The Power of Creation – Chapter 260

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“Fire!” You shout.


“Glaaaaa…” Foam is dripping out of the side of Grimhilde’s mouth.

“Eeeeee…” Megara moans wordlessly in despair.

“Captain Hero! The Pussy Canons have dried up!” Ariel declares.

Your fists tighten on the wheel. “And to think, we were so close.”

“Actually, we got all of the little harpies. The remaining survivors ran away.” Ariel explains.

“Little harpies? What does that mean?”

Ariel points behind the ship, and you look to see one massive harpy left. You blink a few times as your eyes adjust to its size. It’s a massive naked woman. Calling her massive isn’t saying she’s like the giantess Kida. Rather, she’s even larger than Mushu or Mulan when they’re in dragon forms. Her tits, while only about the D’s on a regular woman, are about the size of the entire airship each. Your mouth falls open.

“That’s one big bitch!” You shout.

“Daaaaamnnn you… huuumaaaaans.” Her voice cries out, but it sounded like talking was not natural for her. “I KIIIILLLLL ALLL Huuumaaaans.”

“The harpy queen likely doesn’t have the same weaknesses as her spawn!” Ariel declares. “A little water won’t bring her down.

“Well, yeah, even if it knocks her to the ground, she’s barely flying as is!” You cry out.

Although the harpy queen has wings, they barely can get it off the ground. That’s to say it is flying fifty meters off the ground, but when you compare it to her over all size, if she suddenly lost flight the subsequent fall would be the equivalent of jumping down from a playground set, hardly a fall to the death. However, the harpy queen was a beautiful creature, just like all of her minions. Each flap of the wings caused the hill sized breasts to bounce up and down. The slapping of her tits as they came down her chest were sufficient to create a thunderous clap each time she flaps towards them.

“There is only one way this is going to end.” You sigh.

“Hero?” Ariel asks.

“I’m going to go fight it, and buy you all time to escape.”

“Fight? Isn’t that the wrong “f” word?” Ariel muses.

“…” You sigh. “Sometimes, I think you know me too well.”

Activating a flying spell, you take off from the side of the airship, heading toward the massive monster.

“Gigapenis, activate!” Your pants explode off of you as a massive thing appears in front of the harpy queen.

It stops racing forward, noticing a massive object blocking its path. It looks curiously down at it.

“Whaaaats daaaat?” The giant looks down at the massive thing jutting from your small flying form, so complete oversized that from a distance it just looks like a giant floating cock and balls.

“Your defeat!” You declare proudly.

You turn and spin, sending the cock into a side sweep as the harpy bends over to examine your junk. It hits the side of the harpy’s face with a clap. Although the harpy is the size of a small mountain, the dick comparatively is still larger. This is a dick that fucks planets. It’s still the length of the Harpies arm and as thick as half of her head. Being struck by that hard-massive thing immediately knocked the lights out of the already barely sentient monster queen.

It falls to the ground, stumbles and then trips over a small hill. As luck would have it, it lands on its knees, with its butt up in the air. The harpy immediately tries to bring itself back up, pushing with its arms. Before it can do so, you charge penis first. Your gigadick impales her, remarkably sliding into the path of least resistance, her giant pussy! As a siren-like species that depends on seducing humans and other monsters, harvesting their cum for babies, and then eating the rest… this massive harpy is as built for sex as all the little ones.

Although the vaginal hole isn’t a real sex organ for the harpy, the harpy naturally evolved to take the phallus of a large variety of monsters. Despite their small bodies, a harpy could survive bring impaled by a giant’s cock. The inside womb being replaced with a massive gooey pouch that can expand up to their chest and tighten at will. Unlike your other girls, this is a bitch that can take even the gigadick! You let out a moan as it slides all the way in. To your shock, you find yourself only a few meters away from a massive gaping maw surrounded by pussy lips, currently filled with your dick. Had the harpy queen just been a little larger, you might have ended up going inside!

The sensation of 99.999% of your body mass being squeezed inside this tight pussy is indescribable. It is completely unlike the skyhole, which only was only a tight ring or pressure that ran up and down your gigadick. Of course, with the dick shoved into the harpy down to her chest, it also served to pin her down to the ground.

“Naaaaa….. sooooo ffuuuuulll” The harpy lets out an orgasmic cry, enjoying the filling of having it’s vaginal pouch filled to the brim, the stretching feeling being an experience harpies rarely feel with their universal pussies.

Still, harpy’s have pussies designed to please the male fucking them. In a normal feeding, a harpy would swoop down while the entranced male whips out his dick. She mounts him and gives him intense pleasure before biting and eating him alive while still fucking him. If she was lucky, he’d cum, which would result in her cocooning and forming more creatures.

