The Power of Creation – Chapter 272

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“Wh-what are you going to do?” Wendy demands.

Your smile continues to grow until you suddenly disappear. A moment later, a light rumbling starts to occur. Rather than being from the bombs and magical explosions occurring between the last free dark elves and the slavers, this rumbling appears to be coming from under the ground. The rumbling grows louder and louder, and soon no one can ignore it as the ground shakes.

“I have a bad feeling about this!” The boss of the human slavers shouts, “Turn the ships around, let’s get out of here!”

No sooner does he scream out the command as the rumbling stops. The men all walk around at each other in confusion. The dark elf women are tied up before them in various roles. At the moment, they have about 200 women in chains on their knees. The dark elves are all dark-skinned attractive women with pointy ears. The hair ranges from white to black. Their eyes are anywhere from black to red. Their boobs can be any size, as well as their height.

A relieved laughter shoots over the men as nothing happens. The rumbling must have just been a tremor from some distance thing unrelated to them.

“Come on, let’s get them on board the airships.” The boss gives the orders again.

The rest of the men nod, moving to pick up the women. A few give hateful glares, but more simply hold despair and confusion on their face. They seem unable to wrap their minds around simple men being able to overpower them. Weren’t women the greater sex? This seems completely contrary to what the Great Matriarch has been telling them. Women were just as strong as men, and didn’t lack in anything. So… how were these women so easily overpowered? If their weak pathetic husbands could fight off the slavers again and again, shouldn’t this be a piece of cake for them?

“Huh? What’s that?” A man asks, focusing on the ground.

Poking up from the ground is a little pink mound. He looked even closer. It seemed to be flesh colored. No, it looked like it was made of actual flesh. This was simply too weird.

“D-doesn’t that look like a peni-“


The mound suddenly explodes, a massive pink fleshy trunk emerging from the ground. It isn’t the only one. Dozens of similar mounds sprout up everywhere. Immediately, the men retreat, abandoning the dark elves. They form up at the bosses order, pulling out their swords as more and more meat sticks shout out of the ground.

Rather than being completely hard, these trunks show to be a perfect mixture of fluidity and rigidity. They are quite hard on the tip, but as soon as they emerge from the ground, the turn, facing down at the flummoxed men like a snake. Dozens upon dozens of fleshy pink ground snakes have filled the entire area around the captured dark elves. Most of them are too confused to react, still in chains and unable to move even if they want to.

“Men! When they attack, chop these fuckers down!” The boss orders.

The so-called fuckers started to look around. The head of their cock and the urethra hole serving like an eye as the ground tentacles penises look around. The men can’t help but shutter as each penis gazes over them.

“Prepare yourselves!” the boss shouts.

Just then, the cocks start flexing, as if they’re vipers reeling back to strike. Then men immediately lift their swords, ready to sever these dick tentacles at the root. The cocks attack.




Rather than the humans, the tentacles shoot down, each one selecting a woman and striking her.

“It’s so warm!” A dark elf cries as the penis slides down her exposed cleavage and enters her clothing.

“D-don’t go there!” Another girl cries as the penis pushes its way down the crack of her butt, sliding into her pants.

Everywhere throughout the forest, darkelf women are being snatched and grabbed by tentacle penis. Even Wendy and her pack are no exception. Five penis strike down on the women. Even without their chains, the wicked speedy attacks quickly cause them to be wrapped in manmeat. Even those darkelves that had successfully escaped are dragged back and then put in front of the confused and lost human slavers.

The writhing mass of fleshy penis wrapping around dark-skinned beauties is too much for the humans to take. They are too frightened of that mass of tentacles to even attempt to attack. The only thing they can do is look on helplessly while everyone becomes completely bound in penis.

Bound would be the correct word as well. The dicks wrap around their wrists, ankles, and bodices. Some squeeze tightly around the darkelf boobs when the women have boobs big enough to do so, eliciting strangely erotic noises from the girls. One of the women tries to bite at her penis. It slaps the woman across the cheek, as if the penis is disciplining her. Her eyes widen, not able to figure out what to do next.

“Damn it!” Wendy cries, being pulled up into the sky by three penis tentacles. “You filthy man! This isn’t what I had in mind.”

Soon, she’s up on display in front of the entirety of the dark elf tribe.

“Dark elf women…” A voice suddenly breaks across the tribe. “Behold your Matriarch! She is working hard to save all of you! If you wish to survive, you should act as she does! Follow the Matriarchy like the sheep you are!”

“Bastar-bluuuugh…” Wendy’s eyes pop open as a tentacle cock head shoves into her mouth.

“Wendy, this daddy here orders you to put on a good show for your girls!” You declare.

“!?” Wendy, facing an absolute command, suddenly gains a lewd look on her face.

In an instant, she begins sucking the tentacle cock like a pro. The two other tentacles attack her remaining holes. Soon, the Matriarch is making sexy noises while being held in the air by three tentacles. She’s enthusiastically sucking on one tentacle while another two violate her pussy and ass. Already, she’s gotten really into it, the pleasure of having all three holes violated destroying her sensibilities in an instant.

The dark elf women all stare up at their Matriarch in confusion. Wrapped in cock, she’s being pleasured by three giant tentacles. How does this fit into their feminist views? In the end, the answer is that it didn’t matter. This is what the Matriarch told them to do, and naturally, every feminists knows they need to follow the pack. Power in numbers! Even the slightest deviation in belief or free thought could get a girl ostracized. You either believe everything the feminists tell you without question, or you are an anti-feminist man lover!

As the resistance in the two hundred dark elves leaves, the penises suddenly flex. Wrapped under the women’s outfits as they are, there is a loud boom as clothing rips off the women. In the span of a few seconds, there are several hundred naked elves wrapped in penis. Many of the girls are blushing, but watching their Matriarch enjoy the penis so much, they can’t help but submit. The Matriarchy is never wrong. Some are scared, some are excited, and some are confused, but two hundred naked dark elves start to spread their legs.

“Time for phase two.” You grin.

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