The Power of Creation – Chapter 246

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Snow White and Kida collapse to the ground in writhing masses of flesh as you pull your dick out of Snow White’s ass. The two women are holding each other while breathing hard.

“The pair of us to be defeated without even a detailed sex scene, this is truly embarrassing!” Snow White cries.

“Is rookie looking down on us?”

You scratch your head looking down at the two muscular women who had charged you shortly after you finished leaving Mulan to Mushu’s attention. Naturally, you defeated them quickly and raped both women thoroughly. However, given how much attention you’ve recently given them, you decided to make this one a quickie. Naturally, the two women feel a bit down that their spell is broken so casually, but you have a lot of women to get through and not everyone can get a full scene.

You wave, creating a sonar spell that covers the entire mansion. Instantly, you learn the positioning of all your harem. Megara truly has been influenced by video games. She’s managed to create blockades to funnel you through a labyrinth, forcing you to violate, you mean purify every woman in your harem before finally reaching her in the depths of the mansion.

Depths is actually a perfect word because she’s somewhere under the mansion. She’s not in the illusory space you created to house the goblin army. Actually, she’s in a certain place accessible through Cinderella’s wardrobe which you may or may not have suffered significant trauma battling giant rodents. It was the start of an underground labyrinth you’ve been meaning to visit.

As you’re contemplating the path of least resistance, four women leap out from a room, staring you down.

“Prepare for trouble!” Sylvia declares.

“Make it quadruple!” Daisy adds.

“That doesn’t even rhyme!” You sigh.

“To protect the novel from devastation!”

“To unite all haramettes within this nation.”

“The denounce the evils of sex and love.”

“Extend our reach to the bitches above!”

“Oh, we’re doing the whole thing? Whatever gets the word count I guess…”





“Is that all your names? I honestly forgot a while ago!”

“Team Mansion Staff, blasting off at the speed of a duck!”

“A duck?”

“Surrender now, or prepare to fuck!”

“Oh, now I get it.”

“It’s Jasmine, what luck!” Jasmine leaps out another room and poses.

“Jasmine, that’s very adorable, but you’re not allowed in the next scene.”

Jasmine let’s out an evil laugh. “What do you mean, savior? Of course, I am cursed with the evil enchantment, and the only way you can remove it is by taking my virgin body repeatedly! I’ll resist at first, but I won’t be able to stop as savior ravishes my body roughly, having his way with this and that. I’ll be turned into nothing but a broken loli, but he’ll have finally cured me. My body, bruised and tattered, my little kitty torn and bleeding, a single tear will drop down my face as I look up at savior and say ‘thank you for freeing me!’”

“You really have been thinking this through…” You mutter.

“Enough talk!” Jasmine throws her arm back. “It is time for our final battle. Rape this loli, or forever lose me to this evil curse!”

“Remove curse.” You snap, compiling and casting a curse removal spell instantly.

A white light floods Jasmine and dissipates a moment later. Jasmine’s eyes immediately grow clear. However, rather than happy, she puts on a pouty face.

“Oh, rats! I was finally going to lose my virginity! I wanted to feel what it’s like to be a woman.”

“Is that so? Does my little Jasmine really want to know what it’s like to be a woman?”

Jasmine looks down at your pants, which are growing tight as a certain something starts to expand. She gulps, and then nods excitedly, looking at you with a little drool coming out of her mouth and a perverted face that didn’t belong on a pre-teen.

“Very well! Get in the kitchen and make me a damn sandwich!” you point down the hallway.

Jasmine collapses. “Why you! How is that a womanly duty?”

“Isn’t being able to cook for the man you love the most womanly duty of all?”

“I-is that so?” Jasmine looks around uncertainly, but that maids are of no help shrugging.

“When you make a man a sandwich, you’re not just feeding his hunger, you’re pouring your very essence into it. So, when you give me a sandwich, you’re giving me your very body and soul!”

“Eh! Truly?” Jasmine looks on excitedly.

“When I bite into the sandwich made with love, it’s like I’m taking a bite out of you. With each bite I take, I get to taste a little more of Jasmine, and then in the end…” You lower your voice, with you hand next to your mouth like you’re telling a secret.

“The-the end?” Jasmine starts to bounce on her feet, pleading with you to finish the story.

“I’ll have gobbled up all of Jasmine!” Jasmine let’s out a gasp as I spread my hands and continue. “Isn’t this way more intimate, to consume Jasmine completely? To taste your very essence! Your love? Your desire? All of your hard work put into my sandwich, I’ll taste it all! I’ll taste all of Jasmine! Rather than putting myself inside you, I’ll be putting you inside me and making you my very nourishment! My very life will be given by Jasmine’s grace and sacrifice!”

“Gg-gulp!” Jasmine is practically shivering now, before giving a salute,” Yes, savior! I’ll do it! I’ll start right away.”

A short time later you’re standing there eating your sandwich. Jasmine skips off happily to the kitchen to prepare more good things to infuse her essence in for you to try.

You chuckle. “Hehe… kids are so easy.”

“Is boss just ignoring us?” Sylvia asks.

“I don’t know, but suddenly I really want a sandwich.” Dinah licks her lips.

“Oh, you girls will get a sandwich.”

“!! Oh, yay!” Minnie exclaims excitedly. “What kind?”

“Well, it has four patties, and I’ll have to add the meat along with my own brand of special sauce.”

“C-c-c-can we have it our way?” Daisy asks nervously.

“I think it’s pretty obvious that you won’t.”


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