The Power of Creation – Chapter 259

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“Nyaaa!” The last harpy falls from the sky while making an erotic victory sign, its face covered in white spooge and a grin on its face.

Ariel runs to you on the deck, only slipping two or three times on the various cum piles that have covered the entire ship. It looks like winter, except the white stuff isn’t snow.

“There are even more of them coming from behind!” She warns.

“Damn it!” You curse, “They just keep coming! Will it never end?”

Grimhilde, who had been pouting below with the other demon lords for the last three hours during this battle finally made her way on deck. She carefully avoided the cum as she made her way over with her dress up in her hands, although her eyes were saying that she wanted to leap into the cum and make cumangels. There was no ending her addiction now.

“My love, you’re fighting… harpies?” Grimhilde’s eyes flash. “Don’t tell me you’ve been using your sperm, have you?”

“Yeah, well, the girls didn’t want to use the milk?” You sigh.

Grimhilde shook her head in agitation. “No, no… that’s not it. Harpies are a really strange creature! They’re sirens of the air, but the way they reproduce is by… coming in contact with male seed.”

“Say what now?”

“Their skin absorbs cum! They use that to become pregnant! That’s why they make erotic sounds when you shoot them. You’ve been giving them an all they can eat breeding frenzy!”

“B-but they fall!” You gasp. “I’ve been impregnating and murdering pregnant harpies!”

“No, hero, as soon as they become pregnant, they go into a cocooned state. By the time they reach the ground, they’re already incased in a protective barrier. After about 30 minutes, the casing breaks open, and five or six new harpies emerge! Please, hero, tell me! How many harpies have you blasted with your cum?”

“Oh… I don’t know…” You count on your fingers. “50-60…”

Grimhilde breathes in relief. “Oh, that’s not too bad.”


“What!? Did you say 50,000?”

“Well, they keep coming!”

“That’s because so do you!” Grimhilde cries out, “We’re doomed! That’s like a quarter million harpies! Do you know what they’ll do? Even with their obvious weakness they could wipe out half the world!”

“So… you’re saying don’t cum on them…”

“My love! You’re very cute some of the time and with all this cum around me I feel like I’m floating in heaven, but please take this seriously!”

“The only other liquid we have is milk…” You sigh.

“Then use the damn milk!”

“Hey, criminal, we’re out of milk!” Moana shouts. “A dirty Jasmine needed extra cleaning, Geheheheh…”

“You, stop touching my little sister that way, you creep!” Elena shouts followed by a slapping sound.

“Hey, you don’t understand, I’m pro-tiny!”

“That’s the problem!”

You ignore the fighting coming from the door and turn back to Grimhilde. “No milk.”

Grimhilde sniffs. “Well, you’re going to have to come up with something.”

You lower your head with a nod of acceptance. “I understand. Grimhilde, I’m going to need your help. You… and all the other girls.”

Grimhilde grins. “Finally, you put trust in us demon lords. It’s about time.”

A few moments later.

“Ahhhh! You bastard! This isn’t what I had in mind!” Grimhilde screams from the side of the ship.

“This is so naughty!” Medusa muses. “I could never be so lustful as to think of this.”

“Release this great one! She can’t stand for this humiliation.” Mulan cries.

“As expected of Warrior… hah hah hah…” Snow White has a dirty look on her face. “Turning even battle into a way to embarrass me.”

“If this is what is required to fight, I will do my best as Rookie commands.” Kida mutters, but her eyes are closed and she seems to be trying to abandon her brain.

There is a low buzzing noise sounding out throughout the ship. Along the sides of the ship are each woman, laid out over the edge like you had once taken Tiana, except it isn’t their head hanging off the edge, but their pussy. Their bodies are in contraptions that looks a bit like human-sized crossbow without the string, their legs are tied up and spread into V’s, baring their pussies to the outside of the ship.

There also appears to be an apparatus on their pussies, a small thing touches their clit, vibrating vigorously, while a dildo on a hinge is ramming them erotically. In essence, over twenty harem girls are strapped along the sides of the ship with their pussies lined up like canons. This is the ultimate in aerial warfare, the newly designed pussy canon!

Only two girls have been spared. The first is Jasmine, who has been regulated to drink duty. She runs around, giving the girls water to drink. You, of course, are able to summon some glasses of water to keep your women hydrated. You aren’t cruel, after all. As to why you didn’t just summon water to wash out the harpy menace. That’s a good question with a very logical answer.

The second girl who was spared is actually Ariel, who is standing…

“You’re seriously not going to explain it!” Mulan cries out.

Ariel is standing by you. In front of her is some kind of computerized control panel. You’re showing her how to use it.

“Sigh… they’re really not…” Grimhilde reserved herself for being used as a pussy canon, at least when this was all over she could lick the deck clean to cheer herself up.

“Oh… what’s this button do?” Ariel touches a button.

“Aiiiii!” Nala screams out, a second later a burst of squirted lust shoots out fifty feet from the ship, a spray of it being caught in the wind like seamist or a dolphin blow while the rest falls harmlessly down.

You nod. “The girls are all hooked up to devices that stimulate them sexually. Using a technique I developed, they are denied orgasms until you flip the switch. Then, all their sexual lust comes out at once and they shoot. Of course, I’ve amplified the effect with magic several times, so they’re squirting is top notch.”

“Ooo… can I be strapped to one?” Ariel asks excitedly.

“Maybe later, for now, I need you to man the canons. You’re going to be fighting off the harpies. You got to launch just as a harpy comes nearby. The girls don’t have my surefire aim, so when they pop, it’s more like a shotgun blast with lady mist, so you should be able to hit any harpy within fifty meters. Remember that once you shoot a pussy canon, it’s gonna take her a few minutes to recover. I’ve sped things up again, so these bitches will be squirting like crazy, but try not to overuse any pussy.”

“Yes, hero…” Ariel nods excitedly.

“Alright, first mate Ariel, are you ready to make two dozen women squirt buckets?” You ask.

Ariel salutes. “Yes, Captain Hero! I was born for this!”

“I’ll take the helm, fire on my mark!”

You leap behind the wheel and start turning he ship, readying to head back into the countless waves of harpies approaching.

“P-prince… please… you don’t have to do this, this is crazy!” Ursula shouts out in one last desperate attempt.

“Sorry, no time to back out now!” You spin the wheel turning the ship just as a wave of harpies descend.

The shot is perfect, ten some pussies aimed at about fifteen attacking naked women, you mean harpies.

“First mate Ariel! Fire the pussy canons, Starboard side!”


“Mmmmm… oooo. Fuck!

“It’s coming out!”

“Ah, I can’t hold it in!”


A moment later, ten vaginas erupt in a spray of pussy juice. It smacks into the harpies like a wave. Instead of making cute moaning noises, they howl in anguish as they collapse from the sky, likely falling to their deaths for real this time. A musky feminine scent fills the air, female mist drifting over the ship like gunsmoke. You hear gasping and moaning as the ten women set off recover.

“Good!” You shout, seeing the first wave defeated. “Only 250,000 to go!”

Twenty-four women start to weep.

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