The Power of Creation – Chapter 264

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The two dark elf women look at you, who is currently strapped to a table, your arms out to either side like you’re a euphemism for Jesus. I mean, you’re out that way because it’s a way to strap you up to the post, but if PoC became a movie then a pretentious movie critique would claim it’s a heavy-handed metaphor. I mean, let’s face it, you already died and rised again. You can turn water into wine. You hang around with a bunch of whores and sinners. You walk on water and make tons of food. Holy shit, you are Jesus. Does that make Cinderella the holy ghost?

But, you digress… right now you are not engaging in oodles of being ravished by busty dark elves. Oh, the busty dark elves are present, but as soon as they got you out of your clothing, your ten-inch cock popped out. It appears like for women used to the ten-centimeter variety, ten inches had deeply confused and terrified them.

“That… thing… it can’t possibly…” One darkelf shivers in disbelief.

“It will tear me open, a baby will never be able to come out of it after that goes in.”

“You girls know a baby is a lot bigger and will come out your vagina, right?” You explain.

“Silence, man!” one of the women shouts.

“Perhaps, we should just wear the strap-ons and take his butt.” The other girl suggests.

“What!” You cry.

“The strap-ons do nothing sister. You heard the Matriarch, a penis in a vagina. Of course, my man’s penis is too small that it won’t even go in, but this is ridiculous!”

“I don’t want to filet my pussy!” The other girl cries.

“You two…” You sigh, using magic and causing it to shrink.

One of the girl’s gasps. “It shrank!”

“It’s so small now!” the other adds.

Your eyebrow twitches having two women point at it and call it small. Naturally, it’s the smallest it’s been since you’ve been to this world, but that only put it at about average for our world, which admittedly was still a bit large when comparing to the humans of this world.

“Sister, it’s still ten times the size of my husbands! It’ll definitely tear me apart!”

You make an annoyed noise through your clenched teeth. It was only six inches! You’ve lowered yourself to about the most you can handle in order to satisfy a woman. It’s naturally the principal of the thing. It wasn’t about having a big dick, it was more than that. It was your pride as a man!

“I think it’s a trick. It was clearly larger before. Even if I wanted that thing in me, it’ll likely expand and tear me apart.”

“To think, penises would be so dastardly!”

“Girls, it’s not going to get larger, trust me.”

“Can we trust him?” The darkelf asks the other.

“He’s a man, of course we can’t!” The other admonishes her. “As the Matriarch says, men will do anything for pussy!”

“Hey… that’s a half-truth at best…” You protest, although as you remember your entire harem is captured and your newborn daughter is kidnapped while you play in the sex dungeon, that protest loses some strength.

“Ah! I saw it move, quick, kill it!” One of the darkelves starts to panic, leveling her spear at it.

“Let’s not!” You cry out in exasperation. “Rather, since you’re scared to put it in your pussy, how about use your mouth? Even if it gets bigger your mouth can widen, right?”

The two girls let out cries of surprise. “The man has a point…”

“However, can a woman get pregnant by mouth?” one of them asks cautiously.

“Uh… sure!” You give the girls a thumbs up with your outstretched hand.

“Ca-can we trust those words?” The girl is still cautious.

“Oh, don’t trust me, find out for yourselves!” You declare.

Two girls eye your dick, still looking hesitant, but after a moment one of the girl’s sighs and gets on her knees. She finally grabs it, her cold dark hands surrounding the shaft with complete inexperience, a moment later she opens her mouth with an ‘ah’.

“Wait! Sister… I saw my husband pee from there once. It’s a trap!”

The other girl closes her mouth with a snap and dodges like you are about to start peeing on her right now. Being so close to having your cock sucked, you growl in frustration, which further puts the two elves on guard.

“Dude… I cum and pee out the same hole.”

“What? That’s crazy! Sister, he’s clearly lying now. Women have two holes, thus men should have two holes as well.”

“What are you talking about? Women pee out the same hole they fuck too!”

The girls shake their head. “Not true. Our urethra hole is on the top of the slit which we pee out of, where the actual vaginal cavity is much lower. Although all of it is part of the vagina, there are two distinct holes, one for fucking, and one for peeing.”

“Oh… sure… when we talk dick it’s a scary monster, but when we talk pussy you girls are suddenly Einstein! You know when you girls squirt, it’s just pee, right?”

“The verdict is still out on that one. While it’s true some women do release ejaculate during orgasm, the science is still out. While it has a similar composition to pee and may in fact be derived from the bladder, it’s more dilute and lacks some of the more potent elements of urine. The important thing is that it is a natural biological response in some women, and is natural derivative of sex, no different than saliva or semen, and also distinct from the thick mucus female ejaculate released directly from their vagina in much lower quantities.”

“Huh… the more you know.” You say.

“And knowing, is half the battle!” The girls declare in unison.

“What the hell are you doing?” The Matriarch steps in and says angrily, “I came here expecting to have two more pregnant half elves! Instead, I get some public service announcement!”

“We’re sorry Matriarch… his penis… it’s just too large!”

The Matriarch’s eyes fall on your penis and widen, then a grimace forms on her face.

“Very well, ladies, leave the room.” She orders dryly. “It looks like I will have to tame this monster myself. I guess I’ll be the first to be pregnant.”

The two girls bow and shame and flee the room. The Matriarch walks up and pulls off the sheet from a table. It exposes several knives, whips, dildos, and buttplugs.

“Don’t worry, boy… you’re just lost. This Matriarch is going to show you the true way.”

“If you think you’re going to use that stuff on me, Matriarch bitch,” you sneer. “It’s never going to happen.”

“My name is Wendy.” The Matriarch says. “Now, I’m going to use your peter to take me to neverland!”

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