The Power of Creation – Chapter 278

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“C-c-can Savior please teach me to swim?” Jasmine asks you after the end of the volleyball match.

“Eh? Swim? Aren’t you a cat or something? Won’t swimming make you wet? Cats hate water.”

Jasmine puffs out her cheeks. “Ooo… that’s prejudice! Just saying because I have cat parts that I’d act like a cat! How dare you!”


“I’ll have you know… that I’ve lived in Riun and we were too poor and I was too sick to be able to go to any kind of water source. Thus, I was never able to swim!”

“Ah, I guess that’s about right…” You sigh.

“So, please teach me!” Jasmine bows her head, her tail lashing back and forth.

“Alright, go put this on…” You hand her box of stuff

“Eh? Wh-what’s this?”

“It’s an inflatable so you don’t sink.”

“Okay!” Jasmine grabs the stuff and runs off to the changing room.

As you stand there in the sun waiting for Jasmine, you suddenly notice something up in the sky. Looking at it, you frown thoughtfully.

“Another volleyball? No… wait… isn’t that a meteor?”

You realize that a meteor is apparently on its way to hit this planet. Noone else can see it in the light of the day, but your vision isn’t exactly ordinary. Well, you can’t have something like an apocalypse ruining your day. You cast a spell and rise up into the sky. Jasmine will just have to wait a bit. You’re not going to let a little thing like an apocalypse ruin your day at the beach!

A few minutes later, Jasmine comes out of the bathroom. She’s wearing a blue school outfit and two, big inflatables around her arms.

“Let’s go, Savior!” She cries, grabbing a man’s arm.

The man smiles darkly. “Yes, let’s.”

Jasmine runs into the waves, with the man following slowly, a malicious grin on his face that no one can see.

“Ah… I’m getting deep.” Jasmine cries as she finally reaches an area too deep for her to go any farther.

“I’ll hold you…” The man says smoothly, grabbing Jasmine’s sides and pulling her with him.

“Ah! We’re going deeper. Savior… I’m scared. You’re taking me too deep!”

“It’s okay… I have you…” The man says, moving somewhat close to Jasmine.

It’s at this point, that Jasmine starts to realize that something is off. “S-savior, are you okay?”

“Of course…” the man responds smoothly. “Jasmine, you don’t simply want me to teach you how to swim, do you?”

“Eh? Ah… well… you were giving the other girl’s attention, naturally, I wanted attention too.” Jasmine admits guiltily.

“But, what does Jasmine really want, what have you been craving from the beginning.” He breathes into her ear, causing Jasmine to shake and try to turn around.

However, she can’t swim and he’s got a firm grasp on her hips. Even if she tries to move, she’s not able to escape.

“S-s-s-savior? Wh-wh-what are you saying? P-p-please be clear.” Jasmine says nervously, her face flushed

“We’re out here all alone, little one.” The man whispers into Jasmine’s ear, “No loli police, no witnesses.”

“Ah!” Jasmine looks over to see that he’s pulled her quite a distance from the rest of the girls; even if she screamed they’d likely not hear her over the waves and their own play.

“Th-th-tht… ahhhn… where are you touching!”

The man’s hands slip under her swimsuit, suddenly pinching her ripe pink cherry-like nipples. Jasmine cries out, having never been touched that way before. She struggles slightly, but as the man sucks her neck, she finds her resistance waning. There really was no point in struggling, this has been what Jasmine has wanted from the beginning, right?

“Ah!” Jasmine cries out as something hard pokes into her butt. “Th-th-that… is that Savior’s p-p-p-pe-“

Jasmine blushes, unable to get the words out. The man pushes it harder, causing it to slide between her legs.

“Does little loli Jasmine want it?” he asks cruelly, pushing slightly harder.

“Ahn!” Jasmine let’s out a cute noise, gulping down her saliva nervously. “S-s-savior…”

Jasmine is teary-eyed, lost between being afraid and desperately wanting this to finally happen.

“Here, I’ll stick it in!” The man declares, releasing one of Jasmine’s nipples and moving the hand down to her bottom, cupping her buttocks.

“Ah… I’m sinking!” She cries, only being supported by one hand.

“Hehe… you’ll be supported by something in a second.” He chuckles, pushing her swimsuit aside and revealing her hairless pubic region under the water.

He pushes his head up against her entrance, but it faces a great deal of resistance.

“It’s so big…” Jasmine cries out. “It’ll never fit.”

“Never say never!” The man laughs, “Time to pop your cherry!”

Letting go of Jasmine’s top half, he reaches down and grabs her thighs. With one more push, he’ll pop her cherry for good! Jasmine’s eyes widen in fear and excitement as her head plunges underwater. In this position, she couldn’t possibly resist. In this position, she couldn’t even yell out. Bent under the water, Jasmine was completely at his mercy!

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