else in the crowd. Is Selena secretly a sadist and Esmeralda a masochist? Esmeralda looks just a tad too happy to be licking her feet. Perhaps it’s the relief of no longer having the pressure of being a queen on her shoulders. Perhaps it’s the happiness of finally being allowed to be with the man she loves. Perhaps it’s the lies all finally being aired out. One must also consider that Selena was the woman Esmeralda had picked for her former husband. Selena must have had some properties that convinced Esmeralda to choose her. Perhaps in the end, Esmeralda had some bi-sexual tendencies that leaned towards Selena’s type. Whatever it was, it looks from the point of view of everyone else like they’re very much in some S&M play. Just who is Esmeralda the concubine to, after all?

Eric ignores his two women and gives out a few orders to clean up things and put an end to today’s events, announcing himself as the king and so-on. After a bit, he walks up to you.

“I really don’t know what to say. Thank you, Lord of Riun. No… I should also call you a King. This may be the Great Kingdom, but I have a feeling in the years to come we will be outshone by you in every way. You’ve ended a plot from the demon lord, saved my Esmerelda from a lifelong curse, and even brought my wife back to life. I don’t know how much I can thank you, but if you ever need anything, this King is forever in your debt.”

“Don’t mention it. I mean, as the father, it’d be downright criminal to allow that baby to die in Selena?”

“Huh? What do you mean by that?”

“Ah!” Just realizing what you said, you freeze. “Uh… what I mean, is… you know… all us fathers need to stick together. I mean you would have done the same thing for my kid, right? Ah… anyway, gotta go!”

As King Eric looks are you suspiciously, you grab all your girls and wave goodbye.

“Wait… you… I feel like you should be familiar…?” A voice stops you.

It’s the king who summoned you to this world. You take a breath and turn back to him.

“Hello, king, actually, we have some history. I won your competition, so I trust you won’t still protest me taking your daughter…”

“Ah… my daughter… my mind is still scrambled, I remember my daughter’s death, while also remembering her alive. Will you take good care of my daughter?” The king asks, unsure of himself.

“Oh, yes, father! Hero takes good care of mom and me! So, you don’t have to worry!” Ariel gives a thumbs up.

“Your mother! Aurora?” The king’s eyes widen as he stares between the daughter holding his arms and you.

“Ah… oops.” Ariel sticks out her tongue and hits her head while you give her a dark stare.

“Th-th-that’s right, I remember now. You brought my daughter back to life, but took my wife as recompense. I always thought that deal was suspicious, not I know you didn’t need her soul at all! You just wanted to take my wife!” The king’s face started to turn to anger.

“Easy now!” Just when you thought the king was going to hit you, he let out a sigh.

“Haaaah, what’s done is done. Had my wife truly wanted to be with me, she would have returned by now. I’m just an old man unable to protect my family nor run my kingdom. Hero from another world, I will leave my family to you… but you must promise me something!”

“Hah? What is that?”

“An heir! I can’t produce an heir of my own, so you must give my daughter an heir for my kingdom!”

“Ah! Dad… but I wanted a girl baby!” Ariel pouted, but then snapped a finger. “I know, let’s knock mom up again! She can have a male heir!”

“Ah, good idea!” I give her thumbs up.”

“Again?” The king asks in confusion, but then shakes his head. “Very well, but can I ask one last favor. I’d just like to see my wife one last time. Can you show her to me?”

“Ahem… I guess it’s fine.” You shrug. “I can even use magic to show an image of her right now. You can see your wife is doing find in my hands.”

You wave your hand, causing a picture to form. The picture takes a moment, turning from a blurry form to clear. You also add sound just in case they need to say some words to each other. The first thing you hear is gasping and moaning. Then a very clear image of Aurora appears, except she’s naked, on her knees, and has a cock in each hand.

“The fuck!” You shout, looking at your pressure Aurora pleasing two cocks in her mouth.

“Is this taking care of my wife!” the king shouts.

At this point, Aurora realizes she’s being watched, as she can see the other side just as clearly. In shock she let’s out a shout, letting go of the cocks and covering her chest. However, one of the cocks chooses to explode at this second, covering her face is semen.

“Hero-san, It’s not what it looks like!” Aurora cries, then notices she’s her former husband, bit to mention the crowds of people behind him. “Ah! My former husband!”

“You…” The king looks away in disgust and then gives you a snort. “Well, it looks like she’s not even loyal to you, you’re welcome to her.”

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<Spoiler for the babies in the group>