The Power of Creation – Chapter 248

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“So, it’s you all after all.” You sigh as you’re stopped once again on your path.

“Of course, my love, what use is there throwing more fodder at you. You have to face the combined power of four demon lords!”

You come to a hallway that is partially barricaded like a war zone. At the end of the hallway are four beautiful and deadly woman. Grimhilde, Demon Lord of Greed, Maleficant, Demon Lord of Envy, Ursula, Demon Lord of gluttony, and Medusa, Demon Lord of Lust block your way forward. That only leaves the wrathful Cruella who you met recently in the Capital city, and her two sisters you haven’t met, Tremaine and Gothel. Cruella is a mimic with no true form, while you don’t what Tremaine and Gothel look like yet.

“None of you ladies are particularly fighters. Do you expect to truly be able to block my path? Even Kida and Snow White were instantly KO’d.” You tease the four women.

“They simply weren’t fighting with the right weapons.” Medusa smiles seductively, adjusting her boobs so that her cleavage is almost popping out the top of her thin dress.

“That’s right!” Maleficant declares. “We’ll stop you with…”

“Trading.” Grimhilde said. “I’m sure we can make a deal that will leave both sides satisfied.”

“No, sex of course.” Medusa put in. “We must defeat him in bed!”

“A Magical Curse!” Maleficant spoke, glaring at the other women. “One that drains his power and makes it ours!”

“I thought we’ll make him a poisoned sandwich!” Ursula cried out. “We knock him out while he’s eating!”

All four women suddenly glare at each other.

“What do you mean, have sex with him!” Ursula cried out. “This is the bastard who has molested me and then left for a month!”

“Oh, and which part are you angry about? That he molested you or that he didn’t take you all the way?” Medusa laughs.

“You bitch! How dare you suggest I have any kind of feelings for th-th-that man!” Ursula turns away, her face blushing red and her expression clearly showing that perhaps she might have missed you a bit.

“You complain about his teasing? He’s raped me! He raped an underage sweet loli girl like me! My pussy is still sore!” Maleficant cries.

“Tsk! This is why I don’t work with you sisters. You’re all unbearable!” Grimhilde grimaces, folding her arms and front of her and raising her nose up.

“Shut up, you stupid cum addict!” Maleficant snaps.

“Loli whore!” Grimhilde shoots back.

“Ladies, ladies, ladies…” You interrupt, stepping towards them, “I’m sure we can all work something out that will leave me satisfied.”

The four girls turn to watch you warily, like a snake has just slithered its way into their path, and they need to watch careful less they get bit.

“Don’t you mean, leave all of us satisfied?” Ursula responds cautiously.

“If that’s why you want to think I said, I’m okay with that.” You give her a thumbs up.


“Anyway… I saw we simply do what needs to be done. That is to say, combining all of your plans at once!”

“Eh?” The girls all look at each other confused.

“My love, you’re saying we should negotiate sex while cursing you with a magical poisoned sandwich that makes your powers ours?”

“No, no, no, no… no… not at all, no…” You give a little chuckle, waving your hand as if tossing away that ridiculous suggestion. “I have a much better way to resolve all of this.”

“What is that, you loli pervert?” Maleficant asks curiously.

“I’m just going to rape all of you repeatedly!”

Grimhilde, Ursula, and Maleficant spit out, “How is that accomplish any of our plans?”

“Well… it accomplishes my plan…” Medusa replies coyly.

“Of course, isn’t all of your plans to have sex with me? If you wish to drain my power and make it yours, what better way than to exhaust me physically through sex?”

“That’d exhaust us too!”

“And of course, I’d be vulnerable to be knocked out while I’m eating you all up!”

“So, will we!”

“And of course, I’ll give you lots of dick, and you will be left very satisfied.”

“This… I don’t think he’s taking us seriously, sisters!” Grimhilde cried.

“You dare look down on us demon lords?” Maleficant snapped.

“You’re courting death!” Medusa adds and then turns coyish. “Or at least a thorough spanking!”

“You… you… you bastard!” Ursula cried. “You’re just a horny asshole who molests women to overcome your own inadequacies as a man! Your penis is probably really small without the use of magic and you’re probably really shitty at sex!”

“””Gasp””” All the other three women turned to Ursula with their mouths open as she stand proudly in front.

“Th-that’s right!” Ursula puts up her finger, not reading the mood as your face lowers darkly. “You have a small dick and the only reason you fantasize about raping pretty women is because you’d never have a woman otherwise!”

The other three women started backing away slowly, distancing themselves from Ursula, whose face was elated by your silence, convinced of her own victory.

“Is that so?” You ask, you voice low as you look at the ground.

“Hmph!” Ursula crossed her arms, but it was only now she realized her sisters had abandoned her, and we now about the same distance from her that you are. “Wh-what are you guys doing?”

“W-we’re sorry, beloved… she doesn’t know any better…”

“Hah?” Ursula looks around in confusion. “What are you talking about?”

“To say the thing that must not be said, even I’ve never been so bold, Goodbye my sister, I’ll miss you.” Maleficant looks away, her face looking like it’s in mourning.


“Ursula was so young…” Grimhilde pats the others on the shoulder, the three women acting like Ursula is already dead.

Ursula turns back to them, throwing out her hands. “Guys? Why are you acting like that? I’m perfectly fi-“

Suddenly, a coldness hits Ursula’s back, and she feels a large dark form hovering behind her, it’s malevolent aura enough to cause her to freeze solid. The form leans close to her ear, and just as it approaches, she can feel a large, hard object poke her in the butt, but it is much larger than even her cheeks could handle.

“It’s rape time!”

Ursula starts to scream.

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