The Power of Creation – Chapter 261

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“My man can’t even satisfy me anymore.” The darkelf sighs.

“Hah? You still complaining about that? Don’t you know all men have small dicks and barely can satisfy? The Matriarch says that it is because men are so weak and pathetic that they became that way,” her companion responds.

“Still, I wear the strapon and fuck his ass… and he acts like he doesn’t even like being pegged!”

“Hmmm… have you tried using a whip on him?”

“A whip… nipple clamps, I even did what the Matriarch suggested and stepped on his balls. He cried in a corner and then ran to his male friend’s house. I think my man is broken.”

The other woman nods thoughtfully. “This may be true. My man always gets hard when I stick it in his butt. His little pecker is so cute, sticking out an inch like it wants something. Sometimes, I flick it with a ruler. Once while we were going at it… he even leaked some white stuff.”

“White stuff? Are you sure he didn’t have an infection?”

The woman shrugs. “I don’t know, I made him eat it all and clean the mess with his tongue. Maybe it’s because of that white stuff comes out that he can’t get me pregnant!”

“Possibly… but then again, how many pregnant women have there been? If we dark elves didn’t have extremely long lives, we’d be extinct by now. There hasn’t been a new baby in 50 years! Do you think… maybe… the Matriarch has something wrong…” The darkelf suggests quietly.

“Blasphemy! Sister, make sure the rest don’t hear this talk. Our Matriarch is a hero. Before she came, female dark elves were captured by humans and demons and used as sex slaves while the men did nothing but fight back to their deaths! She managed to trade back and recover all of our women, not that the men ever did anything to help but die in battle a sell themselves for tedious lives working in mines! I say, good riddance. What do men ever do but die for our freedom/life? A man gives his life in service to you and suddenly thinks you owe him respect and courtesy? As if!”

“That’s what I’m saying, isn’t the men fighting to save women sort of… I don’t know… heroic?”

“No! It’s just because male lives are useless and expendable! Matriarch says they used to use that excuse to oppress women. so now, they can fight in battles and do all the heavy lifting and hard work and get nothing in return, as it should be! It’s all they’re good for anyway. Besides, after Matriarch’s policies went into effect, most human, demi-human, and demon men won’t even look a darkelf woman in the eyes. Clearly, the policy works. Men truly are learning their proper place.”

“I heard from some outsider women though, that men can actually use that small thing in the front and give the women pleasure?”

The darkelf looks over at her friend in disbelief and shakes her head. Every once in a while all darkelves start having these kinds of ‘what if’ thoughts. The truth is, other than the fact that there are no babies, the system works. Besides, the Matriarch has sent her best student, Pocahontas, away a year ago to solve this pregnancy problem. The darkelf has full confidence in the Matriarch as well as the one the Matriarch chose. She will return and fix their problem.

“It’s too small… and floppy.” The darkelf sighs, trying to stop her friend from thinking more blasphemous thoughts. “Just face it, even if there was a man out there who had a thing large enough, wouldn’t it hurt going in? Don’t you remember Nakoma? She decided to stick one of the stapons in her and she said it bled and hurt really bad!”

“Yeah… but then didn’t she start using it daily and having her husband wear it and peg her… but in the other hole that isn’t her ass?”

“Until Matriarch punished both of them,” the dark elf explains like she’s speaking to a child. “Now they wear those painful looking chastity belts with the teeth. Remember what she said, dildos are for male asses, one must never stick it in a ladies parts, that’s not what they’re there for.”

“What is it there for?”

“Haha, that’s where the baby comes out…” the darkelf shakes her head at the dumbness of some youth. “Just don’t keep taking this way unless you want have to wear leather gloves just to wipe.”

The other elf shivered, looking afraid for a moment. The darkelf gave a relieved breath, hoping that putting a little fear in her friend would keep her from asking too many questions. Asking questions was what dumb people did. A lot of the darkelf men had been asking questions lately, but that’s because men are dumb. The whippings naturally had to increase until the male unrest ended.

“What about our beach resort?’ The other darkelf gave one last attempt to argue. “It’s failing now. We’re guarding the dock for any travelers, but we haven’t had someone visit BDSM beach in ten years. The economy of the dark elf village is failing. I seem to remember men and women there, and the human women didn’t look down on or hit the human men.”

