The Power of Creation – Chapter 293

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“H-how… how is this possible?” You demand.

“Isn’t it simple? You yourself have experienced this weakness. Your power is dependent on your capacity to use magic. You may have patched that little hole in yourself, but you left it open for your daughters. Perhaps, you wanted to have the option to stop them if they ever became out of control. I exploited that hole, and now, they are my slaves!”

“Anna!” Merida shouts.

“Elsa!” Aurora adds tearfully. “Hero-san, you must save them!”

“We’re sorry, mommy!”

“I’m scared, father!”

The two girls held each other as Cruella stands over them, each girl in a collar and leash. Cruella is holding the leashes while laughing with the back of her hand up to her face. Without context, it certainly looks like the three women are performing some kind of S&M play.

“Don’t even think about saving them!” Cruella shouts in your mom’s voice. “I have their collars, if you even think of approaching me, I’ll break their minds, turning them into moronic miscreants!”

“No!” You cry, clinching your fist. “You can’t… I already have a Tiana.”

“Hey! Did commoner just say my name! He meant me, right?”

“Gah, I couldn’t bear to see that, even for a moment!” You sigh. “Very well, what do you want?”

“Why is commoner always so cruel… waaah.” Ariel pats Tiana’s head, followed by her butt, and then other things, soon Tiana is too distracted to feel upset anymore.

“I already said… release my sisters to me. Their armies, and their lands will become mine…”

“No!” Grimhilde cries.

“You can’t…” Maleficent adds.

“Oh? You guys really like being with me that much.” You smile, taking enjoyment in the affection their showing by their protests.

“D-don’t get any ideas!” Maleficent turns to you and curses.

“It’s not what prince thinks…” Ursula looks away with a blush.


“There is… something… you don’t understand about our sister Cruella.” Even Medusa looks slightly down.

“Don’t worry, my sisters, I understand that he has brainwashed all of you. Th-that bastard raped each and every one of my sisters. I’ll save you from his clutches… even if I have to save you from yourselves.”

The girls all look away, awkward expressions forming on their faces. I glance back and forth between the groups, not quite understanding what I am missing here.

“Wh-what is your plan, anyway?” You decide to ask.

“Haha! Isn’t it obvious? I will use the armies of my sisters and finally conquer Tremaine. I will kill that wretched husband of hers and become the next Demon Queen!”

“Really? This is all about just one upping all of your sisters and getting power?” You feel a little disappointed at the thought that this was all about power, it felt too cliche.

“No, hero, you still don’t understand…” Grimhilde sighs, causing you to give an even more confused look.

“One upping my sisters?” Cruella put on a look of disgust. “Why would I want to do that? I don’t want to be better than my sisters, I want to possess my sisters!”


“I will be the next Demon Queen, not in the sense of replacing mom, but in the sense of claiming all my sisters. They’ll all be my women! Every day they’ll service me! We can sleep together every night and every morning make love.”

“Wh-what? You’re not saying…” Your eyes start to widen.

“Yes…” Ursula says sadly, “Our sister, is unequivocally a massive…”

“Siscon!” Maleficent finishes.

“Come to me sisters! Or I will make you cum- ahem… I mean hand over my sisters so that I can love them, make love to them… I mean… let me fuck my sisters!” She demands, stomping her foot.


“Tsk, it repulses me to think that you had your dick inside them. Only I can be inside them!”

“I-inside?” You let otu a cough.

Cruella grabs her underwear and rips it off, spreading her legs as she does. Something falls out from between her legs The sight causes you to spit up a bit of blood. You mother is standing there, and she also has a dick! The sight… it burns!

“I’ll cum in all my sisters, and purge them from your nastiness!”

“You’re one to talk about nasty!” You cry out, wanting to bleach your eyes, you turn to the other girls. “C-cruella is a dude?”

“No… Cruella can take any form…” Grimhilde explains. “As a changeling, she technically has no sex, or rather she can be any sex. She could just as easily form a dick as a pussy.”

“Th-this…” You collapse to your knees. “This can’t happen.”

Cruella taps her lips, a thoughtful expression on her face. “Actually, now that I think about it, you have raped all of my sisters! Even if we traded, how could I possibly let such an atrocity go unpunished? Since we’re trading your daughters for my sisters, and you raped all of my sisters, then truly the right solution is to rape your daughters!”

Cruella’s dick starts to grow hard as she stands over the two helpless daughters while grinning maniacally.


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