The Power of Creation – Chapter 258

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Bam! Bam!

Two harpies got sprayed in the face, causing them to suddenly plummet down to the Earth below. “Nnnnaaaa!!!”

“Do-do they have to make those moaning noises when they get hit?”  Elena asks, blushing.

“There is another, five o clock!” Ariel calls out, pointing, very enthusiastically aiding you.

You aim your dick in that direction. A harpy just manages to jump onto the deck. With a blast of force, white stuff strikes the harpy. As white stuff rolls down its smooth luscious skin, it lets out a moan. Its hands grab its nipples and twists them. You crank up the force, shooting another wad of baby batter. This time, it’s enough force to knock the harpy off the side of the ship. It moans orgasmically as it plummets to its death.

“Why do they twist their nipples, doesn’t that hurt?” Jasmine asks, walking up from the lower deck.

“J-Jasmine! Wh-what are you doing out here?” Elena cries.

“Eh? Everyone is making a commotion. I wanted to show Savior my swimsuit, what do you think?”

Jasmine is wearing a single piece navy blue swimsuit which had a white bar on the front. As to where she found this thing, no one could guess, but it was the titular example of a Japanese school swim suit. With her twitching cat ears and swishing tail, she looked the picture of innocence. The weabo Megara and the tiny-con Moana are naturally the most affected.

“So-so cute!” Megara cries.

“I want to eat her up!” Moana adds.

However, Jasmine ignores them and is more focused on you and the commotion at the front of the ship. “What’s savior have in his hand? He seems to be aiming it at naked women and white stuff is coming out. I want to see! What’s going?”

“No!” Elena, Aurora, Merida all shout at the same time, racing to block her view.

“Why are you guys blocking! I want to look! They’re making funny noises. What are they doing? What is savior doing? Why are they twisting their nipples?”

“I don’t know!” Elena cries, trying to cover Jasmine’s eyes. “They must enjoy pain! Never let anyone touch your nipples.”

“I-it doesn’t always hurt…” Merida suddenly speaks up, before blushing. “If you touch them the right way.”

“Eh?” Elena declares. “It always hurts. Nipples aren’t meant to be pulled and twisted like that!”

Aurora gives a small smile. “Well, it can hurt, but it can feel really good too. H-has hero-san not given you nipples attention?”

“What? No… nipples? He’s never touched them, if they really felt good, why would he-“ Elena’s eyes suddenly fall flatly on Merida and Aurora’s chests, losing their light. “Oh…”

“What’s going on? Does savior play with nipples too? Come on, let me see!” Jasmine was still struggling as the other women blocked her vision.

“I-it’s probably just a coincidence…” Aurora looks away innocently.

“M-maybe it doesn’t feel good if you don’t have big boobs?” Merida ponders.

Elena looks back and forth between the two women teary eyed before glaring at you, still taking pot shots at harpies. “Sweetheart! Wh-why have you never played with my nipples!”

“Eh, what?” You turn, but just as you turn you forget to turn off the hose.




As you turn, a spray of white rockets across the ship and slams into three unsuspecting women. By the time you think to shut off the drip, there are three cum-drenched woman standing there with white stuff dripping down their bodies. It was a rather impressive load for a shot fifty feet away.

“You-you!” Aurora glares, her dignity completely soiled by her soiled body.

“Daddy…” Merida lifts up her hand, white stuff dripping everywhere she tries to wipe.

“I’m all dirty…” Elena cries tearfully.

“Wh-what’s this?” Jasmine asks.

It was then that the three women split, a forth girl is on the floor. The little cat girl in her bathing suit is covered from head to toe in white stuff. She is looking at some white stuff on the back of her hand. She raises it up to her face and sniffs, then she stickd her tongue out to lick it like a cat licking it’s paw.

“No!” Everyone shouts at once.

“H-h-hero-san! What have you done?” Aurora accuses.

All the women turned to you, your dick still hanging out an on display for the little girl covered in white.

“I… have no excuse.” You look down.

Moana walks up hesitantly. “I… you’re the father of my children. I knew you’re a criminal, but I failed to arrest you. In a way, I’m as guilty as you are.”

Since Moana became pregnant, her feelings towards your tiny ways were more tolerant, and this was her attempt to comfort you.

“That’s… not helping…” You sigh.

“I don’t get it? What’s wrong? Why is the mood so heavy?” Jasmine asks, “Oo… it’s gushy and warm… hehehe.”

Jasmine splashes innocently in the white stuff.

“She’s so innocent! It’s adorable!” Megara cries.

“To think… hero-san would do that to her…” Merida couldn’t bear to look any longer.

“Wait! We can work with this!” You declare. “She doesn’t know, so her innocence as been maintained! Quick, Moana take her back down and clean her off!”

Moana’s eyes turn to stars. “With pleasure!”


“Eh? Savior?” Jasmine snaps to attention.

“You just got hit with magical unicorn cream from the… eh… magical land of um… spooge! I’m using the unicorn cream to fight the evil… naked… um… sluts. You must wash it off you immediately or you may end up turning into a slut yourself. Only sluts get the cream! And It’s coming from my crotch because… um… I shoot from the hip?”

Jasmine’s eyes brighten. “Re-really? Savior is saving us again! I certainly won’t become no slut!”

Everyone let’s out a breath of relief as Jasmine stands and pumps her hand, unbelievably accepting your blatant lies with the blind innocence of a child. You turn back away, wiping the cold sweat from your face as you start to fight the next wave of harpies. Meanwhile, Moana takes Jasmine away to wash her in milk, the only available cleaning solution, even if it felt like fighting fire with fire. The other girls follow behind, also needing a milk bath.

“You guys all know I’ve walked in on you all having sex hundreds of times. I’ve lost my innocence a long time ago and am just waiting for him to take my virginity. I’m well aware I saw Savior’s penis and now I’m covered in his semen, right?” Jasmine suddenly mentions out of the blue, tapping her lip. “Now that I’ve received a cumshot, I wonder how long until he just fucks me already?”


It turned out it wasn’t Jasmine who was being naïve… but everyone else.

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