The Power of Creation – Chapter 297

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You push your dick into Cruella’s tight pussy. She still is wearing your mom’s face, although that face now has a pained, erotic expression on it. She’s flushed and breathing hard as you slide your cock into your mom’s pussy.

“Nahhh… It’s inside!” Cruella cries.

“Why you acting so excited, the girls just fucked both of your holes only a few moment’s ago!” You snort.

“I-I-I can’t help if your dick is bigger than your daughters!” Cruella hisses through clenched teeth.

“Ahhhh… Father!” Elsa pants as you finger the two girl’s snatch.

“We can’t help that Father’s dick is biggest!” Anna finished, rubbing her wet crotch against your hand with two fingers inside her.

“All I hear is blah… blah… blah… blah… fuck me harder!” You laugh.

“Yes, harder Father!”

“Mm! Harder, harder!”

“No! Stop.”

“Oops, it’s 2 versus 1, looks like you’ve been outvoted.”

“He-hey! I want a revote!”

“Too late!”

“Nyaaaa…. Ah… it’s too much, you’re making me go crazy!”

Thwack, Thwack, Thwack!

Your balls slap into your mom’s tight, youthful pussy as you enjoy the feeling of her body. Your daughters can only play with her nipples and put on a show, occasionally kissing each other and sucking on Cruella’s various body parts. For the most part, though, they use their arms to prop up Cruella’s pussy and spread her legs, leaving them open for your dick to violate.

Otherwise, their crotches are glued to each of your hands, receiving intense sexual pleasure delivered by your magic fingers. You can only plow away with your dick as your daughters further excite Cruella’s body. Her words of protest and disgust turn into moans of extreme pleasure as your dick pulls her into knew sexual heights. Those heights are enhanced through the skilled machinations of your daughters, who are so enamored by your hands that they can only barely remain kneeling.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Father!” Elsa cries out in ecstasy.

“Fuck me, Father, Fuck me harder!”



“More, Father!”


“2 against 1, harder it is!”

“Gaaaaah!” Cruella cries out exasperation as you speed up the pace, drilling into her pussy brutally while finger fucking your daughters with enough force that it’s making naughty wet sounds. To add to those, both girls start cumming on the spot, liquid squirting from their twin pussies. With the girls on either side of Cruella, this only serves to have the cum rain down on the Demonlord, who curses and struggles, but is useless as you continue to fornicate harder and harder.

“O-okay, I came!’ Cruella shouts tearfully, “We can be done now!”

“Stop going?”



“Wha- I mean yes!”

“Two versus 1! No stopping!”

“Gahhhh…. You bastards! I’m going crazy, it’s too much, ahhh… I’m cumming, it’s cumming out!”

“I thought Cruella said she already came?” Anna moaned.

“Tsk Tsk… lying is bad Cruella…”

“Nyaaa… hah… hah… it’s too much… It’s hot and leaking out!”

“Daddy is going to cum too!” You declare.

“Not in me! I won’t get pregnant!” Suddenly Cruella’s eyes raise. “No! Don’t you think about it! No vo-“


“Creampie, creampie!”

“Fill her womb! And then my womb!”


“Too bad! The majority wins!” You immediately explode, your cock swelling inside her.

“Noooo, I feel it! It’s entering my womb! You bastard! You’re cumming inside me even though I said no!” Cruella whines tearfully. “W-well, at least its over.”


“Yay, more!”

“More Father, finger me more!”


A couple of hours later, dark bags are under Cruella’s eyes. She’s been covered head to toe in the cum of the two demon daughters, who keep releasing their sex all over her nonstop. She’s also been pumped full of so much of your jizz that every time you push into her, some white stuff squeezes out. It seems to never be stopping. Cruella is full of so much cum that there feel like no end to it.

“Another round?” You declare, after cumming in her a particularly lot.


“One more, Father, one more!”

“Gllll….” A low moan comes out of Cruella, who is nothing but a lifeless sex doll at this point.

Just as you’re about to go another round, there is a sudden flash of light. You cover your eyes and squint. When the flash is over, there is a woman standing nearby, a person decked out in full armor standing guard right next to her.

“Hello?” You raise an eyebrow, unashamed that you’re on your knees in a puddle of dirty and sex, with a broke Cruella lying on the ground in front of you.

“Hello, mighty conqueror…” The woman gave a bow. “I have witnessed the fall of Cruella. She has clearly be conquered. Perhaps you could let her rest now?”

“Hah? If I’m not going to fuck her anymore, are you offering your body?” you asl.

“Why you…” The person next to her curses, reaching for their sword, only stopping when she raises a hand.

“Actually, I’m sure one of the other demon lords would be happy to take her place. Or perhaps any of the girls in the harem. If your thirty plus women are insufficient, I can provide any number of women for you to enjoy until your hearts content.”

You finally stand up, redressing yourself with a quick spell. “So, who are you, anyway?”

“Me? My name is Tremaine.”

You raise an eyebrow, suppressing a surge of excitement. “Tremaine? So, I’ve finally met the last of you. You’re next on my list.”

“I know…” Tremaine put on a wry smile while her knight seethed. “However, that won’t be necessary.”

“It won’t be?”

“It is clear that you have won. Thus, I am here to unconditionally surrender.”

“Eh? Surrender?”

“Congratulations, Great Conqueror, you are now the Demon King.”

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