The Power of Creation – Chapter 265

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“So, what shall we do first?” The Matriarch asks darkly, looking over at you with a sadistic smile.

“How about you let me go?” You ask.

Wendy looks at you for a second as if she’s thinking, her lips pursed. Suddenly, she walks over to your chains. If she had grabbed one of the toys, you were going to break out of there and take over immediately. However, she is unarmed, so you allow her to approach. She reaches out an undoes your bonds, instantly releasing you from the Jesus pose. You rub your wrists while looking around cautiously. Meanwhile, the Matriarch puts on an unnerving smile on her face and takes a step back.

She… she actually let you out?

“What is this?” You ask suspiciously.

“Nothing…” Wendy responds.

Sir? What is this about? And what is with that pouty look on her face? You’re starting to suspect that there might be a screw loose with this Matriarch here. You decide to leave. She let you go, so maybe you could go find your baby now. As you go to leave, suddenly she moves in front of you. You frown.

“If you’re going to let me go, then why are you in my way.”

“Tsk…” She gave a vexed expression. “I’m not in your way…”

Your frown grows. What in the hell? You try one more time, this time you don’t let her stop you. You then end up bumping into her as you move past. Immediately, she falls over in an overly exaggerated way. It is almost like one of those people you see on television where you bump into them and they try to extort you out of money on the threat of making a scene.

“Is that how you are, you filthy patriarchy?” Wendy cries out, while holding herself like an abused woman. “You just think you can push women to the ground?”

“…” A frown creases on your face. “I, uh… did that by mistake.”

“Mistake! How dare you! You just push me in the dirt. Is that all you think of women, as dirty sluts?”

“Huh? Seriously lady, this is a little…”

“Don’t lady me! Call me what you’re really thinking! Call me a bitch. Whore! Slut! Isn’t that all I am to you? Some little slut?” She reaches down and scoops up dirt from the floor, slapping her own face. “Is this what you want to do? To humiliate the Matriarch and make her your bitch!”

You start panicking, not quite sure how to handle this situation. She’s looking at you wildly while lying on the ground like an abuse victim. Is this her evil plan? Did she plan to go all Fight Club and turn the entire Dark Elf clan against you but faking abuse?

“Seriously?” You reach out and grab her.

“Ahhh! A man is touching me! Are you going to rape me now? Are you going to stick your dick in me and have your way? That’s what men do, right? Will you deflower my pussy while you call me a bitch and stick my face in the dirt!”

“What in the fuck? Will you shut up!” You shout.

“… Mmm… mm…” Wendy suddenly stopped talking, but she was looking at you like she wanted to say something.

You have to check twice to make sure you didn’t cast some kind of silence on her unintentionally. You are certain the only reason she isn’t talking is because you told her not to. You just can’t figure out why.

“Okay… talk…”

“You men… think you can just order women around. You think I’m just some dirty slut to order-“

“Be quiet.”


“Okay, talk again.”

“raping me in the pussy like the dirty little slut that I am!”

“Sit down.”

She immediately sits down on the ground.

“Stand up!”

She stands.

“Pull out your boobs.”

Two boobs pop out of her top.

“Is this what you wanted to see? You dirty man. You want to humiliate this matriarch. You want take pictures of my tits and then blackmail me into sucking your cock! How dare you do this to a woman as strong and as powerful as I am!”

“Pull down your pants, turn around, bend over, spread your butt cheeks, and sing ‘I’m a little Teapot’.

She turns around and does just that, a second later her butthole is being flashed at you as she sings. As soon as she is done, she glares back at you.

“Is this what gets your jollies off? Are you going to stick it in my asshole now? Is that what you do? Call me a bitch and stick it in my asshole? You make me sick!”

“Oh… my… Pun…” You shake your head in disbelief.

The Matriarch, queen of the dark elves, leader of the feminazi regime… is 100% dedicated to submissive play!

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