The Power of Creation – Chapter 276

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“This resort actually isn’t all that bad.” You sigh, putting you hand over your eyes.

You relax on the beach as the girls play on the sand. It’s the next day after you beat away the slave traders. You’re now at the resort up north. With the dark elf BSDM resort now being destroyed, you become the first to enjoy the dark elf male resort. You and the girls headed up to their new resort on opening day while Wendy and the Dark Elves are left with packing duty. They’ll be moving back down to Riun to stay near their baby daddy.

As far as the babies, you didn’t expand the time, so they’ll have a typical dark elf gestation period, which should keep them combat ready for that war in a couple of months or so. For the moment, you don’t want to think about any more problems. Rather, you’re here just to enjoy yourself in the sun. All of the girls are in bathing suits, also playing and running around on the beach. It’s a good day.

Although the resort is still in construction, you used a bit of magic to help them finish up quicker in exchange for a couple nights stay. Well, taking 30 people to a resort ain’t cheap, after all. Everything is going great. Admittedly, all of the male staff are gay, but that gives the advantage that no one is looking at your girls. With the fresh opening, no one else is here but the gay dark elf men, so your women are a buffet of beauty for your eyes alone.

“Ah! My lord, my bra fell off in the ocean again!” Mushu cries, pushing her bare enormous chest at you.

“Ah… isn’t it because those fat things are too large!” Mulan snorted. “Master, I will be happy to cut these things off at your order!”

“It’s fine if you go topless since all the guys are gay.” You lie, casting a modification of the censorship spell so even if the gay guys see her boobs, they’ll just see a black bar. “However, you should apply son sun lotion so you don’t get burned.

“Eh? What’s that?”

You sigh. “I guess I’ll just have to apply it for you!”

“T-thank you, my lord!”

“Thank you, Master!”

The two dragon sisters Mulan and Mushu bow before you. You flex your arms and pull out a tub of lotion. Immediately, you get your hands moist with lotion and grab at the girls.


“It’s cold!”

The girls cry as you grab their bodies. Soon, you start rubbing white stuff all over their bodies.

“Do-do you really need to rub it there?” Mulan cries as you slide your fingers into every crack.

“Especially there!” You assure her.

“M-my lord, I have a bit of a stupid question…”

“Now, now, Mushu, there are no stupid questions.”

“Since we’re both fire dragons with fire-resistant skin, is it really possible that we can get sunburns at all?”

Your hands stop for a second. “You’re right Mushu…”

Mushu starts to smile. “I thought so-“

“That was a stupid question.”

Mushu’s smile fades and she grows teary-eyed. “Yes… my lord. Please continue.”

The cute sexy noises your girls make as you apply lotion starts to attract some of the other women. The more curious girls, such as Ariel, Medusa, and Jasmine are naturally the first to come over.

“M-my lord, should I really do it this way?” Mushu says tearfully.

“Mm… yes… since Mushu’s boobs are so big, this is the only way to correctly apply lots of sunscreens.”

To apply Mushu’s enormous chest with lotion, naturally, I pull out the tub of sunscreen, which wasn’t a euphemism, it’s actually a giant bathtub full of sunscreen. I then demanded Mushu bend over it and dip her heavy boobs into the white stuff. When she finally pulls them out, her mountains look as frosted as the Himalayas. The cream is thick, and most of it managed to stick, causing her to gain two wonderful snowcones.

“Ah… my lord… it’s so cold!”

“Here, let me quickly warm them up!” I immediately grab her chest, rubbing them enthusiastically.

“Ahhhn… my lord… Nyaaa….” She moans as I play with her breasts.

At this point, Mulan is frowning while looking at her own boobs. “If only I had bigger breasts, then Master would need to spend as much time warming them up.”

“H-hero! I need my breasts sunscreened as well!”

“Me too, beloved. Rub my tits!”

“Eh?” You look around to now seen dozens of women around you.

What started as a side distraction has no become a job. You roll up your sleeves and dig a hand into the sunscreen tub, pulling up a scoopful of sunscreen lotion. A man has to do what a man has to do.

“Alright ladies, who’s next!”

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