The Power of Creation – Chapter 298

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“S-seriously? You’re surrendering?”

Tremaine sniffs. “I have my pride. Do you think I’d let you trample all over me as you’ve done to my sisters.”

She gestures down to Cruella, who is filthy and haggard, cum leaking from her crotch as she stares at nothing, making weak moaning noises from the aftereffects of innumerable forced orgasms. Truly, her sight as a once proud Demon lord is not existent. In the intervening day you spent raping her, the army of slavers came to their senses and left. None of them wanted to give their lives for such a hopeless cause, and were likely under some kind of bedazzlement in the first place to put so much on the line.

“Okay…” You shrug, finally putting your dick away. “If that’s the case, then we’ll find some place a little more comfortable. I can fuck you there.”

The man behind her adjusted uncomfortably while Tremaine raises her chin in a snobbish way. “That won’t be necessary. I’ll sign whatever contracts you want, I’ll make whatever concessions you need, but my body is not on the table. I’m a married woman, and wouldn’t have my matrimony defiled.”

“Oh, hoh… is that so? Why not? Maybe you’ll like it?”

“You fucker…” The man curses, barely being stopped by Tremaine once again.

“And I suppose you’re this husband of hers?” You raise an eyebrow.

The man pulls the helmet off, revealing a mountain of a man with massive horns you initially thought were part of his helmet. He actually looks… like a pretty respectable demon. He isn’t so attractive as to be called a pretty boy, but he isn’t so ugly that it’d be unfortunate a beauty like her settled for him.

“Husband… you mustn’t insult out new liege, please do not let his crass behavior anger you. He’s just testing us…”

The man look at me before a second before finally relaxing. “Whatever… I apologize, Demon King, but know here right now that this woman is my woman. I would not go out of my way to pursue your women, so I ask that you do not press my wife.

“Eh? But ‘pressing’ your wife is exactly what I want to do?”

“Enough of this…” Tremaine sighs. “Please set your conditions. I will offer you anything you request, even my daughters, but that is all.”

“Hmmm… but I wanted to have a Demon Lord eight-some? You’re telling me I can’t bang all seven of you at once? I don’t care much about that Demon King stuff, I just want you Demon lords to experience the joy and wonder of my big cock.”

Tremaine sniffs. “As big as your cock may be, I will not yield. Set your terms for our surrender.”

“Your pussy…”


“Your ass…”

“Fucker!” The man shouts.

“You think I’d trust the words of Demon lords outside of a piece of paper? No offense sweeties.”

“Hmph…” Maleficant turns away, while Grimhilde shrugs as if she expects no less.

“I can only know I’ve conquered you with complete submission. I must become your world, your everything! What are my terms? My terms are for you to get on your knees, looking up at me with my cum running down your chin, begging for more of my cock. Do that, even with your husband present, and I’ll consider you conquered!

“I told you this man wouldn’t negotiate!” The man growls. “Tremaine, let’s not be insulted anymore.”

Tremaine stands her ground stubbornly though. “You’d let this world die? You’d let the Demon God wipe out everything just to humiliate me?”

“It’s not about you.” You shrug. “It’s about priorities. Maybe… if we formed an alliance, it’d count as you being conquered, but I won’t waste my time playing at politics. I’ve already conquered your six sisters, and as you stated, it’s only time before you fall to me as well.”

“Hmm… then the next time we meet, it’ll be as enemies.” The man snorts.

“Let’s go, Flynn.”

The two turn and walk away, disappearing with a shimmer of magic.

“You let them go!” Ursula asks in disbelief.

You wave your hand dismissively. “Now that I’ve seen them, I’m tracking them. Besides, I have more important things to do.”

“M-more important? Like what?”

You turn back to the girls who was still playing with Cruella even as the dirty mess she’s become.

“Like… punishing two naughty girls who ran away from home!” You put you fists on your hips and look down on your daughters with a stern look.


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