However, you had knocked this big bitch over with your cock before sliding it from behind. This was a disadvantageous position for the harpy queen. With her face shoved into the ground, she had no choice but to take it as you used your whole body to slide in and out of her. Naturally, as a flying little person at the end of a massive gigapenis, this is performed magically and you don’t feel any discomfort. From Ariel’s distance, it only looks like a giant winged harpy bent over a hill moaning as a disembodied massive dick pounds her cunnie.

“Ahhnnn… gooooooddd….. c-c-cuummmmming!”

Harpy lust bursts forth from the pussy lips as your dick pounds in roughly. You stop short of going the last few meters, letting out a breath of relief. Only a few feet in front of you is essentially a waterfall of gooey pussy juice. If the pussy canons smelled pungent before, this smelled like dunking your head in a barrel of sex! Had this harpy queen been more of a squirter, you might have been washed away by the torrent of lady cum. You narrowly avoided become drenched in pussy!

“I’m cumming!” You declare, reaching your limit in the given situation.

“Yyeeeeesss…. Ccuuuuum!” The beast howls.

Of course, you have no intention of impregnating a queen and making more queens. Harpy’s grew by fucking and eating humanoid creatures. If they got the seed, they’d cocoon and multiply. Then, they would eat again. Basically, as they grew bigger and bigger, there drive to procreate would increase. They’d be less inclined to eat and more inclined to fuck. So young harpies might eat a victim only a few seconds into the sex process, giving the man no time to cum, while a full developed harpy might go for ten minutes before eating, hopefully given the helpless man time to deliver her seed before she eats him and cocoons. A harpy queen forms when a harpy never manages to get a man to cum.

Basically, this harpy had a series of bad luck, fucking men who were afraid or cum shy, and thus it ate without ever going through a division. As it grew, it became too scary for men to want to mate with it, and eventually, it got too big to mate entirely. Thus, this queen harpy grew out of eating countless wayward travelers, while never getting to procreate like the other harpys. As to how long it took to get that size and how many men it had to eat, that’d be anyone’s guess. At its current size, however, if it did cocoon, it’s offshoots would undoubtedly already be large enough to be considered queens of their own right.

Of course, you consider this into your calculations, and come inside the creature anyway. The harpy queen moans orgasmically as it feels itself being filled with man-cum for the first time in its many years of life. Finally, this queen would fulfill its duty and be able to procreate. This was the happiest day of its life. You keep pumping it full of cum, the creature waiting to cocoon once you stop filling it up. A bright smile glistens its face, and you have to avoid another torrent of pussy waterfall.

You’d been listening to your own women orgasm for the last six hours without doing anything, so you have a lot of built up stress. This almost mindless queen is just the ticket. The last time your gigapenis came, it created a tsunami large enough to create its own spinoff franchise. Of course, you limited the amount of cum this time, but even 1/100th that amount would be more than a single creature could contain.

With your dick as the cork, you kept cumming and cumming. The queen roars and squirms as more and more hot sticky white stuff is pumped into it. It’s pouch which could store literally tons of cum quickly filled to the brim. The more cum inside it, the more pleasure it felt. With this much cum, it could divide 100 times, no, a thousand times. In the blink of an eye, the entire army you painfully destroyed could be renewed by this single queen. Still, more cum raced forth. Your cock injects it so deeply and blocks the only exit, so the cum has no place to escape. Soon, the harpy queen starts to swell up, the cum exceeding the capacity of the pouch. Cum starts to leak out its mouth, its ears, its eyes.

It’d be a gruesome sight, except the harpy feels no pain, only the most wonderful pleasure it has ever felt in its life. Harpies are designed to feel pleasure upon contact with semen, and the more semen, the more pleasure. with the amount pumped into this poor creature, she was feeling an orgasm a hundred thousand times more powerful than anything her sisters got to feel. Even if death immediately followed, the nearly mindless creature didn’t care, it was in perpetual bliss.

“Aiiiiiii…. Thhhhhheeeeeee beeeeeeestttt…. Iiiii Looooovvveee smmmmaaaaaalllll huuuummmaaan!”

Just as it manages to get that out, the overflow capacity is reached and broken. The harpy explodes in a violent eruption like a popped balloon. From the airship, as Ariel unstraps all the shivering and partially unconscious women, she sees a giant white mushroom cloud. A few moments later, something warm splashes on her cheek. She reaches up and touches it, it’s white sticky stuff she is very familiar with. More of it starts falling down until it turns into a downpour.

Naturally, it is cum. The cumfall rains down for about thirty minutes until if finally stops. By the time it’s done, as far as the eye could reach looks like it has been covered in foam or perhaps snow. You inadvertently impregnated ten women in nearby villages during the subsequent cumstorms, but you wouldn’t learn about those baby mommas until much later.

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