The Power of Creation – Chapter 295

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“Ah! Th-there’s cum all over the popcorn!” Ursula cries with an unhappy expression.

“Oh, gimme!” Grimhilde leaps forward and grabs the pail.

“Don’t blame me!” You sniff. “If Medusa wasn’t jacking me off, I wouldn’t be cumming!”

The girls have all ended up taking up seating on the wall. A magical amplification has put Cruella on the big screen, erotically being raped by your daughters in HD. Of course, the sight has an affect on the harem as well. After Ariel blasts a load in Mulan’s ass while Mushu blasts one in her mouth, their dicks both shrivel up and disappear. She’s sad at first, but quickly turns around as she joins the rest of you. Of course, she barely lasts a minute before she’s pulled down her panties, and is sitting with a foot up on the arm rest while she shlicks her pussy excitedly.

She’s not the only one who’s grown turned on. Several of the girls are crowding around you, becoming quite touchy and feely with each other and with you. Medusa is the third girl to slide her hand down your pants and provide a hand job while looking excitedly at the sex she’s watching unfold.

As to your armies, naturally, they’ve devolved into a sex orgy. The goblin women are multiplying with their futa sex dolls, and most everyone else has found someone to love. Especially Carl, who seems to have to service nearly half the army. Poor guy.

As for the demi-humans and slavers… they have long since broken, falling into a shocked silence that there seems no escape from. The slavers are watching their leader get double tapped by a pair of slaves, and the demi-humans are watching their enemy receive such a humiliation that even they’re starting to feel a bit bad.

“Naaa.a.. mmm… gaaaa… ffaaaaaaa…..” Cruella cries, currently sandwiched between Anna and Elsa.

Elsa is banging Cruella from below, brutalizing her pussy. Meanwhile, Anna as pounding her ass. Your mom really looks like quite the whore drooling as she gets double teamed. Cough… you mean Cruella. I mean, it’s not really your mom. It’s just a shapeshift who happened to look like a hot version of your mom. You’re not admitting to having a thing for your mom. That’d be ridiculous.

“Ah!” You just came again squirting it all over Medusa and the floor.

The floor is now about as sticky as a movie theater, so it only seems to add to the experience. Medusa wraps her snaketail around your feet while excitedly lapping up whatever cum hasn’t reached the floor. Grimhilde is lapping up the stuff that is on the floor.

“Ah… I’m about to cum in Cruella’s ass!” Anna announces.

“Nooo! St-stop!” Cruella cries. “Not in my butt!”

“Nyaaaa!” Anna grabs Cruella’s ass and jams herself deep inside, letting hot cum fill Cruella’s colon as Cruella’s eyes pop from the sensation.

“Good job!” You shout.

As a father, it’s important to properly encourage your children. You give her a thumbs up in approval as Anna buttcreams your mom, eh… Cruella. There is a smattering of clapping as the harem also enjoy the scene of Cruella being blasted in the butt. Suffice it to say, all of these girls are probably broken beyond repair.

“Why are you sisters watching this!” Cruella cries out with tears in her eyes. “Don’t look at me, turn away!”

“Ah… don’t be that way,” Medusa shrugs. “We’re family and this is a joyous day where you join you sisters, right?”

“I-I’ll never join him!” She barely manages to pull her finger out at you, although it’s made less threatening when Anna pulls her dick out of her gaping ass at the same moment, which results in a gush of semen popping out her opened hole.

“Daddy? Are you crying?” Merida asks as she takes her turn giving you a hand. “Don’t say Cruella’s words are getting to you!”

“It’s just…” You sigh. “My little babies are growing up. One moment, they’re just little babies sucking daddies’ cock for the first time, and now here they are, raping their own Demonlord. It’s so beautiful.”

“It’s okay, remember, you’ll have a lot more babies. There will be no shortage of daughters to play with daddy’s cock! Ah, it’s cumming again!” Merida lowers her head, sucking on your cock as you cum in her mouth.

“Ahn… Cruella’s pussy is too tight, I’m cumming too!” Elsa declares from underneath Cruella, who is still being pushed down and guided by Anna.

“No! Not inside. I can’t get pregnant! Definitely not by another girl!” This time, Cruella is even more frantic.

“Okay!” Elsa doesn’t hesitate to pull it out of her cootch and shove her dick right down Cruella’s mouth.

Her eyes bulge as she’s suddenly forced to taste her own pussy on Elsa’s cock, but she doesn’t have time to dwell on it, because hot seed erupts down her throat a moment later. Cruella tries to back away, but she’s unable to under Elsa’s forceful grip. Thus, she can only swallow the thick gunk flowing down her throat or drown. When she finishes swallowing it, Elsa finally releases her head and she gasps for breath, cum leaking from her lips and ass as she collapses like a ragdoll on the dirt floor, a tattered mess.

Elsa raises her hands, also looking for applause. A few people have a little spattering of clapping, but Elsa doesn’t seem pleased by the lackluster response.

“Elsa, you didn’t creampie Cruella!” You sigh. “The path to true rape is always doing the opposite of what she wants. Since she didn’t want to be pregnant, that means you got to impregnate the shit of her!”

“Ah… b-but daddy…” Elsa pouts, not happy at the criticism, “I did it for you!”


Both girls grab the recovering Cruella, who looks like your cum-drenched mother, and then spread her legs in your direction. “Didn’t we save the best part for father?”

“Oh, hoh… well, it looks like this father is going to have to show his daughters how to really rape a demon lord!”

You stand up, your dick still hard, and begin heading towards the pussy that resembles the one you came out into this world from. It’s time to make a revisit!

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