The Power of Creation – Chapter 243

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“Hero! I don’t understand, what are you doing with that, p-p-p-pervert!” Ariel cries.

“Hero-san, this is most inappropriate!” Aurora hugs her daughter, trying to keep Ariel from seeing your blur.

You move forward and grab both women, tossing them on the bed.

“Aiiiii!” The two girls let out cries as they fall down into the mattress to the side.

Like a mad animal, you leap onto the bed and begin tearing off their clothing. As their boobs become exposed, they too are merely a blur. Both women are helpless to resist as you fondle their chests roughly. Well, whatever is in effect can’t seem to prevent you from doing this. Well, to be honest, you’re fondling a blur of pink, with some dark pink in the middle where their ******* can’t be seen. Seriously, you can say boobs, but not *******? Well, either way, you grab their ******* and twist them playful, fondling the skin with your fingers.

“Ah! This…” Aurora gasps.

“Hero is playing with my boobies, mom!” Ariel cries out, however, she also looks like she’s sexually stimulated and right about to cum.

“To think, we would be sexually assaulted by hero-san.” Aurora moaned tearfully, “At least, now that he has taken our boobs, there is nothing else he can take from us as women!”

“S-seriously? You now I plan to plow your tight **** with my ***** right?”

The two girls cock their heads like you’re speaking gibberish. Well, technically you are at the moment. You finish ripping off the women’s clothing, exposing the blurriness below. Aurora and Ariel now lay before you, nothing but skin and blur. You grab onto your own blur, and decent on Ariel.

“Ah, what is hero-san planning to do!” Aurora cries.

“Me? I’m just going to break the content filter!” You declare

You shove your blur wildly into Ariel’s blur. Ariel is a woman you’ve enjoyed in every detail. You could say to have a good feel for her. Plus, whether magic or not, Ariel is still your slutty *****. The censor might be able to restrict Ariel’s understanding of the birds and the bees, but her body wouldn’t lie. She is already quite excited, and there is nothing the censors could do about how wet and ***** she is. Seriously, ***** too? Okay… um… damp? Either way, your **** slides in smoothly.

“Ahhhhh! It’s so big!” Ariel lets out a cry as it slides into her wet, hot parts smoothly.

Ariel’s body moves on instinct, her hand moving down and grabbing your blur with one hand while fingering her own blur with the other. Soon, she’s pulling your d*** into her p**** excitedly. The glazed over look in her eyes starts to diminish, and the slutty bit** you know is starting to return.

“What is going on?” Aurora demands. “What is he doing to you ‘down there’?”

“Ahn…. Ah. Ah… mom… it feels wonderful! He’s fuc*ing me in the pussy mom! He’s fucking me! It feels wonderful!” She turns to you, her expression completely like the innocent lewd princess you had come to love. “I love your cock. Oh, it feel so good in my pussy!  I missed this big dick! How could I ever forget how great it feels filling up my tight cunt!”

“Fucking hell yeah! My little bitch is back!” You and Ariel high five, which is admittedly a weird thing to do while you’re plowing her, but getting your main squeeze back makes you feel much better about the situation.

“I don’t understand. What are you two doing with your mouths? What are those words? What’s that wet gushy noise! Your blurry parts, they’re focusing! Eh! Th-that’s so dirty!” Aurura cries out as you continue to fuck her daughter next to her.

Meanwhile, the more indecent you act, the more the filter breaks down. The blurriness fades in and out, like it is desperately trying to resist, but in the end, the gushy sounds of Ariel’s dirty sex as you pound away at her tight pussy are things that it can’t censor. Only Aurora, who is lying to the side while covering her eyes seema to remain blurred.

“Mom! Don’t look away, watch how wet your daughter is! Isn’t it your man making your daughter so wet! Look mom, look!” Ariel says excitedly, removing her fingers which are rubbing her own clit to orgasm and diving them in Aurora’s blurry patch.

“Ah! It feels, what is my daughter doing? She’s touching my no-no!… No…” Aurora shook her head. “That’s not right, you’re touching my p*ssy. My cunt, my pussy, my daughter is fingering my pussy!”

The revelation came into Aurora’s mind just like Ariel, a smile breaking on her face as she comes out of her stupor. However, then she realizes her daughter is fingering her, and looks away shyly, clearly wanting to resist being violated by her naughty daughter.

“Ah… c-cumming! Hero’s big dick is making me cum!” Ariel cries as she cums, wrapping her legs around your hips as she explodes in an orgasming, grabbing a tugging on her own tits aggressively as she orgasms excitedly.

When Ariel finally finishes, Aurora pats you on the hip. “My hero-san, you’ve saved us again. We can’t be the only ones affected. You must make sure to free all of the ladies and find out the source of this.”

You give Aurora a nod as you pull out from her daughter, who is still shivering and leaking. “I plan to, but first I must make sure you’re completely purified from this censorship curse.”

“Ah? Hero-san, we’re good now. See, we can even fuck *beep* and say naughty words like cunt *beep*.”

“Eh? Mom’s still beeping!” Ariel accuses while pointing a finger.

“What are you talking about? Hero-san, what are you hiding behind your back? Is that a horn you’re honking every time I say fuck *beep*?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Clearly, you are still much affected by the curse, specifically in the mouth region. I can only see one way to purify this mess.” You wag your ten inch dick in Aurora’s face.

“Eh… hero-san, if you just wanted me to suck your dick, I’d happily…*beep*!”

“It’s a curse! What are you talking about, a curse! I’m purifying you!’ You declare, “Now, let the purification begin!”

Aurora gives you a wry smile, but still makes her way to her knees. A moment later, she wraps her lips around your cock, still wet from her daughter’s pussy. As you fuck Aurora’s mouth, you mean purify, as your purify Aurora’s mouth, you consider what is going on. The entire mansion has been cursed with censorship. You have only one choice, you’re going to have to plunge deep into this conspiracy and give the culprit a major pounding.

You also make sure to purify Aurora and Ariel a few more times before you leave.

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