The Power of Creation – Chapter 247

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“Ah, I’m stuffed!”

“It’s too much!”

“It’s inside me, I’m going crazy!”

You thrust away gratuitously as the maids writhe and moan under your deliberate machinations. You’ve quadrupled yourself into four identical replicas, and now all four have taken a hole and attacked it. Four women, and four men, could there be anything greater? All of the women are moaning and crying as you take your pleasure from each hole. Furthermore, each woman could simultaneously feel their sisters, so not only did they feel the pleasure of one cock, but 4 at once!

However, the girls are a bit displeased. Even as they writhe and moan, they stare over at the four of you with pouts on their faces.

“Why is boss only fucking one of us! If there is four of him, why is Minnie getting all the love!”

“Mmm… Mmm…!” Minnie tries to defend herself, but she has a cock in her mouth… and her butt, and her pussy, and she’s also forced to give a hand job as well.

“Damn it, Minnie, stop gloating you hag!”

“Mmmm!” Minnie looks on tearfully as her sister stare at her desperately.

“You’re going to pay later!”


Naturally, Minnie is completely overwhelmed and is desperately trying to hold on to her sanity tearfully. Meanwhile, her sisters send her hateful and jealous stares as Minnie receives the attention of four men at once. Naturally, these girls started out their lives as bandits and thieves, and even after spending a few months as maids in a mansion, their petty nature hadn’t left them. Whether Minnie’s fault or not, undoubtedly, she would be ‘punished’ for being so selfish later on.

Sisters could be so hard on each other. True, the other three woman got the satisfaction of having every hole filled, even so far as tasting your cock in their mouths and the warmth of your cock in their hands, but there is something lost when the actual object isn’t there. The girls had no choice but to writhe orgasmically on the ground with only themselves to hold as Minnie got the royal treatment.

She desperately fought to keep her enjoyment from touching her face. Every time she came or smiled under your erotic treatment, her sisters would immediately give her dark looks. Dinah even pinched herself just as Minnie was cumming in order to try to ruin her orgasm. Of course, all four girls were closet masochists and it only caused the four of them to cum harder.

Meanwhile, you got to enjoy the feel of four different stimulations on your cock at once. One cock felt a wet and tight pussy, another felt pressure and warmth of tight butthole, a third cock felt a mouth and tongue running up and down it, and the final cock got to feel Minnie’s best handjob, or last as good as she could while having every hole violated by you.

Sylvia and Daisy give each other a nod and start crawling, fighting through the sensations of being triple penetrated to descend on either side of their sister. You continue to work your penis freely in her holes, enjoying the feeling of four holes in one as you let the woman do whatever they want. What the girls end up doing is reaching out and grabbing Minnie’s boobs. One girl on each side attacks her boobs, twisting them in order to give them purple nurples.

Noone said these maids who were once thieves are bright. Their natural desire is to punish their slutty sister for taking all the fun. However, by doing so, all four woman feel their own nipples being twisted painfully. Rather than looking pained, their faces all turn lewd, and rather than stopping, they twist harder, taking out their own masochistic tendencies on their sister. As all four women cum, this is when a realization dawns on the women.

Minnie was the one who had to cope with the “damage” of being ripped apart by your cock. Since she gets the best pleasure, she should naturally have the most consequences too. Minnie starts to cry as the three other girl’s eyes grow in enlightenment. Soon, they start torturing Minnie for their own sexual gratification. They pulled her hair, twist her nipples, scratch her, and hit and spank her.

Watching Minnie grow more tearful, even you started to feel bad for her as she’s abused, but the other women also aid you in deep throating Minnie, so you let it slide. They grab Minnie’s head and force your cock down Minnie’s throat so deeply that her eye roll up in the back of her head. Even as they chock and cough, what did it matter to them, it is Minnie who’ll have to deal with the physical ramifications! All of the girls start cumming again, desperately pulling, pinching, or punching Minnie into their own orgasms.

Of course, any damage done to Minnie would cause lingering pain and discomfort for all the women in the morning. It isn’t like they stopped being linked after the sex. However, the girls aren’t that smart and lack all delay gratification skills, so naturally they relentlessly torture Minnie’s body while you relentlessly torture her holes.

“Ah… Cumming!” You declare after the women themselves cam in unison for about the fifteenth time.

You pull out of every hole just as you cum, hitting Minnie from four directions with copious amounts of cum. With a four way cum shot, Minnie is instantly bukkaked, and the girls who are torturing her can only try to dodge as cum splashes into them, who were regrettably in the splash zone. By the time you stand up, a weeping Minnie is lying there. She has a clump of hair missing, bruises and scratches all over her body. Her nipples are almost purple and inflamed, and every hole is gaping open and leaking womanly fluids. And of course, on top of all that was your own personal special sauce, which left her a horrific sight.

She made little pained moans, but she also had a satisfied look on her face which contrasted her battered body. However, next to her were the other girls, all looking pristine other than wet leaking pussies and a little bit of cum on their arms and chests. Compared to the broken Minnie, they looked like princesses.

“Sister are scary…” You mutter, turning back into one person.

“Ow…. It hurts so much.” Dinah moans.

“Why does it hurt now…” Daisy cries.

“Oh!” Sylvia puts up a finger with a wince. “Because we feel everything Minnie feels, we also feel the pain from the damage we gave her!”

“Oh, no! If I knew that I’d have treated he better!”

“…” You stare down at the four wincing women on the ground.

They really are very stupid. You wave a hand, speeding up the healing and ensuring whatever mind control on them is long gone as well as a little protective spell to prevent it from happening again. They’ll be back on their feet in a few hours as right as rain. However, your night is just getting started.

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