The Power of Creation – Chapter 268

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“Ariel Ramsey, you were one of the first people to meet this so-called hero when he was summoned to this world?” The Matriarch asks.

“That is correct.”

“Could you please walk us through your first encounter with him?”

You raise an eyebrow. Gesturing to try to tell Ariel to keep her mouth shut. She gives you a smile and waves innocently.

“I’d love to!” Ariel says, blowing you a kiss even as you desperately shake your head and mouth the words ‘shut up!’. “So, first, he appears naked and starts eyeing my mother and I like meat.”

“Meat? Can you please clarify.” The Matriarch asks.

“Ah?” Ariel blushes suddenly. “Well, that was before I’d been properly trained. At the time, his eyes felt like they were licking me from top to bottom.”

“That’s a half-truth!” You cry out, standing up.

“I-I’m sorry, hero!” Ariel cries out too. “Don’t worry, afterward, you showed me the truth.”

“The truth?” The Matriarch asks, “and do tell, what is the truth?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m just a slutty bitch for hero to pump full of his cum?”

The crowd explodes as dark elves shout angrily. You crouch down as the jury once again starts calling to hang you. The Judge bangs her gavel.

“You speak of training and being shown the truth…” The Matriarch begins once the crowds settle, “Can you please tell this court what happened after?”

“Of course! Hero kidnapped me from the castle, then stripped me naked, and made me leak all over the floor with orgasms!”

“Kill him!” Several women shout.

“Silence in the court, silence!” The judge cries

“Did you consent to this sort of treatment?” The Matriarch asks.

“Well… no… but it was for my own good!” Ariel insists. “Afterwards he tore open my pussy and my ass hole, and he made me suck it. He showed me all kinds of wonderful things. What? Why is everyone booing? It’s not bad. I’m very happy that hero trained me. Now, I know my proper place as a woman!”

“Stop her from talking!” Judge Dyke cries out. “Get her out of here. Her ideas are too dangerous for this courtroom!”

The guards immediately grab Ariel and drag her away. She blows you another kiss as she goes, her eyes still bright and having no awareness of the trouble she just put you in.


“He murdered me, then turned me into a child, and then raped me repeatedly against my will until… until… he made… he made…this great one called him Master!” Mulan starts crying.


“Hero-san kidnapped my daughter, faked her death, and then forced me to sell my body to him as blackmail. He then forced me to become pregnant with his baby. I’m sorry, hero-san, I love you, but I’m under oath…”

“Yeah… yeah…” You sigh.


“He threatened my father with death and blackmailed me into sucking his cock.  He brutally raped me for days on end, and forced me to develop an addiction to his cum.”


“I have no problems with Daddy. I was ordered by the queen to become a milkmaid, and a milkmaid I became.” Merida says nervously.

“Is that so?” The Matriarch’s eyes lower. “There is nothing you want to reveal?”

“Ah… as to that… he… maybe… he…”

“Eh? What was that? What did he do?” Wendy demanded viciously.

“He left the toilet seat up! I’m sorry, Daddy, I just almost fell in and it still bothers me to this day!”

“Gasp!” The dark elves all began talking in unison like her reveal was more damning than any of the previous ones. “Toilet seat up, what kind of monster…”


“He had his way with me!”


“He didn’t have his way with me!”


“Rookie took me while I was unconscious dozens of times.” Kida’s tears gained sympathy, but she was crying not because she was taken advantage of while asleep, but because she missed all the action while being asleep.


“The Beast gets more pussy than I do!”

“Snow White!”

“He forced me to suck his dick and then pounded my ass in front of two entire armies.”


“N-n-nothing! He has done nothing! He has kept my father and I even after we lost everything.”

The Matriarch raises her eyebrow. “Really? I’m surprised. According to my investigation, you have received some of the worst treatment from him?”

“N-not really…” Tiana looks away.

“I must remind you, you’re under oath.”


“Then let me just read some of the things I’ve heard about you. According to eyewitness testimonies, you were stripped naked, hung off the side of a ship, and fucked. Ring a bell?”

“Hah hah… “ Tiana panted for a second and then shook her head.

“This one says you were once made to hang by your ankles while you had to suck him off upside down until you fainted from the blood rushing to your head.”

“Hah, hah… hah… hah…”

“And this one, you were forced to hold it until you ended up peeing all over the floor, and then he stuck your head in it and whipped your butt with a rolled up newspaper while calling you a dirty bitch.”

“Hah… hah…. Hah… hah… hah…”


“Okay, I admit it! I’m a filthy whore! I’m a dirty slut!” Tiana gets up and pulls up her dress, bending over and exposing herself in your direction. “Take me, commoner! Punish your dirty whore! I can’t take it anymore! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Bang! Bang!

“Enough, get her out of the room!” Dyke shouts, even though she’s eyeing Belle’s nice round behind as much as you are.

Tiana and Ariel were like two peas in a pod, two noble women expelled from the courtroom for being too honest.

“Ah… so how are my chances looking?” You ask Cinderella as the courtroom starts to settle back down.

“Very Good, my darling, keep up the work!” Cinderella smiles, then tilts towards Pocahontas and says in a voice you can still clearly hear. “Darling is so screwed. Can we get him diagnosed as insane?”

“Next up, Maleficant!”

An evil gleam shines in Maleficant’s eye. You gulp. This court hearing is only going down from here, that’s for sure.

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