The Power of Creation – Chapter 251

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“It was one of my spirit’s previous dying wish to be purified by a cock!” Cinderella declares.

“Why are their dying wishes becoming so oddly specific?” You curse as you pound Cinderella over a lamp table.

“Hmph! I’d rather be purified by a woman, you beast!” Belle snorts.

“Stop saying that with that pleased grin on your face!” You declare while banging Belle on a bed.

“Sweetheart, to think you would rape my pussy even though I begged you not to!” Elena cries.

“If you’re brainwashed, stop calling me sweetheart!” You growl while fucking Elena on the floor while she claws the carpet.

“For a commoner, your dick is satisfying!” Tiana sheepishly admits.

“I’m not sure how to even respond to that!” You curse while thrusting into Tiana against a wall.

“Daddy, please fall on my sword.”

“No, you fall on my sword!” you plow Merida over a couch.

“Feed me!”

“Eat this!” You gag Esmeralda while she’s on her knees.

You slowly work your way through a maze of horny women. Naturally, they’re all under Megara’s brain control, but they seem rather receptive to your machinations. As soon as you give the girls the D, they happily go about their business like they didn’t previously just try to get in your way. Naturally, you’re about done with this bullshit.

You open the door to the final room, which opens up the pathway to under the mansion cave system in Cinderella’s room. You had already taken care of Cinderella, so you are shocked when you open the door, revealing two female guards that you did not expect. Both women stand there, holding their backs and giving you a glare. The sight of them immediately sends shivers down your spine and causes you to freeze solid.

The two women in your path are of course Pocahontas and Moana. Pocahontas is a dark-skinned half-elf, while Moana is an olive-skinned Caribbean Goddess and loli lover. However, these two beautiful women have one distinct feature that is more noticeable than anything else.

“Benefactor, allow me to tie you up and punish you on Megara’s behalf!” Pocahontas declares breathily.

“Holy shit, you’re pregnant!” The only bumps bigger than her boobs are Pocahontas’ giant baby bump.

Both women are extremely pregnant. Pocahontas looks about ready to pop any moment, and standing with her is Moana, who also looks past her final term. The shirts they are wearing can no longer cover their distended bellies, which jut out the front, exposing their bellybuttons which have been forced into outies. Their boobs have also grown to enormous proportions, sagging down on their giant baby bumps. Both dark-skinned women are breathing hard and clutching their stomachs like even getting up is stressful. Why is Megara having them go against you? You immediately cure their curses and lay both your women down in a bed.

“I’m sorry ladies, I’d fuck you, but right now you look ready to pop!” You admit that if you stuck your dick in either lady, even the stressful pleasure of an orgasm would probably lead them into labor.

“You know, pregnant women get horny too!” Moana whines, “I’ve only had sex once and now I’m going to have a baby come out there, how is this fair!”

Moana cries while Pocahontas pats her head. “It’s okay, Moana, once we have the babies, we no longer need men. That’s what my tribe chief says. The father of our children clearly has more important things to do.”

You turn to leave, but once you reach the entrance to the hole, your fist tightens and you turn back. “No! I can’t leave you ladies like this!”

Pocahontas looks up. “Ah? But it’s okay, men always abandon women, it’s the nature of things.”

“Of course not!” You throw your hand. “A man who abandons his pregnant wife is no man at all!”

“Then does that mean… even though you’re a criminal, you’ll do… that… with us?” Moana asks excitedly.

You cast a spell, splitting into two men, one for each woman, “As a man, it is my responsibility to take care of my woman. Today, I’ll act like a true man!”

Sometime later…

“Ahhhn! Ahhhh… harder… harder… it feels so good!” Moana moans.

“Ah… ah… to think a man is capable of delivering such pleasure!” Pocahontas adds.

“Do it, harder, harder… ahhhn… I feel it!”

“Nnn… Nnn…”

A person comes up from the hole. By her red hair and fury tail, it could be none other Rapunzel.

“Megara wants to know what’s the holdup? Owner is taking way too long to…” Her eyes focus on the scene on the bed displayed in front of her and she lets out a yell and points. “Wh-wh-what are you doing?”

“Mm… a man’s duty!” One of you declares.

“Nnnn! Ah, a little lower! Ahn… right there!” Moana moans out.

“Y-y-y-you…” Rapunzel cries while pointing at the two pregnant women lying on the bed. “We’ve been waiting for you for the last hour to start the final four way battle and here you are… doing that to them!”

“Mmm… benefactor is truly a man of many skills.” Pocahontas cries out in pleasure.

“Hey, Rapunzel, have you found, oh my Pun! What is that?” Nala also cries out as she comes out of the hole. “You… you… you’re massaging their feet?”

The pair of you are sitting on the foot of each of two beds, with one of your pregnant lady’s feet up on each  knee as you properly rub them with fragrant oil. The girl’s feet must hurt after walking around pregnant for so long. Naturally, it’s your duty as a man to give them a proper foot rub. Of course, you infuse some magical properties too, so it’s a very pleasing rub all around.

“C-c-c-can  we get good rubs too?” Rapunzel asks, drooling.

“Mmmm… no…” You shake your head, finally finishing their feet, getting up, washing your hands, and then turning back into one person. “I’m sorry Moana and Pocahontas, I’ll make sure to rub your lower backs later. First, I have some naughty girls to punish with my penis.”

“Eh… why do they get foot rubs and we get raped by a giant penis! How is this fair?” Nala cries.

“Shh… if he gets us pregnant, maybe we can also get foot rubs too?” Rapunzel suggests mischievously.

You stare at your hands, the two hopeful women looking at you, and the two women laying back on bed, nearly asleep, with pleased looks on their faces. It’s just a foot rub, right? Why is everyone getting so bent out of shape?

Going with the flow, you laugh. “Very well, you’re right! I shall only give foot rubs to those carrying my babies!”

“Hai!” Nala turns and immediately pulls down her panties and up her skirt, putting her pussy on display.

Rapunzel is only a second behind her. “Please, make us pregnant!”

You scratch your cheek and laugh awkwardly. It seems like the final boss has become unexpectedly easy. Who knew that the way to a woman’s pussy was through her feet. You conquer the last two women in the way between you and Megara. As you wipe your dick off on Nala’s butt as she groans exhaustively, you head down into the abyss, where the woman who needs the most punishment of all is waiting.

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