The Power of Creation – Chapter 289

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“Nyaaaaaa!” A woman is ripped out of her burning house as a slaver feels up her body. “Save me!”

The entire village was already makeshift, about half the size of Riun before your renovations. Suffice it to say, it is burning all over as the slavers, numbering a few hundred, already overwhelmed the fighting force of men and are now pulling out all the women and children for slavery. It seems like the older men are simply slaughtered, considered not valuable enough for slavery. Only those young enough to become protagonists in their own spin-off series are being kept alive.

“Grandfather!” One little boy is tugged away while his grandfather pleads the slavers to not hurt his grandson.

The malicious humans stab the old man. “Nooooooo! Grandfather, I’ll keep my promise! I swear it!”

Somewhere else is a girl whose dressed as a boy. The slavers think she’s a boy, so they leave her in chains while they rape her mom in front of her, the dead father’s corpse only a few feet away. Her hands shake as she swears in her heart to take vengeance on those who wronged her.

Still, somewhere else, a boy is ripped apart from his love. “No, my love, don’t take her, you bastards!”

“Aren’t you just too weak?” The slaver says cruelly as he gropes the boy’s love lewdly. “Come back when you’re stronger! Better yet, just die!”

The slaver kicks him into a burning barn while his love shouts and cries to no avail. The other slavers shut the door, leaving him to contend with the blazing flames beyond and presuming him dead. Little does the slaver know the boy manages to climb out the back, just making it to safety before collapsing from smoke inhalation.

“Good one, boss, they’ll promote you for that!” a subordinate of the slaver says.

“You think? Why… if I keep on doing horrible acts, I reckon I’ll become the chief one day. Just in time for that kid we just murdered to have grown to the age of seventeen, gain power, and track me down with a heart full of anger and vengeance.”

“Good thing we killed him then. Eh, boss?”

“Of course! Being evil is so fun!”

And still, somewhere else, there was a mother desperately running from the slavers. She puts her baby in a wicker basket in the water, pushing the floating bundle downstream. Just as the baby floats out of sight, the mother is impaled by the guards. She was none other than the queen of this tribe, and she put a magical jewel that will deliver that babies inheritance at just the right time. Who knows what adventures that child will get into as he tries to understand the meaning of where he came from.

“Riun King, why are you just standing there watching? We need to do something!” Florian demands.

Really? Are you sure they don’t got it? I mean, if we just go in there and destroy all the bad guys, we’ll be ruining all these hero destinies. Those slavers are bound to get their comeuppance when these survivors grow stronger and start their own hero’s journey. Do you seriously want to deprive them of such a thing? In the end, isn’t it better they learn strength through adversity?”

“S-seriously…” Florian looks down. “To think, the way you see the world truly is unique. By saving these villagers, we’ll perhaps prevent the formation of the very heros that will shape this world in the age to come. I’m sorry, to think… I was so blind and-“

“Will you two idiots stop standing there? This was the village I grew up in. Charge!” Elena cries and points.

Snow White, Merida, Rapunzel, and Kida all leap off the airship, landing in various hero poses. Snow White runs off, murdering all the people who just killed the grandfather and then feeding him a potion that brings him back from the brink of death. Rapunzel saves the mother, cutting off the guys dick and then shoving it down his throat. She even let’s the boy-dressed girl slice his throat to vent her anger.

Merida frees the girl taken from her lover, immediately taking her to her love. By the time he wakes up, he’s in the arm of his beloved and all the threat is gone. Meanwhile, Kida fetches the baby and brings it back, handing it to the surviving members, including his sister and uncle. With only a couple hundred slavers, those four quickly execute a wave of death. Someone even casts a spell making it rain and putting out all the fires. Within five minutes, the entire situation has been fixed. You and Florian stand there wide-eyed as the girls start humanitarian aid, passing out food and clothing.

“A-all that wasted potential.” You cry.

Florian pats you on the back. “Chicks just don’t get the hero’s journey man.”

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