The Power of Creation – Chapter 250

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“Gah! Ahh… Ahhn… the prince is filling me up! I love it! I love your dick!” Ursula cries as she orgasms against your dick, which is plowing her from behind.

You are treating Ursula exceptional good. You use your magic to remove any pain and discomfort that came from her deflowering. Instead, you ramp up her sexual arousal as a result of your dick. Ursula is already a girl whose body wants sex, but with your machinations, she becomes quite the dirty slut. Soon, your dick is the only thing in her world, and she’s getting to enjoy it with reckless abandon. Soon, she’s shaking her big booty and pushing back to make it go deeper.

You start to realize why some men prefer big women. Yeah, she has more cushion for the pushing. Your hands grasping those warm doughy buns is enough to prove that concept. Yeah, her booty has a satisfying jiggle, and each time you thrust your hard dick inside her, that butt ripples a bit like a slow motion explosion. You get to see the force of your dick slamming inside her along with the naughty smell and the wet, lewd noises.

It’s true her pussy, although still tight, feels so comfortable and warm. Her butt is a cushion, and you have no problem resting your dick inside it. With many of the other girls, you can only get about a half or a third of your dick in before you hit the end. At that point, you can only force it the rest of the way in causing pain or damage to the girl or be satisfied with only getting half of your dick wet.

With a bigger girl like Ursula, this isn’t a problem. Her booty is big and she’s got plenty of skin. There are about 2 inches of round, jiggly booty before you even reach her pussy, which is juicy and engorged and leads to her fatty padding all around. Suffice it to say, you can slide all ten inches inside Ursula, and she can take it all. Yeah, the last two inches are wrapped by a pair of warm buns, but Ursula’s juicy snatch had already leaked sufficiently that her butt crack is just as juicy and warm as her pussy. With your hands grabbing her butt cheeks, you can squeeze her crack together, light holding a pair of boobs you can fuck, or spread them open, releasing a waif of sex smell and slamming your dick a little deeper inside her, causing the girl herself to cry out in intense pleasure.

However, there is one other reason that makes Ursula such a fun fuck. It’s not her jiggle, her big, fat pussy that engulfs your cock, her lewd juiciness. No, it’s the fact that she tries hard to please. No offense to your harem girls, but most of them know they’re hot, and thus think they can just lie there and let you do the work. Of course, Ariel and Kida are always willing to go for a workout, and many of the girls are willing to rock their hips or try. However, most of the girls seem to take for granted that you need to cum.

When they rock their hips, it’s not to make it better sex for you, it’s to make it feel better inside them. Naturally, their active participation feels good all around. However, the intent matters too. After breaking the girls so much, they take your cock for granted, and sort of just assume you’ll get off. Yeah, their bodies are your playthings, and with your abilities, you can cum whenever you want, as much as you want. However, there is a little something lost in the translation.

That little something is effort. Ursula, despite being a fatty, seems to really want you to have a good time. She’s looking back, readjusting herself, reaching back and spreading her cheeks or squeezing them at your command. Even though you brought Ursula’s mind into a state of heighten arousal, she hasn’t become lost in mindless orgasms. Rather, she’s become lost on you, desperately wanting you to cum with her.

“Ah… ah… prince… I’m cumming, prince. I’m going to cum. Please, prince, cum with me. I want to feel you cum in me as I cum!” Ursula moans.

This is the kind of woman Ursula is. Despite being a gluttunous demon queen, she’s the kind of girl who is secretly a romantic, and even in this situation, she wants to have a co-orgasm with you. You oblige her, letting out a cry as you explode your hot cum deep inside her. You make sure to spread her butt cheeks wide, and you thrust deeply, holding it deep inside as your cock swells and explodes with cum.

“Ahhhhhnnn… I feel it! Your cum is inside! Ah! I’m cumming too. Your cum is making me cum! I love you! I love you, my prince! I love you!”

Ursula declares her love for you as she orgasms with a rich smile on her face, her entire body shaking as the pair of your cum together. Even though it’s doggy style in the middle of a hallway, Ursula still seems to feel some kind of romantic affection as a result of this sex. She’s only the second girl other than Elena to be so affectionate with sex. Tears of joy were running down her face and she was still moaning about how much she loved you. Sex and love were one and the same for her… and unlike Elena, she didn’t have any claws.

“Th-that was wonderful, my prince…” Ursula almost purs, even with her head shoved in the carpet.

“Shut up and die!” Medusa finally lets out a curse as Ursula collapse with a sexually satisfied smile and stars in her eyes.

“You bitch! How dare you act so happy in front of us!” Grimhilde adds.

“I want dick too! I want dick too! I said it twice!” Maleficant cries.

“And here’s your punishment…” You say casually, disappearing using an invisibility spell.

Ursula looks back and sees no one behind her anymore. She immediately sits up, covering herself while looking around confused. At that point, all of the bonds holding the other three women dissipate. Medusa, who had her pussy lips barely touched while she had to watch another woman have her brains fucked out lovingly. Grimhilde, who never got a sip of cum until it all got blown in this twat’s twat. Maleficant, who was made to feel insignificant while seeing this woman treated so kindly.

“AH! Sisters… this… we can talk about this!”

“Get her!” Medusa pointed while declaring in a voice that sounded like a death sentence.

“You bitch, it’s all just fat! What’s so great about fat anyway!” Maleficant shouts as she pulls Ursula’s hair.

“I’m going to eat that cum out of your pussy, you wasteful bitch!” Grimhilde forceful tries to pull her legs apart.

You walk away, leaving Ursula to her fate. Some things you just don’t say in an ero novel indeed.

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