The Power of Creation – Chapter 281

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“Nyaaa!” Giselle shouts and screams as you cum at her. “More, more cum!”

“Hah? How much cum do you need before you can produce an army?”

“I can make 100 sisters…” Giselle says, “If man want 1000, need more!”

“You’d have more if sister would stop licking it off her!” Ursula growled.

While licking her fingers of cum, Grimhilde looks up. “Are you talking about me? I’m just cleaning up the splash off, I swear!”

“Beloved, please keep cumming on her and in her, you must finish producing your army.” Medusa declares. “And then… you can cum in me?”

Medusa seductively twists her body in a way only a lady who had some snake genes in her could do, winking and blowing you a kiss.

You sigh, looking down at you ten inch pecker. It has taken you all the way this far, banging hundreds of women, impregnating hundreds more. You have a castle. A harem of thirty beautiful waifus who want your dick. You have godlike power and want for nothing. Yet, as you stand over their harpy would, taking potshots with your cock, you suddenly find something wrong.

“My love? Is something wrong?” Grimhilde is the first to notice your strange mood.

“I’m not sure if wrong would be the right word. It’s just… haven’t we done all of this before?”

“Hah?” Maleficant speaks up. “I’ve certainly never held a naked harpy down while trying of dodge the cum bouncing off of her! I haven’t! Not even once!”

“Beloved, perhaps we need a break?”

“No… it’s just… I’ve cum on so many women, what does it matter if I jizz all over this one last harpy? Another cumshot? One more creampie? I’ve raped, broken, loved, and fucked many beautiful women, and in the end, it feels a bit empty. It gets me thinking. Where is this all going in the end?”

“Uh oh…” Medusa sighs. “I know what is going on here.”

“What is it?” Ursula demands. “What is wrong with the prince?”

“It seems like beloved is going through a mid-story crisis.”

“Eh? A what?”

“It’s like a mid-life crisis, but it occurs when the story has gone on a bit too long. Basically, things start to feel aimless and like their going nowhere. All the scenes just feel repetitive, and there seems to be a point where there seems nowhere interesting left to take the characters.”

“A-are you sure that’s what this is?” Grimhilde asks.

“Well, the signs are certainly there. Random characters get introduced that no one asked for…”

“Hey, I was asked for!” Giselle growled when everyone looked at her.

“B-but… how can we fix this? We should fix it! I said it twice!” Maleficant demands.

“Well, for many stories, it involves just starting over.”

“Starting over?”

“Like, have some event where the MC is depowered, or perhaps have him go to a new world where his power is only modest at best.” Medusa thought carefully as she spoke. “Basically, reset the status quo so there is a direction to go once again.”

“Wh-what will happen to us?” Maleficant asks fearfully.

“We’ll be left behind. We’ll become background bitches as a new cast of girls are slowly introduced. Oh, we might get a side chapter every 50 or so, but our chances of character development will be nilche.”

“I don’t want to be background bitch!” Maleficant cries, Ursula patting her head to soothe her.

“Surely, there has to be some other option, right?” Grimhilde responds pleafully.

“There is.” The words come from you, causing all of the girls to turn to you all of a sudden.


“My love?”



“It’s time for this story to die.” You declare.


“I’ve been playing around with armies, and feminist dark elves, and dragons, and demi-humans, and all of that crap, but it all forgets one simple thing.”

“What is that, my love?”

“I’m basically a god. When I first came to this world, it took me less than day to conquer you.” You look at Grimhilde. “On that note, all of you fell to me without effort.”

The four women look away, somewhat complicated expressions on their faces. “Th-that’s not fair, my love…”

“I’m not looking down on you,” You say, lifting Grimhilde’s chin. “I love you girls. I may have conquered you, but you are absolutely mine. My heart belongs to you all.”

The four demon lords blush, looking away shyly at my sudden declaration. They were all girls, and easily effected when the man they look up to more than anything claims them as such.

“Three more demon lords…” you sigh. “I’m not going to waste any more time. I’ll just go to their castles and rape them until they are mine. Who is the next girl on the list? Gothel? She’ll be my bitch in a matter of hours. I’ll be right back.”

The demon lord’s eyes widen as you speak so. You open a portal an instantly later, which should open right to Gothel.

“W-wait!” Grimhilde shouts. “Yo-you can’t!”

“Th-this isn’t the same!” Ursula cried. “Gothel is-“

You step through and the portal closes instantly behind you.


“What happened?” Snow White asks as she approaches with some of the other girls involved in the invasion plans. “Is Warrior going somewhere?”

“He… he left…” Maleficant says in disbelief. “He left us!”

Snow White frowned. “What do you mean, he left?”

“He went to…” Medusa swallows. “He went to Gothel’s castle.”

Snow White gave a grin. “About time! Fantastic, we can bolster our ranks and…”

The four demon lords immediately shook their heads, but it was Grimhilde who stepped forward. “Ready the armies. All of them. The demons. The dragons. The goblins. Even the sex dolls. We need every force we have. We’re heading out tonight! We must win! We must get to Gothel’s castle or all is lost! This is no longer a war, but a rescue mission!”

Snow White’s grin became a frown. “I-is this Gothel really so dangerous?”

“Dangerous?” Medusa looks up. “Yes… but it isn’t Gothel we need to save beloved from.”

“Then who?” Merida asks worriedly from behind Snow White.

Grimhilde turns to Merida, her expression flat. “Himself.”

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