The Power of Creation – Chapter 253

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Your tongue explores Megara’s mouth, her moaning softly as you push her down on the plush, soft bed. Her little pink tongue darts in and out of your mouth hesitantly, almost shyly. Her face grows flush against her very pale skin. Her slanted eyes squeeze shut, and she hesitantly holds onto your body on top of her.

“Mmmnnn…” Megara moans as you finally pull away from her, breaking off the kiss.

A strain of saliva connects your mouths and Megara looks up at you adoringly. Her eyes are so full of need and desire, that you no longer seem to care about the mess she had previously caused. Or maybe, since she can mind control people, she’s mind controlling you to want her more. Naturally, you have complete confidence in yourself, and doubt Megara’s capacity to do this. Thus, the pink scene you’re sharing with her is completely your own, and not something she manipulated.

The look in her eyes is no lie. She can’t hide the affection, the love, and the most of all, the fear that you’d turn away from her. You still don’t understand why she did this, but you realize it doesn’t really matter. You reach down and start to untie her dress. She’s still wearing the Kimono that she always seems to wear, and it only takes a single tug to undo the bow, causing the flaps to fall to the side like your opening a present.

That present is Megara’s pale and fragile body. Despite her being a typically loud and obnoxious girl, at this moment she looks more fragile and innocent than anyone else in the harem. It’s almost like her previous behavior and attitude was merely a front she built up to protect herself. She was summoned to this world from your own and immediately turned into the puppet of a slug monster who wished to summon some Dark God.

She was made to do many dark things without ever being able to control her own body. The slug itself likely didn’t know the extent of her powers, or perhaps some of her powers were locked away and out of his reach. Either way, upon being freed and subsequently fucked by you, it was only then that she began to see the world and her place with it. It had to be a difficult thing, something that she tried to cope with my tying herself to you. Of course, given the fact that she was only like 15th in the line of harem girls, she never managed to obtain her own identity within your group.

You lightly stroke Megara’s cheek as she blushes. “You’re beautiful.”

It isn’t a lie, but it’s something every girl wants to hear. Megara needed to hear it more than most.

“I want you inside me…” Megara moans lightly.

Your hands slowly wander up and down her body. You caress her modest boobs, making sure to squeeze them lightly as your hands float over them. Megara lets out a slight whimper as she keeps her eyes closed, enjoying your light touch.

Megara’s body slowly builds up into a fevered frenzy as Megara begins to beg you to put yourself inside her. It was clear that Megara wanted you to feel her… to possess her… to mount her while telling her over and over again just how much you needed her. Her eyes told you she desperately wants your throbbing member deep inside her wet folds.

Your hands slowly find their way to Megara’s clit. As soon as your fingers trace around them, this elicits another moan from her wanting lips. Megara’s expression is incredibly adorable. It’s so full of want and desire that it’s almost unbearable. You just want to jump on top and put yourself in her, as her eyes beg you to do every second. However, you resist, continuing to tease the poor girl. You can feel Megara’s wetness gush, a sensation that only you could deliver. You start to mercilessly finger Megara, taking her to a point of no return, and then pushing her over the edge.

“Ahn… please… your cock… I need it!” Megara begs pleafully, starting to cry as her body is pushed past the limits.

You adjust your position so you’re directly over her, taking out your cock and positioning it for instant and maximum penetration. Your eyes fall into Megara’s deep, dark pupils, and she gives you an affirmative nod. You could tell by the tenseness of her body that she was barely restraining throwing herself at you and forcing your cock into her.  The feel of you pushing into Megara wet folds is none like any other.

You grip tightly onto Megara’s hips as Megara’s legs wrap tightly around you. The pair of you work together, aiding each other in forcing your cock to penetrate her deeper and deeper. Positioning Megara over the side of the bed, you push as deeply into her as you can. Each thrust is matched with Megara pushing her hips back to you.

In any other situation, you’d merely take charge. You’d push her to the ground and then pound away until she cums a dozen times. The interaction was much different. It was give and take. It was a movement between lovers. It was a negotiation between equals. It was a clash between heroes. You join hip and body with Megara, feeling her body as she felt yours, the pair of you working as one unit to deliver the maximum degree of pleasure for both of you.

“Ahnnn… I love you…” Megara moans out.

“I love you too, Megara.” You say, gently kissing her as you continue to rock against each other.

“More… ahn… tell me…” Megara begs.

“I want all of you, Megara.”

“Ahnn… I’m cumming. You’re pumping and pushing,” Megara whines. “You’re making me cum with your love!”

She feels a special throbbing down below, and that lightheadedness signals Megara completion. With practiced ease, you feel Megara cues and know Megara signals. While Megara could read minds and see everything, naturally, you could do the same if you wanted to. Thus, you knew exactly what Megara wanted. You were two psychics, who knew everything about each other’s bodies, and were choosing every step, every word, and every action to amplify your own sexual satisfaction!

Your thrusts reach a crescendo as the pair of your rock against each other, touching each other exactly how you want to be touched, feeling each other exactly how you want to be felt. Naturally, you reach your limit. The thrill of completion explodes through the pair of you simultaneously. Megara prepares for you to cum just as you prepare for her finale.

“Aaaahnnnn… Iiiii llooooooovveeeee youuuuu!” Megara cries out in delight, her entire body shaking as she clings to yours graciously.

When you finally finish, Megara remains lying in your arms as you gently stroke her hair. She looks completely satisfied, having finally had her emotional needs met by the only man for her.

“Are you happy now?” You ask cautiously.

“You’re my best friend and my lover.”  Megara purs, why squeezing you in a hug. “How could I not feel blessed. Even though the future is the future, I’ll take my happiness now!”

You smile and kiss her a few more times while the pair of you lie naked in the room. She gives you one last glowing smile and looks you in the face.

“I just have one question…” Megara asks sweetly.

“What’s that, my beautiful Megara?” You ask back.

“Do… you smell smoke?”


You cast some magic, looking at the area outside the room. The fireball you had cast earlier had apparently ignited a curtain. The curtain erupted in flames and then spread. All of the girls had managed to escape the flames… but as you fucked Megara in this underground layer… your mansion is currently burning to the ground.

“Oh…. fuck!”

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