The Power of Creation – Chapter 277

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After making sure to properly sunscreen all of the women, half of your day is already over. Before you can lay back down and relax, the girls beg you to play some volleyball with them. Thus, you form teams. On team one is Merida, Snow White, Kida, and Mushu. On team two is you, Elena, Mulan, and Rapunzel.

“I-isn’t there a bit of an imbalance between the teams?” You ask, your cheeks tightening.

The four women opposite of you, each with enormous breasts that are barely contained by their swimsuits all look at each other questioningly. Meanwhile, the girls all around you are getting charged up.

“We’ll be called team A!” Mulan declares. “What will your team be called?”

“Eh?” You mutter, “If we’re team A, then isn’t there team need to be Team DD?”

“Master!” Mulan growls while the other two girls cover their chests, “Please don’t look down on us!”

“S-sorry…” You repent under their glowers.

“Besides, those big ugly fat things will only be a disadvantage! With all the jumping, they’re bound to get in the way. You need a slick and aerodynamic girl like me to hit the ball.”

“You’re seriously calling being flatchested aerodynamic!” You chuckle.

Thwack! Pop!

“Hey, you just spiked the volleyball at my balls!” You glare at Mulan.

“Never mind that!” Mulan shouts back, “Why did the volleyball just pop!”

“Eh? Isn’t that because my dick is for poppin’?”

“You…” Mulan sighs. “Now, we have no ball!”

“I have plenty of balls!” You pull out a ball and toss it to her.

“Agh! Where did this ball come from, you just pulled it out of your swimsuit!”

“Hey, I just pulled it out of my personal storage.”

“Your personal storage is in your pants?”

“Where else would I put it?”

Mulan blushes, looking away, “N-n-nevermind! Let’s just play!”

Mulan leaps into the air and hits the ball, sending it spiraling over the net.

“Hahaha… as a general and queen of goblins, I will return your puny hit and send you to your grave!”

“Snow White, this is just a game!” Elena warns tearfully.

Snow White ignores her, hitting the ball up into the air. Merida takes it from there, leaping high into the hair and slamming the ball into the ground on the other side of the net with a force which creates a small crater. You might be thinking about how OP you made your girls, and how this match might turn out to be somewhat dangerous, however, you’re lost in Team DD’s secret weapons. They all come in pairs and with your high optical vision, you’re able to see them come up and down with each bounce in a vision similar to slow motion.

Thus, you find yourself admiring Mushu, Snow White, Kida, and Merida as they bounce around the court. Up and down. Up and down. Merida and Mushu give each other a high five. Ooo! They touched! Four melons say hello to each other. How nice. The match continues…

“Master, will you not help us at all?” Mulan dodges a ball that obliterates the space she was standing.

On top of being team DD, they also are the strongest and most savage girls in the harem. Suffice it say, these girls never understood restraint. Suffice it to say, every hit breaks the sound barrier and leads to mini-explosions. Mulan and Elena are too afraid to hit the ball, and even Rapunzel barely manages to strike one back. As soon as it reach Team DD’s court, Mushu leaps into the air to take it. As she does, her swimsuit slips.

As Mushu’s boobs bounce in slow motion, a boob falls out of her swimsuit. A oiled nipple is gratuitously exposed. You let out little sigh, appreciating the little things in life.  You continue to look on in rapture as a small explosion erupts behind you, flinging Elena off the court. Once Mushu lands, she realizes she exposed herself and covers herself, giving you a wink.

“She did that on purpose!” Mulan accuses.

“Sweetheart, we need your help!” Elena cries, limping back onto the court.

Another eruption as Kida’s monsters fly up over your head, casting a shadow and possibly creating a small eclipse. S-s-so big… they darken out the sun. You bask in their magnificence.

“Owner! Please… get the ball next time!” Rapunzel chastises as the ball is returned to us, now losing horribly.

“We must win!” Mulan cries, her desire to compete flaring as she desires victory.

Elena serves the ball, and Merida and Mushu go for it at the same time. Their boobs collide in a massive display, that poor ball slammed into the middle. As the four boobs collide in a rippling sonic boom, the tortured ball is launched like a canon between their combined cleavage. It flies up into the air with a boom. You look on appreciatively, giving them a thumbs up.

“Where did the ball go?” Mulan asks.

“It’s up there somewhere!” Rapunzel says, squinting into  the sun.

“Ah… I see it, it’s falling fast!”

“I-isn’t that a meteor!”

“N-no! That’s the ball!”

“It’s heading too fast, only Sweetheart is fast enough to hit it!”




“Give it up!” Mushu laughs loudly,” We’ve enthralled him in our boob-fu… the game is over!”

“Master! If you hit the ball, I’ll… I’ll… I’ll… let you stick it in my butt!”

“Eh?” Everyone ended up looking at Mulan, who declare these words while wanting to win, her competitive spirit being uncontainable.

Enough time passes by that none of the boobs are bouncing, and you manage to snap back to reality. You look up into the sky just in time to see the volleyball falling down. It’s currently on fire, the air around it rippling.

“Oh… I got it!” You leap up and in a single strike, a wave of pressure explodes across the court.

You were already distracted, and you’re a lot more OP than the rest of the girls. The ball explodes into pieces upon hitting the ground as shockwaves shoot across the beach. When you finally land and the dust clears… you see both teams on the ground… their swimsuits having been blown away.

“Ah… I guess I hit it too hard…” You look at your hand. “Did I hear something about buttsex?”

No one responds. Even with your harem, you always win.

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