The Power of Creation – Chapter 241

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“ker… eh?” You look around in confusion.

“What is it, hero?” Ariel asks as she passes you to get off the airship.

You shake your head. “Nothing, I was just feeling like I was discussing something with someone… and you girls were talking about strange things… wasn’t there a fire?”

The girls all look at you as if you’re being odd and it is Tiana who speaks. “We just landed commoner, do try to keep your head on straight.”

“…” You don’t know what to think, as everything seems… strange for a bit.

You use your magic, but find it isn’t able to detect any abnormalities. You could have sworn the mansion was on fire and you were talking to… someone? The girls don’t seem to remember any of this. Perhaps you have been too stressed. You really should have spent the last week resting instead of engaging in a nasty gangbang. You did have a gangbang, right? Somehow, you remember it, yet you don’t. Like, you know it happened, but you can’t seem to remember the details.

“Strange question…” You ask the girls once they are all off the airship. “We… all… had a lot of sex, right?”

“On the airship?” Tiana asks, “Oh, yeah, tons! Eh? Commoner, you don’t remember?”


“I think rookie might be a little worn out, maybe we should go on ahead, allow him to rest for a bit.”

The girls are all giving you worried looks, but when you give a nod and a forced smile, they smile back and head for the mansion. You head down the streets of Riun haphazardly, finally sitting down on a park bench. The city seems… weird… somehow. You’re not exactly sure how. You can’t put your finger on it, but something seems off with all the people. It’s like… none of this is real.

You glance over at a random villager. He suddenly starts moving, waving at you excitedly. Wait… starts moving? What was he doing a moment ago? You could have sworn he was standing perfectly still, not even breathing, and the second you looked at him, only then did he burst into motion.

“You, villager!” You call out.

“Oh, yes, my lord!” The man bows in a fluster.

“What’s your name? What do you do in town?”

“Eh?” The man gives you a look like you’re stupid. “Why are you asking me that? I’m just some random background character. I don’t even have a name or an occupation beyond villager. I’ll never be described again after this scene is over.”

“What?” You shake your head agitatedly. “What did you just say?”

“Eh? My lord, I said my name is Rolo, I’m the town butcher.”

“O-oh…” You’re getting weird looks from several people nearby so you lower your eyes, “Sorry, I thought I heard something else.”

“That’s fine, my lord. You are the protagonist after all, this story only exists to further your plot!”

You don’t look up and respond. Whether you heard what you just thought you heard, you don’t really know.

“What is going on, seriously?” You mutter.

“Reality… is becoming weaker.” A voice spoke up next to you, causing you to turn to look at a woman standing nearby.

She was wearing a cowboy hat, boots, and long coat. Out the back of her coat was a hole which had a large shaggy wolf tail shoved through. When she notices you staring, she gives you a wink.

“And what’s your name? Goofy?”

“Lillian. My name’s Lillian. You seen Kida around?” The woman asks without a pause.

“Kida? You point back. “She’s over there with my other girls in the mansion. What’s she to you?”

“I’m the guild master.” The girl shrugs. “Just passing through town, or should I be calling us a Kingdom now? That’d make you the King, right?”

“I’m not a King…” You sigh, leaning back and closing your eyes while still feeling a little lethargic. “Just a guy living in a mansion with a harem.”

“You know, that title would probably do better than ‘Power of Creation’ in selling books.”

“What?” You glance up to find the girl you had just been talking to mysteriously gone.

You cast a spell and… nothing. There was no one there, nor had they ever been someone there. You bug a few people nearby, and no one seems to have seen her.”

“Guild Master Lillian is back?” One person says, causing you to blink a few times.

It looks like Lillian is a real person, however, no one had seen her in years nor seen you talking to her just now. Just what the heck is going on? Was this some kind of after effect of your character creation / resurrection? Worst, are you starting to go crazy?

You shake off all of your doubts. Maybe you should just drown in pussy to ignore the oddities. You stand up and head back to the mansion. Maybe the girls would know what the hell is going on.

When you get to the front of the mansion, you try to open the door, only to find it locked. You try to magically unlock it, only to find it magically reinforced to prevent you from unlocking it. It is at this point you notice the note on the door. You pick it up and read.

Dear Lord and Master,

Due to various unsatisfied parties, your ladies have unanimously agreed to stop all recreational activities from here on. You shall receive no BJs, HJs, pussy, snogging, or ass until our demands are met. That’s right, your harem is now on strike. Please find a new place of residence until we draft a contract, and we will invite you to the negotiation table. Failure to submit to our demands during negotiation will extend the time you are denied sex. Violating our harem rights will result in swift punishment.


The Harem Union

Harem Leader: Megara

You crumple the paper in your hand while shaking violently. “Megara….”

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