The Power of Creation – Chapter 275

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“You’ve won this round!” The slaver boss declares. “But you’ve made some powerful enemies. King Eric will not be pleased!”

“This was done on Eric’s orders?” You ponder. “And after I gave him a big dick too… well, it’s not like he knew I had any connection with the dark elves and technically, if you think about it, he helped me out of a tight spot here.”

Not knowing what you’re talking about, the slaver boss frowns as he gestures for his men. They return to their transportation and turn to leave. At least they have the good sense to understand that your power isn’t something they can handle. The merchandise has already been soiled, and certain death awaits the slavers if they try to fight. These are slavers, after all, they don’t really care much about pride. They are unhappy, but they leave peacefully.

“Goodbye!’ You wave as the slavers ride away.

“Hero-san, are you really going to let a potential enemy just leave?” Aurora asks.

“Enemy? At best they’re disagreeable acquaintances. Besides, what would be the point of killing them all now?”

“To close any potential plot threads and remove any possible chance to have recurring and growing side characters that provide a meaningful impact on the plot.”

“Wow… you just said it right there.”

“It’s not that bad, you still have Eric to deal with. He was sort of in our lives for a bit.”

“Right… well, let me look in the comments section and see how people think I should handle Eric…” You pull out your cellphone and scroll through. “Skin him alive- cuck his women, guys I already did that… cut off his dick and…jesus, what the fuck, seriously guys. Why does everybody who doesn’t have a pussy need to be tortured and brutalized in cruel and bizarre ways?”

“Wh-what’s that, hero?” Ariel suddenly asks, looking at the thing in your hand.

“What, this? It’s a smartphone? It came from my old world, I used some magic to whip it up.”

“In a Different World with a Smartphone? Sounds like a bad story…” Aurora grimaces.

“What do smart phones do?” Ariel asks curiously.

“Oh, lot’s of stuff, pictures, shopping, games, but mostly they’re there for communication.”

“Com-mun-ication?” Ariel sounds out the word.

“Yeah, like talking to each other. It let’s you share things about your…” You stop as you notice your spine tingling.

All around you there are girls staring at you while licking their lips. It isn’t just your harem. There are many dark elf women who are also looking at the phone with a great deal of interest. Your brow starts to crease under so many gazes.

“Y-you girls want to one?”

Some time later…

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

The entire tribe, two hundred plus women are now sitting at various spots. They had found clothing and managed to clean up, and were now all sitting with their eyes looking down at their phones, not even paying attention to the tribe, parts of which were still smoldering from previous set fires. Wendy in particular has bright eyes and is typing with both hands excitedly.

“To think! There were so many like-minded women across the world!”

“Are you talking about your bdsm or your feminism?” You ask wryly.

“Qu-quiet male scum! According to this website, the patriarchy goes far deeper than even I knew! Did you know, seventy years ago, women didn’t have a right to vote?”

“Feminism it is…” You sigh, “Wait! This world doesn’t even have a democracy!”

“Stop oppressing me! My particular group of like-minded individuals agrees with me, that means I’m right and anyone who tells me I’m wrong is oppressing me!”

“That’s not…”

“Help! Help! I’m being oppressed!”

You sigh and turn away from Wendy while scratching you chin. “Although, that does mean that these homes connect to the internet back home. Perhaps they work a little too well. Hey, what are you doing?”

You notice Ariel with her shirt up while giving a victory sign. You immediately run and snatch the phone away from her.

“Eh? Hero? The gentlemen on the internet said show me your boobs.”

“And you were going to show them!” You growl. “No! Those are my boobs, no sharing!”

“I was going to send you the picture too…” Ariel responds with a pout.

“Beast… I’m in need of a thing called a credit card. Provide the number so that I might sign up to this site. It promises live nude girls.”

“Stop looking at porn!”

“Daddy, I also need to a credit card… these things are on sale and it says they are half off!”

“Sweetheart! I also need a credit card, these kittens don’t have a home! And if I don’t give them money they’ll be put to sleep.”

“What do I look like, a money dispenser! Eh… please don’t answer that…”

“Prince, I’m going to donate some money to a content creator on Patreon.”

“Now you’re really throwing my money away!”

“I need one too! My great uncle I never heard about just won the lottery. As soon as they send me the proceeds, I’ll pay you back!”

“That sounds highly suspect!”

“My lord, a Nigerian Prince has left us a large sum of money, this could seriously help up build up our army! Please give me your bank account number!”

You scrunch you head and sigh. This is… going to take a while.

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