The Power of Creation – Chapter 239

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Your rage explodes, and the world goes red with – wait, what? You instantly zoom out the image that was on Aurora’s face. Not only is it not in Aurora’s character to cheat, but this is absolutely 100% Aurora. She has the collar on, and the collar isn’t giving you any alarms. The only case it wouldn’t be giving off alarms is with your own dick. Even Ariel’s dick is too messy to set up and thus she isn’t allowed to have one. So, how can Aurora be sucking dick right now.

“Oh, hi, father!” First a boob appears on the screen, and then an entire naked girl who is standing there with a large ten inch dick in her mom’s face.

“It’s father!” The girl who just came on her mom’s face also bends over and waves excitedly and then notices Merida back. “Oh, and other mother!”

“Hi, girls!” Merida waves back as if she wasn’t watching her naked queen get cumshotted by her naked daughter.

“Girls!” You curse. “What are you doing to your mother?”

You daughters look through the camera excitedly, not even conscious of the gasping and surprised looks of half the human realm watching. You immediately cut off the vision, so it’s just you, the king, and your harem that have gathered nearby who can see the scene, however, it’s a bit too late for that. Had Aurora still been a queen, her image in the human realm would be ruined forever. Her only saving grace is that being naked with cum all over her face, few people got a good look at her features and no one would be able to pick her out of a lineup come morning.

“Mom was getting lonely, father has been gone so long!” Anna explains tearfully.

“Mother said ‘I really want your father’s cock, I miss it!” Elsa adds.

“Ah, girls! Stop speaking such things!” Aurora desperately tries to wipe the cum off her face. “Hero-san, it’s just… you know how the girls are, and when they brought out those big things I got nostalgic and before you know it I was on my knees! They told me you could feel it!”

“You… I know Ariel has molested you with her penis a few times, but to think you grew a taste for futa-“

“Ah… no, please hero-san, that’s not it!” Aurora responded tearfully. “I said it’s not what it looks like, the girls tricked me! They said it was your cock! I only did it to please you!”


“It is father’s cock!” Anna declares pushing out her erect cock proudly, “See… I remember, it’s a perfect replica!”

“It’s an exact copy!” Elsa declares, shoving her erect cock so the tip pushes against Anna’s.

Soon, the two girls are jousting, using identical copies of your genitals to slap each other. “Oh, take that!”

“Ah… mine is better!” Elsa declares back. “I’ll win!”

“My version of father’s cock is truly best! Tell them mom! Tell them my cock felt most like father!”

“Nu uh! Mom, tell my cock wins!”

You rub your forehead. “So, you’re telling me that your daughters told you that they were fucking you with my actual cock and you believed them!”

Aurora gave a small shrug and a smile.

You slam your fist down. “You honestly think I’m the kind of man that would create exact duplicates of my cock, put them on my daughters, and force them to fuck my wife for my own sexual enjoyment?”


“Psst…” Snow White nudges Merida, “Is this a rhetorical question? Isn’t that something warrior would definitely do?”

“I don’t know, but I want to be violated by two of daddy’s cocks, Aurora is so lucky!” Merida whispers back.

“Is that why this collar alarm didn’t go off, because the penis is identical to owners?” Rapunzel asks.

“Yeah, that definitely holds up to scrutiny…” Kida responds.

“Actually, it’s a giant plotho-“ The other girls try to silence Rapunzel with shushing. “If I don’t say it, the comments will!”

“Hasn’t commoner already done this kind of stuff with the dildos before?” Tiana shrugs.

You sigh as all of the girls give you looks as if this is an expectation. “Very well, I’ll punish the girls when I get home!”

“Father!” The girls give pleading looks, but you ignore them.

“Ah… can you punish this queen too? She’s been naughty…” Aurora looks away from the screen blushing while saying this. “In fact… this mother will take all the punishments of her daughters too…”

“Yeah, mom is so generous!” Anna kisses her mom’s cheek.

“Why do I feel like now I want punishment?” Elsa raises a finger questioningly.

“Have you no shame! Aren’t you unabashedly asking for a spanking in front of your former husband?” Ignoring the two daughters, you point the poor king, who seems to be at a loss about what to say.

“Tss…” Aurora clicks her tongue and gives an irritated expression, even your heart hurts at her complete rejection of her former husband.

“Haa….” You expect the king to explode in rage, but suddenly he stretches with a sigh, suddenly looking more relaxed that you’d ever seen him. “I haven’t seen my wife so lively in my entire life. She truly looks happy, as does my daughter. Aurora, I won’t pursue you, I just want your continued happiness.”

Aurora doesn’t respond, still looking away from the screen, but you can see the slightest tinge of a smile and relief painted on her face. Clearly, this meant a lot to her. Since the king isn’t stirring up trouble, you guess you don’t have to turn him into a hamster like you originally planned.

On the screen, the two girls had started fighting again. As an added new weapon, they were starting to shoot cum at each other like they were playing with water guns, and with Aurora in the middle, all three women looked like they had just been through a bukkake.

“Ah, and we need to get mom pregnant with an heir, too!” Ariel announces with a snap.

“Eh? P-pregnant again! But I can barely handle my children now!” Aurora whines as she grabs both of her daughter’s cocks tightly, to keep the two girls from continuing to battle with them.

“Hah, well, do your best!” You close the window and cut off communication, leaving the mom to clean up the mess.

Naturally, you remove their dicks too, so the girls can only violate their mother with their hands and tongues, as Pun intended.

“Well, it’s time to go home, I guess.” You dust off your pants and announce.

“Are we just going to teleport?” Rapunzel asks.

“No, we’ll take the ship back, same as we came.”

“But that’ll take another week!” Merida says worriedly.

“Shhh… That means another week with just us on a boat with warrior.” Kida nudges Merida, who nods excitedly after being reminded of that.

“Its fine, after all this story drama, I need a break.” You declare. “Let’s just head back in leisure.”

“Sounds good, just five days with just the eight of us. Why… anything could happen in five days…” Ariel says mysteriously.

“Why did you say it like that?” Merida asks…

“It’s… called… foreshadowing…” Ariel winks.




“Let’s just go…” You turn to leave, taking your harem with you.

You’re sure that there is going to be no problems or disruptions, and you’ll return home without anything wrong happening. An ominous shadow moves just out of sight, missed by you. Your group walks in front of a black cat, under a ladder, and accidentally break a mirror. Truly, had you known then what you know now… you probably wouldn’t have changed a thing, your you, after all. However, a sick gypsy woman on the other side of the world suddenly wakes up and screams.

“It’s here!” Those are the only words she gets out before collapsing dead, her family nearby having no clue what she meant with her final words.

“I’m sure things will be just fine.” You mutter.

You step on a crack, just as you do so you see down an allyway two twins.

They point at you and say in unison, “Red Rum.”

A statue of some goddess suddenly starts crying red tears. The nearby priests start to freak out, holding mass prayer. A sudden locust swarm attacks a field of sheep eating them all in seconds.

“It’s fine…”

It’s not.

“Smooth sailing from here on out.”

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