The Power of Creation – Chapter 290

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“Lady, the elephant tribe to the south and the antelope tribe to the west have both fallen.” A man in a general’s armor said to a woman looking over a map. “The Platypus tribe is barely holding on by a bill.”

“We demi-human’s really come in all shapes, don’t we?” Lady says, tugging on her long floppy dog ears that resemble that of a basset hound.

“That’s not important right now. We must call for aid if we are to survive the next assault. Already, the humans have brought down half of our forces. The men have been slaughtered, and the women have been turned into slaves.”

“Why are they only taking female slaves?” Lady ponders out loud.

“I don’t know. In the past, they’d collect the men to toil in mines, but from the few slavers we’ve caught, they suggested the orders were women and children only. In fact, men who surrender peacefully are allowed to be released.”


“Of course, what man who calls himself a man would allow his women and children to be enslaved? The few who have avoided death this way, we kill ourselves. I will not tolerate cowards!”

“V-very good.” Lady nods, “Although, can we truly afford to throw away more men, even the cowards?”

The general shrugs helplessly. “I have no other options. We have truly reached the end of our rope here. It’s do or die time. The entire demi-human realm is close to complete and utter annihilation.”

“I understand, general.” Lady sighs, looking just as helpless. “Then what tribes yet can we still ask for aid?”

As she asks this, a few people slip into the tent. The tent Lady and the others are gathered in appears to be HQ for the army, a massive tent with a table in the middle and a large map of the area. Several key positions are marked on the map with various pins. As for who slips into the tent, there is a strange man, a young catgirl, an only slightly older looking squirrel girl, and of all things a dark elf.

“Perhaps we can call on the bat tribe. I’ve heard that the proper way to contact them is to shine a light into the sky and-“

Lady interrupted the general by lifting a hand, looking over at the dark elf. “What is your kind doing here? I heard the slavers came to your… resort… a month ago. My scouts say that the dark elf men remain, but all the women were gone. I’m not surprised your men surrendered without fighting back considering how you treat them.”

“Hmph!” The woman snorts, looking down her nose at the dog demi-human leader. “You speak to the Matriarch of the darkelf’s Wendy so casually. If you were a man, I’d have you stripped down and whipped.”

“Ai… but I’m not a man.” Lady responds darkly. “I’m a woman like you… care to call me a sexist bigot as well for not ascribing to your bullshit feminism?”

Wendy snorts even louder. “Of course, you’re just a poor victim brainwashed by the patriarchy… I had hoped the women’s suffrage, where we freed you women of the oppression of men, would have opened your mind-“

“Freed us? You led a slander campaign against men all across the demi-human world, brainwashing our youth into believing your rhetoric and eventually had all of the tribe elders, my father included, disposed. Half of them took their lives from sheer embarrassment. My father still hasn’t recovered from the shame after you smeared him with false rape allegations.”

“An ends to a means…”

“Had more of the elders survived and the realm not been run by inexperienced women who got their jobs through affirmative action, perhaps we wouldn’t be in this state!” Lady shouts angrily, “You… you’re not welcome here, my guards will-“


Wendy’s face is suddenly slapped by someone else in the room, causing what Lady was going to say to stop instantly. Wendy falls to the ground, her eyes panting as she rubs her face.

“Shut up, Wendy. I thought you were going to help negotiate with the other demi-humans, but you really are the worst. Go make me a sandwich.”

Wendy glares up hatefully. “You bastard… if you weren’t my baby daddy I’d seriously half ass making that sandwich…”

She continues to grumble as she gets up and walks out the tent.  Meanwhile, Lady’s wide eyes eventually turn to the man who dominated the queen of the feminists with a single strike. You smile and nod with a friendly demeanor.

“Oh? And who are you then?” Lady demands.

“First… the most important question…” You begin. “You freaking have batmen?”

“They’re not really bats.” The general sighs. “They just dress like a bat.”


“They were actually originally the rat tribe, but they wanted to invoke fear in their enemies, so they started dressing like bats. Batmen are basically ratmen with wings.”

“Ah… you don’t say…”

“Enough talk of batmen!” Lady growls. “They’re not the hero we need right now.”

“But they are the hero we deserve.”

“Who are you, stranger, friend of foe?” Lady ignores the general.

“Me? Hmmm… how would I describe me?” You tap your lips. “If batman is the hero you deserve, then I guess I’d be Xian Xia protagonist?”

“You’re going to bang all the beautiful women and act like an arrogant asshole while everyone tells you how great and righteous and noble you are despite objectively being a terrible person?”


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