The Power of Creation – Chapter 274

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“Ahhhhnnn… it hurts!”

“So big!”

“Hahahah, it’s filling me up!”

Unanimously, two hundred pussies lower down on to their respective penis, ceremoniously sacrificing their pussies on the altar of tentacle-kun. The feeling of two hundred pussies simultaneous wrapping around your cock is almost too much to bear. Your eyes roll up in your head as you experience the pleasure of deflowering an entire tribe of women.

“You women, are now mine!” You cry out.

“Chauvinist!” One woman cries back.


“You st-st-stupid man!”

Immediately, using extra tentacles to embrace and separate the women’s legs, the main tentacle starts to push in and out of each girl. They all let out cries as lubricated things start to push in and out of them. The sounds of hundreds of women moaning out at once are truly powerful, and the slavers can do nothing but gulp and watch as their prey is molested in front of them.

To the head slaver, his face turns grim. “So much money lost in an instant!”

“Is that their choice?” Your voice comes from nowhere.

“Tsk! These women are just weak sluts!” The man shouts.



“Slutty slut sluts!”

The abusive language is launched at the women writhing on the ground as they are fucked. The women who once delivered the abuse are now being forced to endure it.

“I-is this how the men felt when we criticized them all the time?” One woman asked.

She wasn’t the only one. The entire tribe, now that they are being forced into bondage, sexually violated, and on top of that ridiculed, remembered when they were the ones delivering this treatment to their men. Of course, while some of these women might have found themselves sexually aroused had this been by someone they knew, these men calling them sluts were foreign invaders. Worse, as they started to grow more and more aroused under the machinations of your tentacles, it only made them consider that these men were right. In the end, women were just weak. Women were just sluts that should be tied up and fucked.

Their great Matriarch was in the air, getting jackhammered in every hole, and they started to convince themselves that that was every woman’s natural state. Just whores. Just sluts. Weak-willed women.

“What the fuck are you idiots saying?” Your familiar voice bursts across the women, causing the men shouting abusive things to shut up.

“You call these women weak? Aren’t you the assholes that are weak?”

“You fucker!” The slaver shouted. “We’d have these women all chained up if it wasn’t for you! The first our you gave these women and they took it like the weak-willed sluts they are.”

“Hmph!” Your voice resonated with disdain. “You guys are so pathetic that you can’t even get a woman without enslaving her. When I came to this world, I had the option to buy a bunch of slave girls. Do you know why I didn’t?”

“Because the author forgot to fit it into the plot?” One of the harem girls shouted out from your ship nearby.

“No! I didn’t take on slave women because I didn’t need to! My women all wear collars, but they put them on willingly! Do you know why?”

“To debase and humiliate us?”

“No! Which haremette keeps speaking! Someone over there wants a spanked bottom!”

“Oh! It was me!”

“No, me!”

“I said it, I said it!”

You sigh as all your harem girls eagerly vie for your attention. You decide to ignore the distraction. You have 200 dark elves on the line!

“My women wear the collars because they want to! It’s a means of showing respect for me, and me giving them choice is out of the respect for them. I didn’t buy slave girls because I don’t need to! These women are my women! And I’m their man! This goes beyond money! This is about love and respect!”




The harem are all looking over at you tearfully, well, their looking at your penis tentacles, but close enough. The dark elf girls have also grown contemplative, even as you dicks continue to pump into them erotically.

“So, what? Aren’t slave girls hot too?” The slaver demands.

“Mm!” You agree. “Slave girls are very hot! But the hottest thing about slave girls is that they give themselves to you willingly!”

“Bullshit…” The man snaps.

“Think back to every slave girl fantasy you’ve read. The guy buys the slave girls, and treats them well! He loves them, he cherishes them, he takes care of them… in the end, the fantasy isn’t to own women, it’s to have a woman in entirety, so even if she was your slave, she’d still wear the collar, because she’s yours and she wants the world to know it! That’s the fantasy every man wants! Men don’t want slave girls, they want girls to be their slaves! And in return, just fear me, love me, do as I say, and I will be their slave in return!”

“I will… I’ll be your slave!” One of the dark elf women cries out.

“No, me!, Maybe me your slave!”

“Enslave me, I’ll call you master!”

“He’s my master, no one else can have a master!” Mulan cries.

“Shut up!” The slaver bellowed. “None of that matters! It doesn’t change the fact that these women are weak-willed sluts that’d rather be slaves to love than slaves to us!”

“Didn’t I say the best part?” You ask. “These women sacrificed their very virginity. They debased themselves. They gave up a piece that will never return. That is true strength. Strength doesn’t come from putting others down. It doesn’t come from borrowing power. It doesn’t happen from whining the loudest. It comes from being able to give up something for what you want. These women were able to give up everything for freedom, I think they’re quite strong!”

All the dark elf women who once looked at you with disdain were now smiling, even as you dick still raped their pussies.

“It’s just their virginity…” The slaver pouted, not able to come up with another argument.

“Just virginities? Haven’t you been listening?” You laugh. “They gave me everything. These women are mine now!”

“So what? Two hundred dark elf sluts!”

“No! Two hundred mothers of my children! I’m cummming!”

You let out a cry, and soon two hundred women around the tribe grounds also let out similar cries. Wendy perhaps howls the greatest, even though she’s already pregnant. Your cocks engorge and semen is dumped into 200 wombs simultaneously.

“L-lucky…” Ariel pouts. “All those girls get to be pregnant…”

Aurora pats her shoulder. “It’ll happen some day soon, I promise.”

“Ahhhn… I feel it!”

“It’s inside!”

“So warm!”

“I feel myself getting pregnant!”

“You can’t feel that Marsha, quit lying!”

“I totally do!”

“Bullshit! All you feel is cum!”

Two hundred women are simultaneously stuffed with cum. When you finally retract the tentacles, two hundred pregnant dark elves are lying all over the tribe grounds, cum leaking out their pussies as they gasp for breath.

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