The Power of Creation – Chapter 271

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Cleaning off the blood of the human bandits, you glance over at the shivering children.

“What are you children all terrified for? Haven’t you ever seen a man tear off another man’s head and then shove it up his ass?”

One kid starts crying.

“Ga Ga!” You look down at the baby in your arms, who is wearing a big excited smile at having seen you, making happy baby gaggles.

Of course, the baby is only a one day old, which given your magic means she’s already about two months old now. Even though a little Bandit blood splattered on her cheek, the baby is giggling and excited at seeing daddy. Well, since the baby was enhanced with your magic, she likely feels some kind of magical connection between the pair of you, causing her to resonate with the parent she’s only seen once.

“Well, at least my baby girl is happy. Aren’t you? Who likes seeing daddy smite his enemies to hell? You do! You do!” You find yourself automatically speaking to the baby sweetly while it giggles, no matter what your original feelings on the matter.

Had the harem been present, certainly they would have looked on to this seen with affection, their hearts beating quickly as they observe their man doting affection on his daughter… despite the fact that you’re covered in blood. One of the ten year old girls watching pees herself. Well… not every loli can be Jasmine.

“You…” A voice broke you from your daughter’s treatment. “You… saved our children?”

“Eh?” You look around, realizing you had killed all the humans in the area, and while traumatized, the rest of the kids are safe by default. “Oh, I guess so.”

“Why?” The person who comes out the bushes turns out to be Wendy, who is leading a group of five women. “Why would you protect these children?”

Few of the women looked like warriors. Rather, they had whips and you are pretty certain one girl is holding a weaponized dildo. Clearly they pick up whatever dangerous tools they had nearby and fought with that. It turns out, all of the men are the soldiers of the group, and very few of the women in the tribe truly knew how to fight. A few acted as guards, but in the same way as a night patrol men in a factory. Being able to bully trespassers and being able to fight off an army were two very different things.

You shoot Wendy an annoyed look. “Isn’t it obvious? I’m the father. Of course, I would protect my child.”

“Y-your child…” Several of the dark elves eyes flash on the baby in your hands with complicated looks. “You… protected them.”

“Matriarch? Were the men perhaps protecting us all along?”

“Blasphemy!” Wendy spun, slapping the girl. “Don’t let yourself be misled so easily! Just because a man protected a woman only shows how dispensable and unimportant they are!”

“You know… you’re really good at interpreting things to your own convenience.” You sigh.

“Shut up! Filthy man!” Wendy shouts. “Girls, don’t forget this man sexual assaulted me!”

“She willingly had sex. Naturally, she did everything I asked her to do without complaint.”

“That doesn’t matter. It was… um… coercion! Don’t listen to him sisters. I told him I wasn’t interested and yet he still fucked me. That’s rape!”

“At best, that’s improper communication.” You shrug. “Look, no one can read your mind, and expecting people to do so is simply asking for too much. Sex, in general, requires a great deal of communication. When one side chooses to not communicate, or worst, give mixed signals, you need to treat situations on a case by case basis. You need to see both sides, and understand that intention is just as important as the outcome.”

“Lies! Only how women feel after it is done matters!”

“Living a life where only one side is ever held accountable is a breakdown in communication. Changes can’t be summed up by one sex against another sex. It’s all of society that needs to change to-“

“Enough with this childish philosophy bullshit!” Wendy cries.

“At least you admit even a child could understand this much…” You shrug.


“On that note, I can save your entire race, if you want. This is what Pocahontas has said since the beginning.” You explain casually, even with the sound of fighting and the smell of blood nearby. “Riun is a city that welcomes all people, and the dark elves would offer something advantageous in the upcoming war against the demon realm.”

“We-we’ll never join you!”

“Suit yourselves…” You shrug.

Several groups of men far outnumbering Wendy find their way into the clearing. They immediately overwhelm the dark elf women and put them down to their knees. They also round up the children while wearing vicious predatory looks.  The only person they seem to ignore is you, holding the baby. Wendy shoots you a glare.

“Oh, don’t worry about me. They can’t see or hear me.”

“Th-then why are you still here?” she demands, warranting some strange looks from her captors.

“Pocahontas is my woman, and she means as much to me as all of my other women. I figure I at least owe her by witnessing the end of the entire dark elf race as a result of a single obstinate woman.”

“I-“ Wendy stopped as one of the men started fondling one of her dark elf women, her angry look turning complicated with guilt.

“Hey, don’t fondle the merchandise!” One man chastizes.

“Oh, come on boss, we caught so many dark elf bitches. They’re all such pure virgins, can’t we pop a couple?”

“That’s right, we were tasked with delivering virgins! Everyone knows dark elf men aren’t big enough to pop their cherries. Thus, the majority of these women are sweet virgins!”

“I think I saw a pregnant dark elf while I was spying!” One man suggests.

“Bullshit. Probably just a fatty. Well, fat virgins sell well too. According to the demands of boss, if they lose their virginity, they lose 9/10 their value. A pregnant dark elf would be basically useless.”

“Boss, about that… this one right here is worthless!” A man was lifting up some kind of recording stone in front of Wendy. “She’s pregnant! No virginity in this one at all!”

“Eh?” Wendy’s face turns red in shock while the other dark elves shoot her surprised looks.

“Ugh! Seriously?” The other man made a face. “Then, let’s just kill her. Not worth bringing along some pregnant slut!”

The first man raised a sword, but before he could swing it, blood sprouted from his neck and his head collapsed to the ground, followed by his body. The other men drew their swords, looking around confused.

“Who’s there?” They demand.

“So… I did knock her up after all…” You mutter while adjusting the baby in your arms with one hand and holding a bloody sword in the other. “Well, since she’s pregnant with my baby, naturally, I wouldn’t let you guys touch her.”

“Where did you come from?”

“Who cares? You tried to touch my woman… so die.” You make four more swings, and despite you being a distance away, the men all fall apart into pieces anyway.

“Y-y-your woman?” Wendy looks dizzy, still recovering from finding out she’s pregnant. “You saved me?”

“Hmph…” You put your sword away. “I am a man, after all. I stuck my dick in you even though I knew you were crazy, now that you’re pregnant, I have to take responsibility.”

“B-but… what about the rest of the darkelves?” She asks nervously.

“What about them? They aren’t pregnant with my babies.”

Wendy looks over at the four other girls. They nod at her in acceptance. She sighs and looks back at you.

“V-very well… I as the Matriarch give you permission on behalf of my tribe!”

“Huh?” You look down at her still on her knees before you. “What are you saying?”

“S-save my tribe.”

“I just said, I won’t save your tribe unless they happened to be all pregnant-“

Wendy’s eyes flash. “I know… if these humans favor virgin women, we must shed our virginity! Please impregnate the dark elves and make them yours!”

As Wendy says this, all five women lower their head. The proud dark elves that were just trying to sentence you death are now bowing and asking you to make them pregnant. Life is funny that way.

“Of course, you won’t be able to impregnate them until after, so for now just rescue as many girls as possible…” Wendy continues, lowering her head with a pout. “P-p-please…”

“You think I can’t do both at once?” You break into a laugh, an evil grin forming on your lips. “Hahahaha… its showtime!”

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