The Power of Creation – Chapter 269

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“He raped me!” Maleficant cries out. “He forced an innocent loli like me to do horrible things! He tore me open. He made me bleed! I’ll never be the same again. I’m ruined, ruined!”

You cleared your throat while more and more women shoot you dark looks.

Wendy walks up to Maleficant and pats her. “It’s okay, dear. “We’ll take care of it.”

“T-thank you…” Maleficant wipes her tears before sticking her tongue out at you.

“After we’re done, he will never be able to hurt another woman…”

“Eh? Excuse me?” Maleficant suddenly perks up. “What was that?”

“Once we serve punishment, you’ll never have to see him again!” Mary declares proudly.

“N-n-never?” Maleficant looks on with worry.

“Of course, since he’s a danger, we’ll make sure he’s put away forever.”

“B-but, if the loli-pervert is put away forever, how will my loli get popped?”


“I can’t! Loli-pervert is the only man who will fuck me! If he goes away, I won’t get sex anymore! Do you know what it was like before I met him! All the guys didn’t want to touch a loli girl! They were afraid to stick it in and would just lie to me. This guy is a bastard, but he’s the only bastard with the guts to shove it in whether I want him to or not! If you get rid of him, you get rid of all my sex!”

“Order!” The Judge bangs the mallet. “Order!”

“No! I retract my statements! Don’t leave me, loli-pervert, this loli needs your dick!”

You lower yourself farther down the chair and try to hide behind your hat. Maleficant is clearly not helping with your reputation one bit. The women are looking at you even more darkly as the loli girl begs for your dick desperately. She ends up getting thrown out of the courtroom as well.

“Does the prosecution have any more witnesses?” Judge Dyke finally demands.

“Do I need any more…” Wendy responds smoothly. “Let us face it, this man has no redeeming qualities at all. I say we kill him and move on with our lives!”

There is applause and cheering as women rise excitedly and clap. The harem girls who aren’t kicked out of the courtroom sit with sulky expressions on their faces, clearly displeased that their man is becoming a joke to the Dark Elves.

“Defense… do you have anything?” The Dyke says with a condescending smirk.

“I do.” Cinderella snaps her fingers.

The door opens up, and suddenly a bunch of people walk in carrying bags. Bag after bag comes in, being delivered right at the footsteps of the judge’s podium. The bags pile up until there are nearly fifty of them, although their contents are still difficult to determine.

“Order! Order!” The Dyke shouts. “Wh-what is this? Are these bags?”

“Fifty bags! I am pushing this forward as evidence!” Cinderella declares proudly.

“Yes, I see the bags, but what are they filled with?” Wendy asks, trying to peak into one.


Wendy gags as one falls over, and out spills several gallons of the milky white stuff. The courtroom begins to buzz excitedly.

“What is the meaning of this?” Judge Dyke demands.

“Fifty Bags of Cum… all ejaculated by darling here.”

“Impossible… that’s too much…” One woman mutters.

“A man who can still ejaculate? Impossible!”

“Is that white stuff cum? I thought my man had an infection.”

Mary gave a displeased noise. “What are you trying to pull? Cum? What does this have to do with a man who sexually assaults women.”

“Everything!” Cinderella shoots back. “The court here has sentenced this man as being guilty of being… a man. I’d like to remind the court what men can do!”

“And what do men do!” One Dark Elf shouts. “Men are good for nothing!”

“Men make babies!” Cinderella declares. “This semen here is fertile! Any woman who puts it in her pussy will become pregnant!”

“Outrageous!” One woman cries.

“Lies! It can’t be true. Cum is just a useless instrument of the patriarchy.”

“Everyone knows the only reason men cum…” The Judge explains. “Is so to make sex messy for women. It’s just one more way that men inconvenience the better sex.”

“Wrong!” Cinderella cries out. “I’d like to bring in my next witness, come in!”

A sudden Dark elf walks into the room. Unlike the women, this one appears to be a male. He walks up meekly to the front of the stage while the women give confused looks.

“Husband?” Judge Dyke raises an eyebrow. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“My wife… Cinderella here reached out to me to give a statement. I’ve come on behalf of the council of dark elf men.”

“Council of men?” Wendy snorts. “There is no such thing!”

“Y-you may not be aware of it…” The man sighs nervously. “But we’ve been meeting for some time now. We were going to make this announcement in secret… but Cinderella here convinced us that now is the right time.”

“Husband? Speak up, you’re mumbling…” Judge Dyke snorts. “What is it you want? If it displeases me, I’ll step on your balls later.”

“Th-th-that’s just it, honey… us men don’t like having our balls stepped on. We like being respected and treated like we matter just as much as women.”

“Nonsense, if a woman can’t continually build themselves up by dumping on men, how will women continue to have self-confidence!”

“I don’t have all the answers… honey… I can only talk about my experience as a man.”

“Nonsense! Us women look after man’s best interest, as it should be!”

“That’s the thing, I don’t think you have been… nor has any of the women here. A lot of the men here disagree.”

“How dare you!” A woman shouts. “I can make my whipped man agree with me, so that means all men should agree with me!”

“Well… I don’t really care to have this argument with you anymore. The men have long since learned that the women who live here will never listen to us. That’s why most of us are gay.”

“Pfft… what?” Judge Dyke shrieks.

“I’m a homosexual… that’s why I don’t get off on your girly parts.”

“How dare you cheat on me!”

“Girl, you been banging women for years!”

“It’s okay when women do it! It’s only cheating with men!”

“Whatever… you girls just need to accept the facts, mmkay… the men are all leaving. We’re going to form our own beach resort upriver. It’s going to have Pink Flamingos and a buffet and it’s going to be all kinds of fun!”

“Ah!” Wendy looks completely taken aback. “You men dare leave us? You’d be nothing without the tribe.”

“Honey… we men are done being your whipping boys. We’re leaving the colony forever.”

“You… men!” Judge Dyke shrieks. “How dare you decide your gay and leave? Isn’t that exactly like a man? Well leave, we don’t need you men anyway!”

The dark elf man snaps. “We’re already gone, girl. Chou…”

The man walks out of the courtroom as the chatter turns into an explosion. Judge Dyke is so flustered by her husband walking out on her that she only now manages to recover. Finally banging her gavel, she gets things back in order. However, all the eyes are now staring even more hatefully at you. Rather than successfully fix anything, Cinderella’s stunt has made you the source of all the feminist blame.

“I think it’s time to sentence this… man…” She practically grinds her teeth. “Jury?”

“No need to deliberate, your honor.” One of the women stands up, shooting you a hateful glare. “We’ve already decided! This man is gui-“

The doors bang open, interrupting her has a guard runs in. “Matriarch Wendy! Trouble! The tribe is under attack!”

Wendy blinks a few times. “Attack?”

“Humans! Slavers! After all these years, they’ve come back!”

Wendy shook her head, getting a hold of herself. “Th-that’s fine. We’ve fought them back before, we’ll fight them back again. Just send the men in. They’re disposable.”

Guard shook her head. “The men… they all suddenly left a few hours ago. I can’t find any man left in the tribe!”

Wendy’s eyes widened. “Wh-what? No men?”

“None! It’s just us women!”

“Bu-but women have value! What will us women do without the worthless men to hide behind? How will we have our battles fought for us?”

“You’ll have to have personal accountability?” you suggest. “You’ll have to actually put your life on the line for what you believe in?”

“No… No… NO! Noooooooooooo!” Wendy screamed as the attack alarms start sounding.

The dark elf tribe was about to be wiped out, and Wendy couldn’t help but think this was all the men’s fault.

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