The Power of Creation – Chapter 294

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“Hahahaha!” Cruella laughs maniacally. “Your daughters are nothing but bitches to me. I’ll fuck them 101 times, then we can trade them back.”

Cruella makes a magical gesture, and the clothing erupts off of the bodies of the two helpless daughters. “Fa-father!”


“Please, hero-san, save our daughters!”

“Please, daddy!”

“Huh?” You look over at their mothers, looking worriedly over at you.

In fact, the entire harem looks anxious, apparently not happy with seeing their man be humiliated by Cruella in such a way. The same question seems to be on every woman’s mind. Why aren’t you stopping this with the wave of your finger? Even if Cruella thought she had you one-upped, she never truly knew the full extent of your power. These girls, on the other hand, have all been amazed time and time again by your god-like abilities through power of creation.

“You must save them!” The harem pleads.

You scratch your cheek. “Aren’t the girls just playing?”

“What are you saying, hero-san?”

“The girls ran away because they were bored with daddy gone, right? They wanted to find a play buddy so that they could have fun. I’m glad they did so, and now they’re just excitedly showing daddy their play. That’s what’s going on?”


“I think master is in denial!”

“Hero-san, I don’t think this is funny…”

“Daddy, the girls are-“

“Ahh… I told you Father would know, Elsa!” Anna interrupts the denials by punching Elsa’s arm suddenly.

“Eh? It was Anna who said if we put ourselves in peril Father would give us more attention.”

“You girls, all this just to get daddy’s attention. Tsk…” You shake your head while everyone else stares with their eyes wide open.

“Wh-wh-what is this!” Cruella cries. “Shut up, you two bitches, I’m about to stick my dick in you!”

“Cruella, the play is done, Father found out!” Anna admonishes her, waving a hand and causing Cruella dick to turn back into a pussy, and her body to become younger and hotter, still resembling your mother, but if your mother was a sexy supermodel.

“What are you two talking about!” Cruella shouts, whipping the leashes at the two. “I captured you in chains, you’re my slaves! You’re definitely my slaves! That’s it, I’m going to use the collar to send the kill switch, then you’ll understand my true pow-“

“Boring…” Elsa sighs, instantly pulling her collar off with one hand, while Anna does the same right next to her with ease.

Cruella’s eyes bulge as she sees her elegant trap obliterated in a second.

“Anna… Cruella’s really dedicated to the role.” Elsa whispers to her sister loud enough that everyone can hear.

“Elsa… I’ve been thinking, but did we ever tell Cruella we were playing?”

“Sister! How could she not know? We let ourselves get caught so easily!”

“Hey, I worked hard to capture you in my trap!”

“And she even locked us in a dungeon and made us go “oh” and “ah with those whips and hot poker, just like Father does with the big sisters.”

“That’s called torture!”

“Then why kick us around and call us derogatory terms that get us turned on!” Elsa growled at Cruella, causing the Demonlord to grow flustered and not have an answer for that.

“Eh? Why did Elsa and Anna leave!” Ariel cries out. “I could have done all those things to you! Why leave your big sister for this Demonlord!”

The pair look at each other before sighing. “Doesn’t big sister try to hard?”

“Guh!” Ariel takes a step back like she’s been struck.

“Plus, Ariel can’t act mean enough. Even while she’s whipping us, she asks if it’s okay and pats are bottoms after.”

“B-but… I just worry…”

“We realized after Father set us straight. He never gave us even an ounce of mercy.”

“Hey…” You say, not really denying it.

Elsa points at Ariel. “Face it, big sis, you’re just not dedicated enough to the role!”

“Gasp!” Ariel collapses to the ground in shock.

“For example, when Cruella calls us whorish bitches and says she’s going to rape are little virgin pussies… she makes me believe she truly thinks we’re trash!” Anna nods, crossing her hands over her chest with a decisive nod.

“That’s because I do!” Cruella says angrily.

“I-I see…” Ariel stands up straight with tears in her eyes, her hands tightening. “It seems I’ll have to learn to be less merciful… ah… but they’re my cute little sisters! I just want to squeeze them and love them! AH… this is soooo frustrating! Hero… give me a dick so I bang out my frustrations!”

“Yeah, sure, whatever…” You wave and Ariel grows a dick.

“Wh-why are you looking at me?” Mulan asks. “Ah… get away! Nyaa….Not again!”

“M-m-my lord!” Mushu salutes. “May I have a dick too so I may also enjoy my sister this way?”

“Okay…” You frown as you give her a dick too.

“Ooo, yah! Sister gang bang! Yaaaay!” Mushu pounces at Mulan too.

“Noooo! Master, why! Why have you created my personal hell! No, don’t stick it in me, don’t –gluuug,” Her words are stopped as Mushu shoves her cock down Mulan’s throat.

“Shut up, sister bitch, I’m going to fuck your whore mouth!” Mushu growls excitedly.

“See! That’s very good!” Anna applauds. “Ariel, learn from sister Mushu!”

“Y-yes!” Ariel makes a fist, her face turning resolved. “I will learn love through cruelty… just like hero! That’s why, I’ll penetrate Mulan’s butt instead!”

“That’s the spirit!” You nod, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Now, you’re getting it!” Mushu gives a thumbs up as she roughly fucks Mulan’s tear-stained face.

Mulan’s eyes widen, and she starts desperately shaking her head, but a moment later, Ariel’s cock slides up her butt, and she can only make a muffled scream against her sister’s cock being shoved down her throat.

“Well, since my plot has failed, I’ll be leaving then!” Cruella curses, raising her hand and dropping it.

There is a puff a smoke, but a moment later, Anna raises her hand. “Wait a minute.”

“What… you stopped my teleport!” Cruella cries in shock as the smoke blows away and Cruella is still there.

“You promised us sex…” Anna glared, putting her hands on her hips in an admonishing way.


“101 times!” Elsa added, mimicking her sister as both glare at Cruella.

“W-w-well…” Cruella tries to back up, coming up with the right words before gesturing to her naked lower half. “As you see, I have no dick anymore, so…”

“Oh, that’s no problem!” Elsa waves, growing her own dick. “We always knew you were dickless!”

“We’ve got you covered!” Anna grows her own as well. “Mushu and Ariel ganging up on Mulan looks fun, let’s tackle our friend Cruella, right sister!”

“Let’s do it!”

“Wh-wh-what? You can’t… no…. get away… get away!” Cruella tries to flee, but the girls instantly teleport around her and drag the woman to the ground.

Before long, the battle of the century is interrupted as Cruella, looking like a hot, young version of your mom, gets gangbanged by your daughters. You do the only thing you can, sit back and make some popcorn.

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