The Power of Creation – Chapter 285

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“What are you talking about, a month?” You ask, scratching you head.

“We mean a month!” Merida declares as more of the girls show up.

Grimhilde and the other demon lords walk in. They don’t look as beat up as the warriors, but they still had a haggard appearance of many sleepless nights and great frustration.

“My love, from the moment you teleported away from the mansion, just over a month has passed. When you left, we quickly organized your armies an attacked the nation recklessly, but we only managed to make it to the castle now, after much loss.”

“What loss? She surrendered immediately?” You say, holding up a piece of paper, “I’ve been in charge of the nation all along.”

“The castle let us right in…” Kida said complicatedly. “R-rookie, did you send out orders to the troops to stand down and accept you as their new ruler?”

“Did I do what now?” You look over at Gothel. “Eh? Gothel? Didn’t you say you let everyone know I was king?”

“Eh? I told the castle.”

“You were supposed to tell all your subjects!”

“Tsk… how bothersome.” Gothel yawns. “Besides, you’re king, isn’t that your job to proclaim yourself as the new ruler?”

“I’ve been here with you the whole time!”


“Are you sleeping!? You…”

“Beloved, Gothel has always been like this. She’s a lot of fun, but also a flake. I honestly believe she meant no malice intent, but she is the embodiment of sloth, and once can’t be helped but to be caught in her web.”

You sigh, waving your hand. A message is instantly sent out and every line is informed to stand down. Like that, a month long campaign with a death toll of thousands ends in a second. You could probably bring back all the dead as zombies or something too if you really wanted to. As to resetting the clock, a single day in an isolated city and a month spread out over an entire region are two entirely different things. You’re not sure if even you’re the omnipotent. It’s best not to screw with the plotline, you mean timeline, too often.

The most messed up part of all of this is that even after knowing you had just abandoned your 30 woman harem for nearly a month, there was a part of you that still wanted to throw the sheets back on and go to sleep next to Gothel. It just felt easy lying around with her.

“Come, sister, we need to fix your messes.” Ursula demanded, yanking Gothel out of bed.

“Nyaaaa… I don’t wanna!” Gothel cries.

“There is work to be done!” Grimhilde insists.

“N-noooo!” Gothel is dragged around of the room by her sisters kicking and screaming, but even that looks tired and lethargic.

“Daddy…” Merida says tightly as you realize there is only a few of the fighter girls left. “You…”

Merida stops, her eyes tearful, before turning and running away.


Kida sighs tiredly. “I’m sorry, Rookie. A lot of the girls have been very worried since you left. You’ve been gone even longer than when you went to the capital. Perhaps… you should make it up to them.”

You lower your head, for once feeling something knew in this world that you might not have ever felt before. Bad. You feel like you let down these ladies. You feel a bit bad.

“Kida… have all the ladies come to the front lines?”

After a moment, Kida nods with a sigh. “They’re all stronger than any five soldiers, I take it that is your doing? They all insisted on coming.

“Can you gather them all together for me?”

“Y-yes, I suppose.” Kida nods slowly. “We’ll be in the throne room. Please come when you’re ready.”

You agree as Kida leaves the room and closes the door, leaving you alone in the place Gothel and you fornicated for nearly a month. After great periods of lethargy, it was sometimes important to put out effort for the things you want. You take a shower, clean up, get a haircut, and put yourself in your finest garb. It sounds time consuming, but given your magic, this only takes but a moment.

With a sigh, you look over this room of solitary confinement one last time, and grab the doorknob. You’ve wronged your harem, and now you need to the thing all men must do. Perhaps you could call it the most defining trait of a man. You have to apologize to women for not giving them enough attention.

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