The Power of Creation – Chapter 287

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Sitting down in a massive throne room, your feet hanging over the edge of the chair, you casually look through stacks of papers. With a sigh, you rub your eyes and toss them down to the side.

“Has Rapunzel made her report yet?” You ask. “All these papers and reports. I’ve done so much work as a king, I’m ready to call it.”

“Daddy, it’s been fifteen minutes.” Merida sighs.

Merida is standing nearby in full armor near the throne. She insists she is acting as your official guard of honor. There is also Snow White, the demon lords, Aurora, and even Pocahontas present.

“Daddy!” A small voice says, a little three-year-old girl running up to you.

“Hey! You…”

“Collette…” Pochontas coughs.

“Right, Collette. Daddy would never forget my own daughter’s name.”

“I love you, daddy!” A little dark-skinned elvish girl says excitedly, as she jumps up onto the throne and into your lap.

“Haha… I love you too, my little Collette.”

Over the last month, Collette has continued to grow at an alarming rate, and has done nothing but talk about how much she wanted to see her daddy. Now, you’re finally here with your daughter in your arms. She can’t be happier, and hasn’t left your side since.

“Ooo… daddy, that thing between your legs is poking again!” Collette cries, grinding her butt in your lap.

“What? I’m not hard, I swear! Oh, it’s a dildo I had in my pocket, thank Pun.”

You look to see all the girls staring at you with complicated looks. You make the dildo disappear before you daughter can see it.

“It’s an honest mistake. Could happen to any father.”

“Of course… Benefactor.”

“Look, everyone seems to want me to have a young daughter, even though my life is filled with sex and indecent scenes. I could have made her legal but everyone is like, nooo… we want a little girl! Don’t make this any weirder than it has to be.”

“D-daddy, is daddy married to mommy?”

“Haaah?” You break into coughs. “Mommy and daddy’s relationship is… um… complicated.”

Colette looks over at Pocahontas with a questioning gaze, and she smiles and nods. “I’m daddy’s side slut…”

“Ah!” Colette’s eyes brighten. “Can I be daddy’s side slut too?”

“Only when you’re older.”

“Ooo… boo… I want to be a slut now!”

“Damn it, you guys made it weird.” You cry.

“Don’t worry, hero, when I bear our daughter, I’ll let you make her your side slut any time.” Ariel reassures you.

“That’s not helping.”

“Sir… it appears we have a guest.” Sebastian announces from the door.

“Oh, thank Pun, literally anything else.” You sit up, although you keep Collette on your lap.

“Let them in.”

A person suddenly walks in as soon as Sebastian steps back. They walk in a manner of confidence, their body is covered in a cloak. They continue to stride forward until they reach right in front of you, and then suddenly go to a knee. The whole movement looks rather grandiose, and not at all what you’re used to.

“Wh-who are you?” you demand, feeling slightly flustered.

Th person reaches up and slowly pulls off their hood. They reveal the face of someone you actually recognize pretty well.

“Oh, it’s you…” You say flately.

Florian smiles. “It’s been a while, Lord of Ri- no, I suppose I should call you King of Riun now.”

“What brings you back so soon? I thought you were off to make your harem?”

Florian nodded as he stood up. “I did. Naturally, I wanted a harem of diverse women to satisfy my every need. Flat chested, big chested, tsundere, dandere, I wanted a little bit of everything. Of course, I stopped before I went that far.”

He uncomfortably nodded to the girl on your lap.

“H-hey!” You growl, “Don’t get any wrong ideas! I’m her daddy!”

“I’m his side slut!” The girl beams.

“…” Florian stares for a second before shaking his head. “Well, what happens in another world…”

“This is a complete misunderstanding! I don’t bang little girls! Jasmine’s still pure, see?”

“Haven’t you taken her virginity like three times already?” Snow White mutters.

“Noncanon! It’s noncanon!” You drop down, sighing. “Forget it. You were saying?”

“Right!” Florian nodded, thankfully moving on. “I ended up heading to the place I thought I’d find both the most willing girls and the diversity I wanted. After careful thought, I decided to go for a slave harem. And that meant the demi-humans. So, I headed to the northern border of the human realm, which leads into the demi-human realm.

“There, I bought myself a few lovely slave girls. They were, of course, very appreciative that I bought them and treated them with a basic level of human decency. However, as I grew closer to them, I learned more and more about the human slave network. To this day, humans have performed constant raids on the demi-humans, enslaving women and children and murdering most of the men who didn’t submit. It’s little better than genocide!”

“I’m not a philanthropist here.” you raise your hands in a shrug. “It sucks, but I don’t feel like I have the right to rewrite the laws of this world just because I feel like it. In my kingdom, slavery is abolished. If the demihumans want to come here, I’ll offer them asylum. That’s all I can do.

Florian nodded. “I appreciate it. I have been fighting to help free the slaves and improve their lives, but that isn’t why I came. The reason I came is because about a month and a half ago, the human realm went out of control. They launched a full-scale invasion of the demi-humans.”


“They’re wiping them out and enslaving them all!” Florian said passionately. “The humans are destroying their entire way of life!”

“The dark elf tribes reside on the very edge of the demi-human realm.” Pocohontas spoke up. “Those slavers who attacked my tribe were likely a small fraction of the ones invading the realm. By the way, that’s why we had children in our tribe. They were parentless refugees we had rescued and were trying to indoctrin- I mean teach the ways of the dark elf tribe.”


“My love, this dispute… this sounds like something Cruella would cook up.” Grimhilde adds.

You stretch, standing up. Collette remains in your lap, now giggling as she suddenly is turned horizontal. Right now, you’re standing up, and Collette’s butt is right up against your groin, her entire body seemingly being supported as if by magic, or perhaps something else. The girls watching make noises of shock. Florian turns away in disgust.

“Wh-what?” You look down at Collette. “Ah! It’s magic! I swear it’s magic! I was afraid Collette would fall off my lap while I wasn’t paying attention and the throne has the high steps so I just glued her butt there magically. There is nothing inside, aah… ahem.. cough… I mean, stop thinking weird things!”

You grab Collette and pull her off your cotch, a velco-like sound being admitted as you put her on the floor next to you.

“Alright, Florian, I’ll help you!”

“C-can you at least put on some pants first?”

“I said don’t make this weird!”

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