“Humans are weird.” The darkelf explains. “And besides, we’re just getting out of the resort trade. We have other manufactured goods the Matriach is starting to sell to help recover our economy.”

“Like what?”

“Surplus whips and chains.”

“Isn’t it weird that we have a surplus of those?”

The darkelf gave an aggravated sigh, finally having enough of her friend’s quandaries. “Look, you’re my friend, so I’ve entertained your conversation, but you mustn’t keep this up or you’ll end up worse off than the men! We do what we do because it works. Things aren’t going to change. We’re not going to stop beating and pegging men, and the birth rates aren’t going to recover, as assuredly as this beach resort is never going to see another outsider-“


A large blast of a horn immediately causes the two darkelves to turn out to sea in surprise. Through the rolling fog, a ship suddenly comes into view. It is an odd looking ship, mostly because it is moving despite not having any sails or oars. It seems to be pushed by magic. As it gets closer, the expression on the girls grew incredulous. The ship looks dilapidated. It looks like it has been through a war. It is covered in burns, stains, and various other damage.

“Th-that looks like the stuff my husband released I was telling you about.” The darkelf mutters in surprise.

The entire deck is covered in this congealed white gel. It is like the ship has run head first into a giant white slime, which proceeded to burst all over the deck. The ship pulls up, and a platform is put down. Almost immediately, non-darkelf women begin walking off the ship. Their conditions are dreadful. They stumble down like zombies, as if their legs don’t quite work right. Occasionally, one of them will spasm, grab between her legs, and let out a cute moan. Did she need to pee? The dark elves don’t understand.

The women each look distraught. Their skin is milky smooth, but their clothing is hard and wrinkled in strange positions. Their hair is stuck in strange positions like they had put on hair gel and forgot to comb. They have bags under their eyes, and they look completely haggard.

“Six hours… he did it for six hours. I thought I was going to die…” a red-headed flat-chested girl says tearfully.

A big-breasted woman that looks like her sister pats her head, not taking any liberties, clearly as distressed as her sister.

The first one to reach the bottom in front of the two dock guards was a demon woman with a spade tail.

“Bath… we need baths… not made out of milk or cum or anything white for that matter…”

The darkelves wordlessly point to the reception area of the resort, too stunned to answer these women. Are these refugees from some war? Wait, one girl is skipping off the ship laughing. As she passes a woman that looks to be her older sister, she squeezes her butt affectionately.

“Not now, Ariel, mother’s pussy is spent.” The older woman says this like a lover in bed who just isn’t in the mood, so casually that it is clear this isn’t the first time she has said these words.

“Ahhh…” Ariel looks disappointed, but then runs over and starts harassing a pale-skinned elf girl, who resists, but seems strangely into it.

“Lesbians?” the dark elf asks her friend, who shrugs in confusion.

“A pregnant woman!” The other dark elf points excitedly.

It would be considered a rude thing to do, but it is so rare to see pregnancy in the village, that even though this is a human, it got the dark elf excited. However, trailing behind her was a second pregnant woman, and this one caused both of their eyes to pop out and their mouths to drop. With her hand on her back, the dark-skinned pregnant woman slowly makes her way down, when she reaches the bottom, she gives a gentle smile to the other two women.

“Pocahontas reporting back. As you can see, I’ve succeeded.”

“Yeah, you have…” A man they didn’t notice before wraps an arm around her, holding Pocahontas affectionately before looking at the guards. “Hey, do you guys do ship detail? Eh… you’re going to need a lot of mops, in a strange twist, the deck is actually covered in semen, not to be confused with seamen. It’s going to need some thorough scrubbing.”

“A man dares to touch a woman without her permission and look us in the eyes?” The dark elf hisses, reaching for her whip.

“No!” Pocahontas holds out her hands, “It’s okay if he touches me. He found the way to impregnate me. He has taught me many things. He can solve our fertility problem. He’s even helped me continue along my pregnancy. He used my pussy as a canon for six hours. I would never think of this, but the continuous orgasms has succeeded in causing me to start contractions. There is much to discuss, but it’ll have to wait. My contractions are becoming regular.”

The two darkelves give confused looks as they look at the pair in disbelief.

“Yes, I totally did that to help you along in your pregnancy, wait, Eh?” The man suddenly hears what she says, “You mean you’re-“

Pocahontas nods with a smile. “The baby is coming.”

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