The Power of Creation – Chapter 252

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You finally head down the dark tunnel leading underground. You’re not at all experiencing trauma from a certain battle to the death involving giant rodents. You’ve gotten over that since you deflowered Rapunzel. Yup. You’re just fine. What’s that? It moved! Kill it! Kill it with fire!

You release several fireballs, destroying a shadowed corner of the tunnel. The fireball is powerful, and it sends fire rocketing down both directions of the tunnel, effectively removing all threats. There is a partial cave-in, blocking off your path back to the rest of the mansion. Well, it’s not like you’re trapped even if you were under the cave in, so you’ll figure out a way back.

You also do a quick check with magic. The fireball didn’t hurt your girls. Well, Nala and Rapunzel who were kneeling at the entrance butt naked with the pussies gaping open and leaking cum may have gotten singed a bit, but they’re not in any danger. You put the problems beside you and focus on working the rest of the way down the tunnel.

The tunnel lets out into a large room. It looks to be some kind of underground ritual chamber. It’s not that surprising. The previous resident was some kind of creepy Necromancer who tortured and enslaved women. Him having some kind of underground hidden lair where he performed his darkest rituals seems within expectations. As to why you never found this place before, it certainly has nothing to do with a certain aversion to rodents!

A fancy chair is put up at the end of the room like a throne, and sitting on that chair is none other than Megara. She is dressed up. She seems to have gone total demon lord, with blacks and reds, hair that is put up, and even dark makeup. She actually looks kind of sexy sitting on that throne. Well, sexy or not, Megara has given you substantial trouble, and thus she needs to be punished.

“Hello, Meg.”

Megara gives a slight smile. “It’s been a while. To think you’d leave your childhood friend waiting for so long!”

“Why did you do this, Megara? For attention?” you ask with a frown.

“Attention?” Megara taps her lips. “Hmm… I wonder?”

“Well, it’s not like I really care.” You shrug. “Either way, I’ll punish you just the same.”

Megara let out a laugh. “Yoouuuu think you have this all fiiiigured out, don’t you! You’re not the only hero from another wooooorld, you know? Did you even ever wonder what my special ability was as a hero? We aaaaalllll have them, but you never even cared!”

“Mind control.” You mutter.

Megara nods excitedly. “Biiiiingo! It was my mind control that allowed that slug creature to take control of Maleficant’s army. That was the extent of his use for meeeee. However, what hero’s ability isn’t overpowered… he didn’t know exactly how powerful Iiiii was.”

“And how powerful are you?” You ask, continuing to step forward towards her.

Megara’s expression turned sad for a moment, “Too powerful… I… don’t just control minds. I read them. I know what everyone is thinking… always. I can see the past… and the future. You could call my power the power of an oracle. I see all of time and space.”

“What’s wrong with that?” You shrug, even though your mind is cursing over how insanely powerful that is.

“Unlike you, I can’t shut it off. I hear… every mind… every where… everyone is thinking about… you…”

You laugh. “Well, of course, I’m pretty great! I should be on a lot of people’s minds.”

Megara shakes her head. “No… not that… it’s like… you’re the center of everything. This entire world. No… this entire universe. It’s all built… around you.”

“I’m not sure what you mean.”

“Let’s go!” Megara stands up suddenly.


“Let’s leave.”

“The mansion?”

“No, everything. The mansion… the universe. Reality. Let’s just go to a place for you and for me. A place where can be together. I-I know you don’t always like me very much. I know the truth about my origins… I’ve always known. I know I’m not really your childhood…” Tears began to fall down Megara’s face. “I don’t want to lose youuuu. The end is coming. I see it coming, and I don’t want to be left behind. I don’t just want to be another name on your harem list, do you understand?”

“Megara…” You’re helpless on how to respond.

“Of course you don’t understand. You can’t understand…” Megara’s eyes tighten. “You will, in the end, but then it will all be too late.”

“I…” You’re put back a little, the emotions on Megara’s face catching you completely off guard.

The once playful and childish Megara has been replaced by a woman who looks desperate. Her eyes look at your pleadingly. It’s as if her very existence is dependent on your answer. You don’t understand most of what she’s said, but she looks like she desperately needs you right now. Your previous anger and desire for revenge has diminished somewhat.

“Make… love to me.” Megara suddenly raises her eyes.


“No rape. No hard thrusting, pussy slapping, smelly wet sex. Just please… push me down on the bed, and be inside me. I want you to make love to me. Please! I just want to once… once have the feelings of love, even if they’re not real, humor me. Even if your attraction to me is only skin deep, tell me you love me. Even if it’s a lie…” Her voice finally breaks, her face lowering once again.

You walk the rest of the way up to Megara until you’re standing right in front of her, but she doesn’t lift her head. Slowly, you reach down and touch her chin, slowly bringing her face up until she’s forced to meet your eyes.

“Megara, every single girl in this mansion is mine. I love all of you. I don’t know what brought this on, but I’m going to say this once, so listen up. Megara… I love you.”

“Oh…” Megara’s voice came out cracked, but tears still fell freely down her cheeks.

You grab Megara, pulling her to a bed you magically creating. You push her down, and begin to take her completely.

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