The Power of Creation – Chapter 284

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“Nya… ah… your cock!” Gothel cries ecstatically as she rides on top of you. “I love it!”

Her slender and light body is perfect for hopping up and down on your cock. Each time she slides your cock deep inside her pussy, her ears twitch. Her body is slick with sweat. Anyone who would say that Gothel is lazy has never seen Gothel have sex. As she works her hips using her impressively strong thigh muscles, she milks your shaft for all it’s worth.

“Hah… hah… I’m cumming!” Gothel cries out, but even as she does so she doesn’t slow down, but speeds up.

As her pussy gushes and clamps down on your cock, she continues to ram it home, taking all of your dick into her contracting womb. Her hands push on your chest, allowing herself to really gain lift, each time her pussy almost makes it to the tip before she impales herself on you all over again. This goes on for ages, the feeling of her tight pussy, your sweaty bodies, the feel of sex. It’s warm and fulfilling.

After what feels like an eternity, she finally collapses. “Y-you’re amazing!”

“Hmph…” You snort, not really affected by flattery anymore.”

“No, I mean it, I’ve never met a partner that can keep up with me. You’re definitely the right choice to be my boyfriend!”

You cough slightly. “Uh, huh… well, now that I’ve conquered you, I think it’s time to invade your sisters, right?”

“Eh? Who told you that? Is that Grimhilde and them? How bothersome.”

“Are you saying you don’t want me to become the Demon King?” You ask interestedly.

“Do you want to become the Demon King?” Gothel asks in return.

“N-no… not really? I mean, if you really think about it, it’s almost like a downgrade at this point. I don’t really see what being Demon King will do that I can’t already do. To be honest, I’ve found this whole Demon God coming to earth thing both dry and repetitive. I mean, if it’s some ugly guy, I’ll kill him, and if he’s some pretty girl, I’ll fuck her. Isn’t that the only way this story is going to end? My victory is basically assured by plot convenience.”

“Do you ever notice it’s weird when you talk about things like plot convenience or commenters or things like that?”

“Hah, what are those?” You ask, scratching your head.

Gothel smiles gently. “Never mind, you’ll find out the truth, in the end. Just keep being an innocent protagonist a little longer. There is still time.”

“Eh? Time?”

Gothel gets back up, “Mm! Time to fuck!”

You laugh. “Now that’s something we both can agree on.”

The pair of you fall back into each other’s arms. This time, the sex lasts even longer. You lie in bed, the naked Gothel lying right beside you. Your naked body is covered by blankets, but your foot is hanging out the side of the bed. There is a fire in the fireplace which is giving your foot just enough warmth to keep you from shivering.

It is this position when the door sudden slams open. Gothel gives a snort, casually looking up before rolling her eyes and falling back into her pillow. The person who emerges into the room is Merida and Kida. You look on in surprise as both girls are haggard and beaten. There is a cut on Merida’s cheek and Kida body looks to be dirtied. Both are holding their swords raised as they pant coming in.


“Daddy, finally!”

“Eh? You guy’s came? What’s up?” You smile. “Why don’t you join us in bed? Eh… take a shower first.”

The two girls look at each other before turning to you. “Rookie, why are you acting this way? We have been fighting to make it here. People are dying as we speak! Gothel’s armies are surrounding us! We only just managed to make a straight push towards the castle and break through their lines!”

“Hah? Why did you do that? I’ve been King for…  uh…” You look at your fingers. “At least a couple of days.”

“Days…” Merida exclaims, “Do you know how long you’ve been gone?”

“Just a few days, maybe a week…”

“Daddy, it’s been over a month since you came to the castle!”

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