The Power of Creation – Chapter 249

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“Ah, ah, ah! It hurts! It’s too much! I’m sorry, it’s not small! Please stop!”

“You big baby…” You smack her ass, which jiggles under your hit, “I haven’t even gotten my dick in yet.”

Naturally, Ursula has been stripped and forced to the floor. Rather than using your own might, you send out your old tentacle spell. It has now binded all four women. Medusa, Grimhilde, and Maleficant are wrapped up in tentacles, moaning and fighting against the things as they squeeze the women tightly. Of course, the tentacles are not ordered to violate the women, rather, just restrain them. So, why are the women moaning and looking flushed in anticipation for sex?

The tips of the tentacles remain away from the women. Of course, the women are all nude now, and you can see their tits being harshly squeezed, their hard nipples popping out through the edges of the tentacles as their boobs are squeezed tightly. However, even Maleficant who has no boobs to speak of is flushed and panting as she remains confined. You originally had a mind to rape all of the women, but three out of these four demon lords look like they are anticipating your dick. They’ve been deprived for a month, and even with the brainwashing their bodies can’t lie to them. They’re a bunch of horny demons!

Medusa clearly wants to get fucked, she doesn’t hide her lustful ways. Naturally, Grimhilde is always a thirsty bitch, and she wants to taste your cum. She’s probably remembering the last time you attacked the harem with tentacles, and is eagerly looking forward to be smothered in cum, fresh from your cock. She’s even licking her lips like she’s readying for the meal she’s about to receive. Even Maleficant, who always pretends to hate your sex, is secretly a nympho who could never have enough. If the other women are getting fucked, naturally she’d want a piece of the action too!

Thus, only the reason-headed Ursula looks distressed as her clothing is removed. You actually didn’t order the tentacles to remove any clothing. It appears that the tentacles have some kind of clothing dissolving characteristic, and the four demon lords find their clothing melting away until their naked forms are on display in the hallway. Naturally, Ursula has it worst.  She had been forced to the ground while the other women are in spectator positions. Her big ass was up in the air with her legs spread open and exposed, a juicy wet thing exposed that is clearly looking to be punished. Even as the woman herself cries rape, her body can’t lie to you!

Thus you line up your dick and start pushing it in, but she is a tight version and only the head is in so far. Your original intention was the have the tentacles pleasure the three other women while they watched you pleasure their sister. It’d reinforce sexual pleasure with fucking their sisters. The seven demon lord orgy is still on the table, so anything you can do to bring the demon lord girls together will be a good idea. You see? You’re a philanthropist. Bringing these squabbling sisters together in harmony is your good deed for the day.

Well, that was the plan. However, the three girls are looking at you so expectantly that you decide to not give them what they want. It’s hardly rape when they give you “fuck me” eyes. Thus, you bring the tip of the tentacles just out of range. The tip of Grimhilde’s tentacle flaps lewdly in front of her face, hiding the sweet delicious cum inside. Even a little bit dribbles out the tip. She desperately leans against the tentacles even as they painfully pinch her chest, desperately trying to stick her tongue out just a millimeter more, but no matter how much she struggles she can’t get a taste.

Meanwhile, Medusa is facing her own kind of brutal teasing. Her tentacle tip is right between her legs, but it keeps flapping, just barely flicking across the top of her engorged pussy lips. She lets out a cry, wanting to be filled up by it, but her bindings are absolute, and even as she ties to hump down on the tentacle, it never does more than slightly brush her spots, giving her more and more stimulation without ever filling her up.

Maleficant’s tentacle tip lands on her chest. She looks down at it wonderingly, trying to figure out why the warm thing is pressing against her chest. Suddenly, it pushes up, and then down, then up, and then down again. Maleficant gives a confused look. Just what is it doing? It’s just lying on her chest flapping around aimlessly. It provides her no satisfaction, but it doesn’t obtain any satisfaction as well. It’s just there, slapping her chest right between her nipples like it’s expecting something that is absent.

Wait? Absent? Maleficant’s face starts to turn to horror as she realizes the positioning of the tentacle. It’s sitting right between her chest, where her tits would be if she had any. Had this been Medusa next to her, the tentacles had her chest binded tightly together, showing an impressive cleavage. The tip would be moving up and down between her mountains, slickly titty fucking her. On Maleficant’s flat chest, the tentacle could do nothing but tap her chest depressingly, with no soft skin to slide between.

“It’s just a mound of fat!” Maleficant cries out to the tentacle, but the mental damage has already been done.

The poor tentacle has nothing to fuck, because Maleficant isn’t “big” enough. Soon, she starts crying at her own inadequacy as the tentacle continually reminds her that she just doesn’t have large enough assets to please it. She’s not the only one, as the other two women find themselves crying as well over their tentacles. Medusa is desperately wanting to be fill, Grimhilde just wants a taste, and Maleficant wants to be a proper lover. All three women cry out in frustration, their eyes landing down on Ursula, who’s now getting your personal attention.

“Prince, how can you be so cruel?” Ursula cries. “You’ve made your point, now release us!”

“Hah?” You snort, “I haven’t even started yet?”

With that, you grab her thick ass and you plow your dick in, breaking her virginity with single thrust!

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