The Power of Creation – Chapter 299

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“Father! Please let us explain before you whip us!” Anna cries.

“Yes, Father, please!” Elsa adds.

You sigh, putting up the whip you just happen to have by your side. “Alright… fine… explain yourselves.”

“O-only… if Father agrees to still whip us after we explain.”

“Yes! Whip us, Father!”

“You two think you’re in a position to negotiate!”

“Ehhhh! S-s-sorry….”

“Please, Father, understand thatwe did all of this for you!”

“What? For me?”

“O-of course? Daddy, let us show you what we’ve been doing!”

The girl’s gesture and you follow them. With eh army gone, the soldiers have also begun to leave the city wall, and you harem is coming out towards you as well. There are scattered cheers of happiness that this brutal campaign is over, but there is just as much uncertainty and confusion. After all, the ending of this war involved an all-day campaign between, two slutty daughters, a whore mom, and you.

The other Demon lords come out and pick up Cruella off the ground, cleaning her up and dressing her again as she weeps on their shoulders. Well, what’s with the crying? She enjoyed her time. You’re pretty sure of that.

The girls take you to the crest of the hill where the bulk of the slave armor was previously encamped. After they fled, they didn’t seem to bother to take any of the army stuff with them. Perhaps, they were afraid of being run down and killed. They were likely flocking back to the human realm. Well, King Eric closed the boarders to the slavers, so they’ll likely be cut down by their own people as they try to make it back into safe territory. Suffice it to say, their reign of terror has been cut short.

Once you stand up at the top of the hill, the girls point down at the center of the mass of abandoned tents that once belonged to the army. In the center of the encampment were women, thousands upon thousands of women… all lined up and in collars.

“Wh-what the hell is this?” You ask, blinking in disbelief over the sight.

“Do you think Cruella really had a plan to defeat you other than trying to force you to trade?” Anna asks.

“Since Cruella didn’t have a plan… we encouraged her to gather up and enslave the entire demi-human race. She thought it was in order to lure you out, never able to resists enslaved women. Luckily, she didn’t realize our true purpose in all of this.”

“Your… true purpose?”

“Naturally, it was to gift Father with an entire harem of demi-human slaves!” Anna announces excitedly, jumping up and down.

“What was that?”

“Of course, there are so many different types of demi-humans, that we knew Father couldn’t decide.” Elsa explains, “So, the answer was simple. Enslave them all. For the last few months, Anna and I have been trapping all the female demi-humans and enslaving them.”


“Of course, we must release them this instant!” A voice came from behind, causing you to grind your teeth.

“Lady… what are you doing here?”

“Hmph… we made an agreement. You’ve done your part of the bargain. You helped us remove the threat. You will be properly rewarded.”

“I think I did a lot more than just help…” You growl. “If it wasn’t for me, the demi-humans would have been annihilated a dozen times over.”

“Aren’t these girls your daughters? Didn’t they just say they did this for you! If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place!”

“Geh…” You lower your head, defeated. “I guess that’s true…”

“Eh? But Father, we can’t…”

“No, enough… you’ve had your fun, but it’s wrong to enslave people.” You motion for them to start heading down with you to the slave pit. “Do you know why your Father never bought any slaves in Riun, and has since abolished them?”

“Because the author got distracted with other stories at the time and by the time he returned to it, it felt awkward to include slaves in the harem?”

“No! Because your father doesn’t need to enslave women to make him his! I don’t take slaves because slaves are for those who don’t have the power to control women on their own.”

“Ahhh…” The two daughter’s nod as if they were taking note of your words.

“What kind of things are you trying to teach these children! No wonder they ended up condoning genocide!” Lady cries out.

“Nevermind that, just release the slaves now.”

“F-f-father… about that?” Elsa giggles, scratching her cheek.

“Oh Pun, what did you do now?”

“Gehehe… well, when we took the slaves, many of them were resistive. We wanted them to understand their places as Father’s hot animal slave girls.”

“I’m following you so far.”

“So… we had to train them properly.” Anna finishes, stopping right in front of the first row of slaves, gesturing out to them.

“Training? Exactly what kind of training?” You ask cautiously.

“Oh… what’s a good word for it, how about I just show you!” Elsa snaps her finger, and suddenly every girl turns to look at you, their eyes lightening up like their most beloved everything just appeared in front of them.

“Welcome back! Master/Onichan/Papa/Husband!” You were greated with dozens of names depending on the type of woman.

Some wore maid outfits, some wore little sister pigtails, some wore BDSM clothings. There were thousands of women, with various animal’s tails and ears on their heads, all staring at you lovingly, ready to do anything you tell them to without a single hesitation.

“Ah… I believe the word you were going with was complete brainwashing.”

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