The Power of Creation – Chapter 279

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A sudden thrust, that large thing forcing itself inside. The pinching pain. Jasmine crying out underwater. These things never happen. The pressure on her lower half disappears as a hand grabs her by the back of the neck, lifting her like a kitten. When Jasmine emerges from the water, she gasps, looking around in confusion as she blinks the water out of her eyes.

When her vision finally clears, she sees you holding her by the neck, floating over the water. In your other hand, is also you. The second you has his dick out, and he’s fully erect, exposing you to the entire beach. The three of you start to float back to the beach.

“T-t-two saviors?” Jasmine shouts in confusion.

“Oh… look at the show!” The gay dark elf lifeguard admires the large erect penis on the exposed you.

The other harem girls are starting to notice the three of you now too. You can’t help but crease your brow in annoyance as everyone points at the guy in your hand. His dick is still hard, and he’s giving all the girls winks and thumbs up like he doesn’t even mind he’s been caught dicking a loli.

“I knew it! He’s a criminal!” Moana says, pointing accusingly with one finger “You tried to have sex with a minor! Death!”

You finally land, letting go of Jasmine. She doesn’t look frightened. Instead, she looks somewhat curious, shooting looks over at the man who took her into the water. In particular, her eyes lock on the massive thing between his legs. She had felt it rub between her thighs, but now that she saw the true size of it, she could only gulp in shock. That definitely wouldn’t have fit in her! So why was she so aroused by it!

“Two Heros? What is the meaning of this!” Ariel asks, approaching the three of you.

“Let’s fuck!” The guy in your hands, finally getting his footing, makes a lewd humping movement, his dick bouncing up and down in Ariel’s direction.

“Okay!” Ariel bends over, but before he can run up to her you grab his neck tighter and pull him back.

“No! Ariel! Put your swimsuit back on!”

“Ariel!” Aurora admonishes her confused daughter. “How could you possibly try to give yourself to that man? Can’t you read the mood? The true hero has him by the neck, of all people, I can’t believe you’d engage in NTR!”

Ariel cocks her head in confusion. “Eh? But mom, aren’t they both hero? Does it matter which I fuck? Hero is hero, after all!”

“This is clearly some doppelganger.” Grimhilde shakes her head. “Ariel, don’t be fooled by this person. His aura is clearly different from my love.”

“Hmph!” Ariel gave the other girls angry looks, walking up to the man in my arms and then hugging him. “I know my man anywhere!”

The guy immediately starts groping Ariel, causing her to moan as his hands roam all over her body. He wastes no time burying his head in her chest and sliding his fingers into her snatch. The other women look on aghast. Most of them seem angry and upset. The few who aren’t notice that despite Ariel’s blatant cheating with this doppelganger, you haven’t made a single attempt to part them. Instead, you just look slightly annoyed.

“Ahhhnnn… hero’s so rough today!” Ariel cries out as he tears off her clothes and pushes her down on the ground.

In only a few moments, he’s got his dick in Ariel’s ass, and she’s moaning as he pounds her into the beach. Meanwhile, he’s looking lustfully at the other women while licking his lips, clearly not satiated with one woman.

“Wh-wh-what is the meaning of this, Master?” Mulan asks first.

“Ahh… about this…” You look down at Ariel getting her ass pounded in front of you by a guy who looks just like you. “Actually, Ariel’s right, he’s me.”

“Haaaaah?” All the girls shout, while Ariel moans excitedly.

Right now, you could feel yourself thrusting into Ariel’s tight butthole. You could feel the sand on your knees. You could feel her ass in your hands. No, you didn’t duplicate yourself. Clearly, this person is interacting independently of you, but he is also you at the same time.

“Daddy, can you please give us an explanation?” Merida demands, frowning at the scene in front of her.

You sigh, summoning a lounge chair and sitting down. “It all started when I died at the hands of the demon god apostle guy. You guys may think I just repopped without issue, but there was actually a substantial amount of time that passed. Actually, I had to rearrange the universe a bit. I had to create a me that was no longer human. I am sorry I have kept this from all of you… but I am not longer human!”

“Yeah… and?” Elena asks.

“Eh, you know?” You blink in surprise.

“Uh… you float around warping reality to your will…” Merida laughed.

“You turned us into pussy canons!” Maleficant accused.

“You turned into a giant and fucked a monster until it exploded.” Sylvia added.

“You screwed an entire planet.” Snow White snorted.

“You impregnated my entire tribe with tentacle penises.” Pocahontas nodded.

Grimhilde looked on musingly. “We all assumed you were not human a long time ago.

“Ah… yeah… I guess.” You scratch your head, realizing you were worrying too much about nothing.

“So? What does this have to do with him?” Aurora demands, pointing at her daughter being reamed.

“He’s… I guess you could call him a trait of my species. He’s an aspect of my personality. He’s me, a part of me that sometimes emerges when I’m bored or angry. I guess you could say he’s a troll.”

“Eh? A troll? Like a monster!” Aurora asks, looking concerned.

“T-troll! Ah… harder, fuck me in the ass troll!” Ariel squeals in delight.

“Being a pain in the ass is what I do best!” The troll winks, speeding up his thrusts until he suddenly cums in Ariel’s ass, the two of them crying out.

“As he says… troll is just one aspect of my being…” You chuckle, enjoying the feel of an orgasm. “The me right now talking to you isn’t the real me either. It’s more of a proxy I use to communicate and interact with all of you. They are all me, and I am them all. I can make as many mes as I want. The difference between my proxy and the troll though is that the troll is controlled by emotion, not thought. I’ve tried to keep it in check, but I was busy doing stuff and I guess it got loose. Immediately, it tried to fulfill my deepest, darkest desires.”

“Eh?” Jasmine looks up excitedly. “Your deepest desire is to fuck me! Yaaay!”

“I knew it! Criminal!”


“Eh… well, perhaps you’d all understand a bit better if you knew what species I am.” You sigh. “I really didn’t want to show this, ever… but you’re my girls, and you have a right to know what I am, exactly.”

“I’ll love you no matter what you are,” Elena responds, many of the other girls nodding in agreement.

You sigh again, using a bit of magic. “It’s easier if I just show you my species description. I just want you to know the context. Basically, after I died, I created many different bodies to house my soul, and when I couldn’t decide who was most powerful, I let them battle each other in a brutal combat. After many battles, there was one who started to stand out. In the end, this form proved to always survive. No matter how bad things got, he always came back, even when no one wanted him too.

“Since you wanted to know… this is the species I became. It wasn’t so much that it won every battle it engaged in, but that whenever it engaged in battle, everyone else lost. This is the most powerful being in this world. Stronger than gods… stronger than monsters. This is my true form!”

Species – Internet Commenter – An aggressive creature quick to becoming startled or angry. They travel in packs but can be extremely effective alone. Whether it finds something it likes or hates, the commenter will equally attach on to it and suck out its lifeforce until it’s a husk of its former self. The commenter hates change and reasoning. It likes emotional responses, vengeance, and mindlessly repetitive cliches. Occasionally becomes a troll, fucking every one in the process. 

Special Skill – Gigapenis – For a period of time, acts like a massive dick, destroying the very thing it loves in the process just to fuck it.

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