The Power of Creation – Chapter 286

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“Alright!” You declare, putting on a robe. “So, the armies have been stopped, my harem and I have all been returned the castle, and everything regarding Gothel had been settled. Is there anything else I need to do?”

“We could go back to sleep after some sex.” Gothel suggests.

“Don’t you start!” You give Gothel a glare as she lies on her new bed in your castle.

“I want to join beloved in bed as well!” Medusa adds.

“I-I could use a taste of fresh semen as well.” Grimhilde murmurs guiltily.

“Girls, girls, girls… there will be time for sex later.” You raise your hands, waving off their shameless advances. “Can’t a man get up for a few minutes without beautiful women throwing themselves at him for sex?”

The chastised girls nod in acceptance.

“Well, this is for the best. There is only about three weeks before the demon god will break into this realm.” Grimhilde explains.

“Right, plot. We had one of those. Demon God, I’m still not feeling this is a threat.”

Grimhilde sighs. “My love, this will be the greatest threat you will ever face. The demon god is not to be taken lightly. Their coming will end everything that we know. Unless you can acquire the-“

“Yes, yes… the barrier magic, right? See, I was listening. So, barrier magic comes if I conquer all seven of you. I’m now at five. That leaves Tremaine and Cruella. I’ve met Cruella before. She’s a shape shifting bitch who likes trying to NTR others.”

“I suggest that we go after Cruella, but we should be quick about it.”

“Quick about it? I tried to be quick about Gothel, and look where that got me?” You point down at Gothel, who is snoozing on the couch, a sudden snort escaping her cutely before she falls back into a deep sleep as if you hadn’t just taken her from her castle and relocated her in yours.

“Well… Gothel was a particular case. We understood your attitude and behavior and we knew that if you went there alone, that you would end up being trapped in her spell!” Ursula snapped. “To think, I worried about you for weeks and you were just banging it out in my sister all this time!”

“You’re still on about that? That was like a chapter ago?”

“You… well, it’s not like I can do anything about it. The Prince is who he is. We just have to support him before the demon god descends.”

“Alright, so the first thing is to seek out Cruella. So, do we bolster our forces with Gothel’s troops and then march on her country?”

Medusa shook her head, even as she sat down on the bed next to Gothel, stretching out in a sexually enticing way, her large chest seeming to jut out from her chest temptingly.

“Beloved, it would appear that our dear sister Cruella rarely remains in the kingdom. It’d be better off to seek her out. If we can find her without her armies and you conquer her, then the armies will naturally fall to you. Then, we’ll have to deal with Tremaine… she’ll be the hardest one.”

“Conquer her? You mean rape her a bunch?”

“You know, loli-pervert, you don’t have to conquer us by raping us? Just getting us to submit or swear fealty is sufficient.”

“Doesn’t he though?” Medusa purred, shooting you suggestive eyes like a predator eagerly watching its prey.

“And how do we find her?” You ask.

“We’ll need to look for unrest. Perhaps your spy master might have some ideas.”

“I have a spy master?”

“Rapunzel? The squirrel girl?”

“Not ringing a bell.”

“She was a magic squirrel that was spying on you during a picnic with Aurora, when you magically turned her into a demi-human, causing her to evolve and become intelligent. Elena captured her as a pet, but she quickly outgrew that roll, went with you to the Capitol of the humans and won that tournament, and you finally took her virginity. You remember none of this?”

You cough, immediately changing the subject, “And Tremaine… the last sister. She’s got the largest country?”

Grimhilde sighs. “Mm… her country is nearly the size of all of our countries put together. The war to defeat Tremaine would be a harsh one costing us many losses. I’m not even sure it could be achieved in the time frame we have.”

“S-seriously? Then, wouldn’t it just make more sense for me to kidnap her and force her to submit myself?” You offer.

The five girls all look at each other with complicated expressions. “Prince… Tremaine will not be as easy to conquer as the rest of us.”

“If you wish to rape Tremaine, things may not go the way you plan.” Maleficant cryptically added.

“In fact, beloved, you could say that compared to use, Tremaine is the true final boss.”

“Hah? What? Is she some kind of cold fish? Or maybe a lesbian? I broke Belle out of that and now she loves the dick. I don’t think that will be a problem at all. Oh, Pun, you’re not saying she’s a futa, right? All of my previous attempts to add a futa into this story has been met with overwhelming resistance.”

“No, my love…” Grimhilde shook her head. “This is something far more difficult to handle. Simple, but difficult.”

“Well, spit it out already.” You growl. “I swear you’re just milking this to meet an arbitrary chapter word count!”

“My love, Tremaine is… for all intent and purposes, happily married.”

“W-what?” You respond flatly.

“Tremaine has a husband, and that husband and her have been happily married and monogamous for thousands of years. If you succeed in claiming Tremaine… If you force her submission… you’re going to have to deal with the demon general, her husband. To save our world, to defeat the demon king, you’re going to have to force our sister to cheat. No, you’re going to have to netorare her husband!”

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